5 SEO Techniques for Ranking in 2016

If you are going to start working on Search Engine Optimization for ranking your website, then you should prep up on some of the easiest ranking techniques that will get your products or services on top of Google search results. Driving large traffic to your business or personal website will require you to do many hours of research and planning to get started.

Many times digital marketing enthusiasts are stuck on outdated techniques because employers don’t allow them to properly train themselves in using more advanced strategies due to time and resources. Therefore, we have done the research for you to save time and compiled 5 SEO techniques for ranking in 2016.

1. Unique Content:

SEO Ranking - effective good quality content

You might have heard the phrase “Content is King”, therefore having creative new content with the prime focus on keywords and especially phrases will help you a lot. Think of yourself as your average Joe customer who might be interested in your business prospects. If they go on Google, they will search their queries based on questions. Those questions might have followed up questions as well, so when you write an article, does it answer those questions. Primarily you want to make sure you can get as many of those questions answered in your content for a higher return rate.

2. Natural Link Building:

SEO Ranking - link building

Since content is considered as the king, most practitioners refer to links as queen, henceforth the saying “If content is King, then links are Queen”. You want to make sure you have a natural set of quality backlinks with less advertising content, connecting to your website. If you don’t think a site should be linking to you, whether it is due to irrelevance or any other factor, you should definitely get the link removed. For instance, you are selling car parts, you don’t want someone from the music industry to mention your brand, even though it might get you traffic but it won’t be authentic. Focus on getting a single yet quality authority website link rather than a dozen low-quality ones for higher ranking.

3. Local Listing & Keywords Focus:

SEO Ranking - Yahoo Local Result

Don’t just focus on singular keyword but try to make sure you have a good phrase in mind. Search engines are focusing on local listings, so you can include your business location in phrases, service timings, price range and contact information. These are the things that most customers want to find instantly, instead of searching the whole web. Also, make sure you use proper phrases in image ALT attributes, text links, and domain name, so people can easily locate you in search results.

4. Natural Language:

SEO Ranking - inbound-marketing-pr-strategies-useful-content

Most SEO executives have this universal problem of pleasing search engines rather than focus on human aspects of content marketing. What this means is you should try to write as natural content as possible, instead of intensive keywords focused content. Your job role is not entirely to target what Google algorithm wants to hear but it should be more on valuing what your customers want to know about your services. Having cluttered keyword focused content usually does more bad for your ranking than it helps. In other words, make sure your site is easy to read on the eyes and fairly straightforward to use for higher ranking.

5. Solid Call To Action:

SEO Ranking - online marketing roi - call to action

When you want to market your site, whether it is for personal use or business, you need to make sure that each page has a definite call to action, which points to your ultimate objective. So, if you are selling car parts, you don’t want to just describe what kind of car parts, your website has but ultimately your focus should be to point visitors towards a contact form to get in touch with them. It can be through a free checkup or any other value added services that will get them to avail what you have to offer. Bad call to action on your pages will ultimately lead to poor SEO results and won’t help in ranking your website. Your visitors are looking for answers and you don’t want them to leave without engaging with your services.

SEO Ranking - conclusion

SEO is a forever changing field, that demands continuous research on latest techniques. Whether you are practicing SEO services or want to improve your site ranking, you must continue to use latest SEO techniques to help you get discovered by your potential customers.

This article is written by Faiza Sareah. She is working as Content Strategist at eTek Studio, the web design company Dubai. She enjoys the art of transforming ideas into an informative writing piece. With her good aesthetic sense, she keeps on exploring the new trends and tools of web designing and tries to highlight magical secrets of creativity. Follow her: Twitter | Facebook.

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