Building a Baby Store using WordPress – A Case Study

Here I am sharing my experience of developing a WordPress based eCommerce website targeting a particular niche. Recently I got a chance to make a website to target the niche of selling kids and baby products. I would like to share up my experiences which I gathered during my journey of making this website called Superbaby. As the website is totally children (and of course the parents) oriented, it was a little more challenging and at the same time very much fun making also.

So before I started my journey the factors which I firstly thought to point out is the backbone of the website, how to finalized my visual presentations sections, what theme will be more eye-catching for customers, and how to execute rest of the client requirements which they want me to implement during the development process. So, let’s know how and what are the themes and plugins I used to make this website, which really makes my client happy and pleased.

WordPress Baby Store

1) The eCommerce backbone:

Firstly I choose the eCommerce backbone of my client website, which will be the main factor that really needs to be perfect and useful according to the requirements and types of the website you are going to make. But as I am in WordPress, here my choice is quite simple. I just choose the best one, the WooCommerce. We all know why WooCommerce is the best eCommerce, in comparison to others. This plugin is very much user-friendly and at the same time very much powerful in itself. Both the owner of the website and the developer of the website enjoy the full power in controlling the website according to their wish. So WooCommerce was my first and last choice before I was making out my plan of executions. My client also agreed with it without any hesitation.

WordPress Baby Store - WooCommerce

2) The visual presentation:

This section was a little bit tricky for me as I said earlier; it was a kid-oriented website. Although there are many free themes available for WordPress and WooCommerce, I personally always prefer to use a premium theme that can come handy and easy to use in the long run. Firstly I have searched and finalized on a total four themes which were really good and can suit my client’s requirements. Number one is Kids Zone, second is Boutique Kids Creative, the third one is Kids Life and the fourth one is Happy Kids. All four themes are extremely good and have their own plus points. My client selected the first theme, the Kids Zone. It is only not because it perfectly suits his website requirements but the theme also very looks much attractive. This particular theme is very much user-friendly and the same time they are having good color options, good gallery options and it supports lots of plugins which undoubtedly is a plus point factor for the developer. I have customized many sections of this theme with ease and make it perfect to match with our needs.

WordPress Baby Store - kidszone-woocommerce-theme

3) The product bundle option:

Although this may not need on every project, this particular feature is the main necessity of my client, the product bundle option. So I have researched a lot on this to find out the best suitable plugin for it. I was also made my mind on developing a custom plugin if needed. But, my search ends on an already available plugin called WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes. If you visit the Superbaby’s Art and Craft kit page, you can see the live example of this plugin. This plugin perfectly suits my client’s exact requirements and so I implemented this one. With some small custom hooks, I have finally fulfilled the goal perfectly and practically, believe me; my client is very much happy and satisfied with my job.

WordPress Baby Store - product-bundle


WordPress Baby Store - conclusionI really enjoyed making this website because it was very much fun loving and at the same time I really got to experience with lots of plugins and exciting themes which am sure can benefit me in my future projects. By this article, I am just sharing my experience with you all. If this article somehow helps you to gather any kind of knowledge then I will really be very much obliged. And do not forget to give me your valuable comments and suggestions if you would like to share with me.

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