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This is an article containing the monthly article digest of the month “April 2016” at RS Web Solutions (@rswebsols). You can easily find all our published articles of April 2016 in a ascending order by date. This is a monthly archive page to help our readers to give an easy-to-find list of monthly articles. Along with the article title, you can also able to read a short excerpt of each article. If you find an interesting article that catches your attention, you can, of course, click on the “continue reading” link to read the entire article. Happy reading!

1) Online Marketing Trends that are Evergreen

Published on: April 1, 2016 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

online marketingIf there is one word that best describes how to frame online content in order to take advantage of search engine optimization, it is ‘relevance’. Search engines like Google put a high premium on content that is relevant and fresh. So do website visitors. Relevant content gives website visitors a reason to come back; it establishes the company or organization operating the site as an authority; it tells website visitors that the company cares about them as much as they ...

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2) Google Local Snack Pack Everything You Need to Know

Published on: April 3, 2016 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

Google Local SEOEver since search engines exist, our internet world has been growing and flourishing. They have evolved to reconcile the need of the browsers and consumers. With the introduction of local search results, search engines have been able to catch the eyes of local business. These local packs generate direct leads. That is why they have become one of the treasured marketing goals for local businesses – big or small. The local pack listings are populated depending on searcher’s IP. Unlike ...

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3) 6 Considerations and Questions before Hiring Web Designing Services

Published on: April 6, 2016 | Listed under: Miscellaneous

Responsive Mobile Web DesigningJust a simple search for ‘web designing firms’ on Google can give you hundreds of results, and probably, a huge chunk of those are potential and viable options. As a customer/startup/growing business, there are many things to comprehend before you finally hire a team for the job. So, how do you start? In this post, you will find a step-by-step guide that will tell about all the considerations and things that you should be concerned about. 1. Local or offshore? ...

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4) Enhancing the Different Aspects of Magento – A Hands-on Experience

Published on: April 6, 2016 | Listed under: Magento

Magento Commerce - eCommerceIf you are planning to develop an eCommerce store for your business with the great power of usability and extensibility, undoubtedly Magento will be your first choice. Magento comes with full-fledged feature-rich options that can help you to run an eCommerce store of any size. However, there are few sections of Magento that should be enhanced to get the maximum out of it. First and foremost you need to concentrate on your theme. The theme is the main attracting point ...

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5) Tips to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider – Is GoDaddy a Good Web Host?

Published on: April 6, 2016 | Listed under: Hosting Server

Reliable Web HostingIt is a fact that getting the best website hosting for your business to make your online presence is truly very essential. So, it is vital for you to get the top provider who gives you with the best hosting also make sure that it is the best packages for you as per your suitability and needs. If the selected web host is professional in working and handles all your services then it shall lead your business a long way ...

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6) 4 Tips to Manage Web Design Projects more Efficiently

Published on: April 6, 2016 | Listed under: Design

Project-Management-Work-DeskFor those who have never worked with web design projects before, any web project can look like a simple one. The fact of the matter is that a simple web design project can easily consist of 50+ tasks. Moreover, these tasks are being executed by various groups of people from various fields that are independent of one another: designers, developers, clients, managers, copywriters and hence may have a very hard time understanding each other. Here are a few helpful tips ...

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7) 6 Must Have WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Published on: April 9, 2016 | Listed under: WordPress

Wordpress PluginsSelling real estate has always been a lucrative business, but with the introduction of the internet, the business has blossomed as it has become easier than ever to present your listings to thousands of prospective buyers. Property listing sites & home value estimation tools dominate the property niche and a lot of these sites are targeted towards home buyers or property agents and attract a lot of traffic if done well. While some business may require complicated websites that take ...

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8) Mitigating the Costs Cyber Attacks Have on Your Business

Published on: April 9, 2016 | Listed under: Internet

Protection Security Hacking Hackers Cyber AttacksIn the fall of 2014, one of the biggest banks in the nation found itself suffering from a massive cyber attack. Hackers obtained names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of 83 million households and small business accounts from JP Morgan Chase bank. Though no account numbers, passwords or Social Security numbers were compromised; major damage was done to businesses as well as JP Morgan Chase as a whole. Tal Klein of Adallom explains, This cyber attack went down as ...

