Exploring AI in Email Copywriting (Infographic)

AI has revolutionized the way we look at content. But when we narrow down to content in emails, we realize that businesses have yet to tap into the advantages of reaching out to their subscribers on a personal level. Now, half of the world’s population uses emails every day, making them a medium to start direct and one-on-one communication. Email content, thus, is of utmost importance.

Now, when it comes to email copywriting, AI tools can prove beneficial in many different ways – generating catchy subject lines, writing personalized CTAs, conducting A/B testing, and much more.

In this blog, we shall explore the possibilities of AI in email copywriting and beyond.

5 Benefits of Using AI in Email Copywriting 

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1. Perform multiple tasks in no time

AI writing tools can create content in batches. That too in a fraction of a second. With the help of templates offered by writing tools, you can create full-fledged emails for different audiences. These tools have the ability to enhance your current business objectives and grow your business broad and wide.

2. Save time and labor

AI tools can do multiple things at the same time. It can act like your personal assistant, which means you don’t need excess people in your team to do the little tasks for you. For example, in researching your target audience. You can use an AI tool to process data and zero in on preferences, interests, and demographics to create segments and subsegments of your email list. All of this, with just a few clicks and less human assistance.

3. Utilize resources effectively and efficiently

Let’s be fair. AI only lacks the emotional ability of humans. At times, AI-powered technologies can take an instant for what a human mind might take hours. AI tools can be put to best use for quickly generating tempting content like subject lines, preheaders, body copy, etc. Ultimately, you get a chance to focus on other important tasks at hand.

4. Personalize easily

You can integrate your email list post-segmentation into the AI-supporting email service provided and watch the magic unfold. On the basis of this data, your AI tool can personalize emails for each of your subscribers. Personalizing every email is not humanly possible. But with AI tools, you have the opportunity to engage your subscribers and nudge them to interact with your brand.

5. Make better decisions

With AI tools, you can easily analyze and track your email marketing campaigns in real-time. This helps you make informed decisions and enhances the emails that may not have performed as expected. You get a deeper insight into your customers’ actions on your emails with A/B testing.

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3 AI Tools You Can Use for Email Copywriting

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Let’s have a look at some good AI tools we’ve handpicked for you to help you with email copywriting.

1. Copy.ai

Copy.ai is an advanced language that can generate multiple types of content in over 95 languages in a fraction of the time it takes for a human to do so. It is a multi-model operative, meaning it isn’t just limited to the features of OpenAI’s GPT4 technology.

You can count on a number of key features of Copy.ai, like:

  • You can create consistent communication across all the channels with the help of the Brand Voice feature.
  • With the Improve feature, you get instant recommendations on your content and even on tweaking your prompts for better content generation.

2. Wordtune

Wordtune leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to generate content that matches those of humans. It also suggests ways in which you can fine-tune your sentences by adding clarity to them. It can help you use better words at times. Moreover, it has the ability to recognize your tone and generate content accordingly.

Its best features include:

  • Ability to Rewrite sentences.
  • Continue Writing from wherever you pause.
  • Spice up your content with auto-corrections.
  • Shorten or expand your shared content.

3. Jasper AI

Like other AI writing tools, Jasper also focused on efficiency and time-savings at first. But its latest integration of new features is what sets it apart from others. Jasper has multiple templates for content generation of all kinds.

Its latest features include:

  • Company Knowledge: it will help you create consistent branding across all platforms, including your emails.
  • Team Acceleration: it will help all team members put in a collaborative effort and coordinate easily on Jasper’s dashboard itself.
  • Performance & Analytics: it will help you track how your content is performing all in one place. If a piece of content won’t perform well in your content, you can change it in no time.

Let’s Talk About the Shortcomings and Limitations of AI in Email Copywriting


Nobody is perfect. Not even AI tools. This is the most common reason put forth by most people who are afraid of AI tools eating up their jobs. But you can take these shortcomings as a challenge and learn to master AI tools to leverage the best out of them.

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1. AI tools lack freshness and originality

AI tools work on the set of data models integrated into them. They are predefined algorithms, after all. So, the content generated through them will always limit their ideas in comparison to the human mind. They cannot bring originality to the table. They require the human brain to supervise and make substantial edits to the content generated through them.

2. AI tools lack the emotional intelligence of humans

At times, AI tools sound robotic due to a lack of feeling in them. When you are hyper-targeting and hyper-personalizing, you need human intelligence to be able to speak to your subscribers. You need a specialist copywriter to analyze the content generated by AI tools before using it in your campaigns.

3. AI tools may fail to understand your prompts

At times, AI would fail to comprehend your prompts and generate unexpected responses. The sentences may not sync with each other. The phrases may sound alien to your brand messaging, leading to your readings’ disappointment.

4. AI tools can prove expensive for your business

Remember, you can’t access these tools forever. They come with a subscription plan. Getting most of your writing done with AI tools may lead to a loss of credibility in your brand messaging and the genuineness of your communication.

But as we mentioned before, we can tackle these shortcomings with human intelligence and learn to master the art of using AI tools for email marketing. Let’s see through it now.

What Does AI Have in Store for Email Marketing?

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In the current scenario, AI has surpassed the testing times – pun intended. But the truth is, we have barely scratched the surface of the possibilities of AI in email marketing. Apart from helping with copywriting, there is more in store when we speak of AI in email.

Let’s quickly hop on to the key areas of the future scope and applications of AI in email marketing.

1. Hyper-Personalized Targeting of Your Subscribers

AI tools can leverage data to zero in on your target audience. At this point, you need to craft an email that has to sound like it is written only for them. But you can’t do that for each of your subscribers. Using AI tools will help you automate personalized emails curated for each of your subscribers after you have integrated the appropriate data. This data may include your subscribers’ online buying behavior, interests and choices, demographics, etc.

2. Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Emails

With the evolution of NLP and ultra-optimization, you can write personalized emails that will sound as if they are written by you. To eradicate the robotic-sounding language, AI tools will be able to process and analyze the content you write. Then, write content in your tonal quality.

3. Analyzing Large Data Sets

We still need a lot of human input in analyzing data to leverage and put it to best use. Also, when the data sets are huge, humans tend to ignore them and work with only the little they can get on their plates. Using AI tools will help you learn the patterns and trends that will help you in curating your email marketing campaigns.

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Key Takeaways

From designing eye-catching emails to crafting compelling email content, AI can play a significant role in taking your email campaigns to the next level.

Wish to get a deeper understanding of the contours of AI-powered email copywriting? We, too, did. So, we talked about some of the sagacious minds operating in the email marketing realm. Find their responses here in our infographic! You can find the infographic below.

10 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On EMAIL COPYWRITING! (Infographic)

10 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On EMAIL COPYWRITING! (Infographic) - Section 110 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On EMAIL COPYWRITING! (Infographic) - Section 210 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On EMAIL COPYWRITING! (Infographic) - Section 310 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On EMAIL COPYWRITING! (Infographic) - Section 410 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On EMAIL COPYWRITING! (Infographic) - Section 510 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On EMAIL COPYWRITING! (Infographic) - Section 610 Experts Gauge The Impact AI Tools Will Have On EMAIL COPYWRITING! (Infographic) - Section 7

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