Why Even Androids Can Beat those Premium phones, the iPhones?

As everyone even I admit that Apple and Android both give awesome services to their users. I am not a heart-core fan of Android nor I hate iPhones. But if we compare both we have more advantages of Android services over the services of those sophisticated iPhones. Please continue reading my article to find out those.

You Have a Budget Option

Android Vs iPhone - Point 1You always have a budget option for Android. Android offers a hell lot number of smartphones from the cheapest to the costliest. You will be having a lot and lots of options for buying a smartphone in Android. If you have a low budget, you can enjoy using a smartphone, which even the people with the high budget have. Money makes less difference in using smartphones if you are an Android user. If you choose to use Android you will never go out of phones.

IPhones are always a premium. You can buy it if you have the budget to buy it. People with low budget can never ever think of buying a brand new iPhone.

Android Vs iPhone - android logo


Android Vs iPhone - Point 2Apple has its own default applications, but Android allows a lot of applications to join its platform, according to the wish of the users. Android allows the authority of customizing the software and hardware of the phone to its own users while Apple is rigid in this case. Flexibility is what users try finding out in the gadgets. If flexibility is unavailable then there is no use of being the owner of the phone. In this case, Apple is not able to serve the user’s expectations while Android seems to reach the height of flexibility. Apple offers a very less variety of colors while Android gives you smartphones of almost all colors.

So Many Widgets

Android Vs iPhone - Point 3Android has provided its widgets since long. Android users can always add additional icons on the screen since long before. But very recently Apple has introduced their widget in the mobile market, which is very much lesser than Android smartphones. Android proves its superiority over Apple even in terms of widget facilities.


Android Vs iPhone - Point 4Of course, Apple is better at multitasking than Android, but even Android is multitasking with such varying prices in which Apple is of course very rigid.

Android Vs iPhone - Sony Android Phone

The User is the king

Android Vs iPhone - Point 5We can change the entire soft system on the Android phone. For better performance, Android users change their software or update it into their better versions. Installing new software to Android is very much easier and if all the rules are followed accordingly, failures never seem to exist.

Coordination with Google Services

Android Vs iPhone - Point 6Android smartphones coordinate logically and very smoothly with the services of Google. Even IOS has many of the Google services, but their coordination is not as much sticky as those with Android and google services.

Android Vs iPhone - iPhone 5s

Changeable Battery

Android Vs iPhone - Point 7Whenever you have a problem with your Android phone battery, you can remove it and replace with a new one. But when you have a problem with your iPhone’s battery you will have to run to the nearest Apple store to repair it. Replaceable or serviceable your weak battery in your Android phone smoothly is an added advantage of Android over the iPhones.

Android Vs iPhone - conclusionEvery single phone has got advantages and disadvantages. If I want I can even write an article listing the advantages of Apple over the Androids. But the advantages of Android are away too much than the Apple phones. If you are a person who loves playing with technology, customizing your phone’s functions, and likes playing with the memory flexibility, then, of course, you should go for an Android smartphone. On the other hand, if you want are not that geeky and don’t want to make changes and don’t have a budget issue, then iPhone will be your best option.

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