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9) Stay Alert!! Get Malware Protection for PC before it’s too late

Published on: April 9, 2016 | Listed under: Internet

Malware ProtectionThe internet is a great tool, whether for personal or business use, but it also comes with a variety of risks that we must be aware of along with how to prevent them from occurring. If you use the internet without protection, it is like waving your credit card number out there for the world to see and use! If you are not protecting yourself with antivirus and antimalware protection, then you could be at serious risk. Some malware is ...

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10) 7 Tips to Supercharge Your Business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Published on: April 9, 2016 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

SEO Tips TechniquesIf you’re wondering why your business doesn’t meet your marketing expectations despite all your effort to make it appealing through a well-designed website or your word of mouth strategy, then maybe it is not seen by your target audience. Have you ever felt like this in your business? If that is the case, it is now time to make sure it becomes visible as the days of build it and they will come are over. By using a marketing strategy ...

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11) Creative Writing is Essential – Here’s How to Improve it

Published on: April 9, 2016 | Listed under: Miscellaneous

writing assignment article essayIf you think that creative writing is just a fun thing and irrelevant to most jobs, you’d be wrong. Creative writing is a skill that can be applied to many different tasks in modern business, such as social media – and any sensible business knows that social media is a vital way of promoting their services or products. A clever marketing campaign can reach a vast pool of potential clients, but a team will need creative writing skills to draw ...

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12) Cloud Future: From Where to How

Published on: April 9, 2016 | Listed under: Technology

Cloud Future: From Where to HowIt is very well clear that cloud has won the battle prevailing between on-premise data centers and cloud. But is that cloud will be the same in the coming years? Or we will witness some developments in the cloud as well which will bring in more ease and comfort. The on-demand cloud is a norm these days. Perhaps it will not match with our expectations. Maybe it is something beyond we expect. After all, technology always surprises us and developments ...

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13) A Close Look at Mobile Data Networks in the US (Infographic)

Published on: April 12, 2016 | Listed under: Technology

A Close Look at Mobile Data Networks in the US (Infographic)Mobile data connection is as relevant today as dial-up was more than a decade ago.  In fact, more and more people are now on their phones, using mobile data from their own respective mobile operator’s network, rather than on their personal computers connecting to a broadband connection to access their online needs. And as is expected with this switch, so are businesses now taking their products and services to the mobile platform. Not only does this allow them to reach ...

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14) Why Even Androids Can Beat those Premium phones, the iPhones?

Published on: April 12, 2016 | Listed under: Technology, Smartphone

Why Even Androids Can Beat those Premium phones, the iPhones?As everyone even I admit that Apple and Android both give awesome services to their users. I am not a heart-core fan of Android nor I hate iPhones. But if we compare both we have more advantages of Android services over the services of those sophisticated iPhones. Please continue reading my article to find out those. You Have a Budget Option You always have a budget option for Android. Android offers a hell lot number of smartphones from the cheapest ...

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15) Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – Game Review

Published on: April 12, 2016 | Listed under: Apps, Games & Software

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - Game ReviewImagine waking up in enemy territory all alone and you have to find your way out. But, even as you try to sneak to safety, the alarms of war are activated and you have to fend off Zombies before they kill you. Help is on the way, but can you survive? Somehow you reach the gate, injured and limping, but it is being guarded by a huge zombie. Just as you give up hope, along comes an airstrike and you ...

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16) Why you should use Live Chat for your eCommerce Website?

Published on: April 14, 2016 | Listed under: eCommerce

technology-world-touch-stats-graphAs a website owner, you are certainly aware of the fact that user experience is one of the most important things that can improve your business, especially when it comes to eCommerce websites. Providing your customers with the best user experience can not only offer them better support and make them more engaged in your brand, but it can also help you drive more conversions and increase your sales, ultimately helping you expand your business. Incorporating live chat into your ...

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17) A Comprehensive Guide on How to Setup a Limited Company in UK

Published on: April 15, 2016 | Listed under: Miscellaneous

10-Unexpected-Ways-to-Promote-your-eCommerce-Business-Campaign-2Aside from the sole trader option, the most popular business structure in the UK is forming a limited liability company. Setting up your own limited company is actually one of the smartest ways for you to get paid to work. Having your own limited company gives you the power to own everything, define your brand, run your business efficiently and be able to try things you couldn’t do as a sole trader. When you decide to set up a limited ...

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18) A Definitive Guide to Creating a WordPress Review Site

Published on: April 15, 2016 | Listed under: WordPress

A Definitive Guide to Creating a WordPress Review SiteA review posted on your WordPress site can do wonders in exposing your business to a wider customer base. Also, reviews can influence your search engine rankings and help your website visitors gain trust in your business. Writing reviews isn’t a new concept and rather has been omnipresent as part of blogging experience since the very beginning. So, if you’re persuaded at creating your own WordPress review site read on this post further to learn a simple and effective way ...

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19) Top 5 Latest Awesome Action Cameras on Gearbest (April 2016)

Published on: April 16, 2016 | Listed under: Video Camera

Sports Action CameraThis article will be about 5 latest action cameras which are doing pretty good on the market. These five awesome cameras are available on Gearbest, so if you all out there are thinking of buying action camera, here I am sharing with you the name of those cameras with their full descriptions. 1) EKEN H8R 170 Degree Wide Angle 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action Camera The brand name of this camera is EKEN and its model no is H8R. This ...

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20) Enterprise Mobility Trends, Challenges, Solutions in 2016 & Beyond

Published on: April 19, 2016 | Listed under: Technology

Mobile - Mobile Apps - MobilityIt’s that time of the year again when people are looking forward to the predictions and trends with respect to enterprise mobility, the challenges of implementing them and ways to overcome those obstacles for deciding what the year holds. Although predictions do not work in an exact manner, experts take suggestions from them to indicate those trends that will outbid the others although it is hard to identify whether the same situation will prevail throughout the year. More often, truth ...

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21) Building a Baby Store using WordPress – A Case Study

Published on: April 20, 2016 | Listed under: WordPress

WordPressHere I am sharing my experience of developing a WordPress based eCommerce website targeting a particular niche. Recently I got a chance to make a website to target the niche of selling kids and baby products. I would like to share up my experiences which I gathered during my journey of making this website called Superbaby. As the website is totally children (and of course the parents) oriented, it was a little more challenging and at the same time very ...

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22) 7 Designing Tips to Increase your eCommerce Site Conversion

Published on: April 20, 2016 | Listed under: eCommerce

eCommerce ConversionECommerce has been the buzzword for the entrepreneurs for a while. With the global phenomenon such as amazon, eBay and countless other regional eCommerce stores out there, the consumers have numerous alternatives to pick from. Faulty designs and poor user experiences of the website are the two most common contributing factors when it comes to failed eCommerce businesses. Often, the entrepreneurs fail to recognize the importance of creating a seamless buying experience. In this post, we’re going to discuss the ...

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23) How to Develop an App for your E-commerce Site

Published on: April 21, 2016 | Listed under: Apps & Software, eCommerce

Mobile App eCommerceStudies on E-commerce point to the phenomenal growth that this industry is facing. Thanks to the deployment of some amazing technology, the global E-commerce space is set to surpass the figure of $3.5 trillion within the next five years.  The web will account for 12.4% of global retail sales by the year 2019. This is according to the market research firm eMarketer. There are many things that a smart business owner would do when it comes to growing his or ...

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24) 7 Ways to Optimize WordPress for Site Speed & SEO

Published on: April 21, 2016 | Listed under: WordPress

WordPress Speed SEO OptimizationIn this article, I will discuss the 7 ways to optimize a WordPress website to improve speed and SEO. These 7 ways can make your website much more improved, faster, search engine friendly and also much more advanced. I always try to follow all these 7 techniques and it always gives me better results. In this particular website, we are also using 6 out of these 7 techniques and getting great results. 1. Using a well-optimized theme: The theme always ...

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25) A Layman’s Guide to Understand How SEO Works

Published on: April 21, 2016 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

SEO - search engine optimizationOnline marketing doesn’t stop when you finally launch your site. The moment you do, you’re already in competition with a ton of other businesses wanting to market the exact same product/services, targeting the exact same market you have in mind. The First Sugary Drink Imagine marketing the very first sugared drink. It’s unique, quenches your thirst, and offers the public a new alternative to water. It would’ve been quite easy to market that product. It’s the first of its kind ...

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26) How your Slow Website Burns a Hole in your Pocket (Infographic)

Published on: April 22, 2016 | Listed under: Design

Slow-Website-Infographic-featuredA mammoth 16% hit to your customer satisfaction rate is supplicating, to say the least. Consider an example of an eCommerce start-up that usually sprouts with a handful of employees or the founding members; every single penny spent would be with a view to generating desired value to its business. A wonderful team of technicians and top brains is the driving force towards putting together that unique product arising from a novel idea. The process that follows afterward and which ...

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27) 5 SEO Techniques for Ranking in 2016

Published on: April 23, 2016 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

SEO Tips TechniquesIf you are going to start working on Search Engine Optimization for ranking your website, then you should prep up on some of the easiest ranking techniques that will get your products or services on top of Google search results. Driving large traffic to your business or personal website will require you to do many hours of research and planning to get started. Many times digital marketing enthusiasts are stuck on outdated techniques because employers don’t allow them to properly ...

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28) 10 Reasons for Choosing WordPress for your Blogging

Published on: April 25, 2016 | Listed under: Blogging, WordPress

WordPressThere are many people who ask what the reason is behind using WordPress for blogging. Well, there is not only one reason but there are many. But the answer can never be “because I love it”. It will not solve their queries. They need more information related to this and that is why asking. So, here are some of the reasons for choosing WordPress if you want to start blogging: 1: Free To Use It is absolutely free and that ...

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29) NO.1 S5 Smart Watch Review | Heart Rate Monitoring | Remote Camera

Published on: April 26, 2016 | Listed under: Product Reviews

no-1-s5-smart-watch-featuredThese days smartwatches are creating huge buzz among the mass of people. I believe, this buzz is not only due to the excitement behind the launching of a new kind of electronics gadget in the world of electronics. Recent experiences and research are telling us that smartwatch is really serving us with lots of helpful activities. By the word “helpful activities” I mean to say that it is being found that smartwatch is helping us with our daily life activities ...

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30) Top 11 Marketing Automation Plugins for WordPress

Published on: April 28, 2016 | Listed under: WordPress

Wordpress PluginsWouldn’t it be great if marketers could automate the repetitive marketing tasks and personalize their content to every single one of their buyers according to their interests? It sounds too good to be true. But it is almost impossible to manually personalize the content of your website and marketing channels. However, with the right marketing automation WordPress plugins, you can A/B test what works best on your WordPress site and automate the repetitive marketing tasks. You can also use it ...

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31) 5 Latest Web Development Technologies to Learn in 2016

Published on: April 28, 2016 | Listed under: Programming

Web Design - Web DevelopmentWeb development is one of the fastest growing fields in the technology sector. With the rise of new and powerful front-end development solutions, the scope of website building and user interface designing is growing quite rapidly. Today, we have a range of web application development frameworks, UI libraries, mobile development technologies and several new software applications in the market. These front-end frameworks and libraries allow developers to experiment with a range of new possibilities in diverse areas of web development. ...

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32) The Secret Formula to Successful eCommerce Content Marketing (Infographic)

Published on: April 28, 2016 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing, eCommerce

eCommerce - Mobile CommerceReady for a bold statement? Running a successful eCommerce store isn’t quite what it used to be. In the past, brands could create a website, get it hosted, toss a shopping cart up on the home page, and call it a day, watching as the sales rolled in. Now? Not so much. The thing is it’s not that eCommerce has actually changed; it’s the way customers approach shopping that has changed. Content Overload Burns Consumers Out Consumers now are absolutely bombarded with products, ads, and ...

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33) The Many Ways in which SecureTeen Guards your Teens Against Internet Threats

Published on: April 29, 2016 | Listed under: Apps, Games & Software

Security Vulnerabilities Internet ThreatsSecureTeen can help your teens out in a lot of different ways, but its specialty lies in cyber safety. Available for download at, this comprehensive parental control solution boasts a ton of features, all of them designed to keep the internet generation protected from online troubles. If you have given this app a try, then you probably already know how fruitful it can be. But if you’re unfamiliar with it or still have a few doubts regarding its potential, ...

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34) Apps for Writing a College Paper

Published on: April 29, 2016 | Listed under: Apps & Software

writing assignment article essayAnyone, even a Straight-A student, will start to dread when he or she finds out there is an essay due in less than a day. This definitely puts you in a shock and you start wondering how on earth you forgot about this assignment. Indeed, the fear of receiving an F may stagger you. But getting an F is only a possibility which can be minimized by maximizing your chances of receiving a good grade by simply using what today’s ...

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