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Anyone, even a Straight-A student, will start to dread when he or she finds out there is an essay due in less than a day. This definitely puts you in a shock and you start wondering how on earth you forgot about this assignment. Indeed, the fear of receiving an F may stagger you. But getting an F is only a possibility which can be minimized by maximizing your chances of receiving a good grade by simply using what today’s technology gives us in the form of various helpful apps. It often seems like there is an app for everything, doesn’t it? So why should your college assignments be any different? That’s why I brainstormed some ideas with the professional team at AceWriters service and put together the list of our favorite apps for writing a college paper.



There was a time when every student had to be carrying a dictionary and a thesaurus, but these days you can slip all of that information into your pocket with the help of the app. The app not only includes a complete dictionary but also has synonyms for millions of words. It also translates into 35 different languages. If you want to build your vocabulary you are also going to love the handy ‘word of the day’ feature that the app offers. The best part is that the app is totally free! It is available on Android, iOS, and all web browsers.

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2. Hemingway Editor

hemingway-logoWhile in a hurry, you happen to make grammar mistakes or typos. Surely, Microsoft Word highlights everything for you but still to ensure everything is perfect you would want to check whether there is something out of place like your sentences are too long or hard to understand. And with that and many other things Hemingway Editor will help you. It provides you with a readability score, points out which phrases can be replaced with simpler ones or how often you used passive voice. All these help you make your essay bold and clear.

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3. Evernote


If you are looking for help with note taking then one of the best options is the Evernote app. It is a free service that can be accessed via your web browser or by downloading the free app which is available for iOS, Android, and Windows. It is a great way to take notes and you can either type or handwrite the notes. You will be able to access these notes from both your mobile device and your computer and you can search or organize the notes according to a variety of factors such as date, topic or course.

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4. Google Drive


One of the most versatile apps for writing a college paper is Google Drive, which encompasses Google Sheets and Google Docs. The app is linked to your Google account and allows you to store your files in the cloud making them accessible from any internet connected device. With the help of Google Sheets and Google Docs, you can actually write your assignment via Goggle Drive which means that you can work on it at any time no matter where you are. The great thing is that your work saves automatically ever few minutes and it is safe and secure in the cloud meaning you do not need to worry about losing your hard work!

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5. Nebulous Notes

nebulous-notes-logoAnother great way to take notes is using the Nebulous Notes app which is one of the apps used by professional writers and journalists. It is only available for iOS at present and it is a premium app with a price tag of $4.99, but it is very easy to use and is fully integrated with DropBox and Evernote!

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6. Penultimate


If you prefer traditional note taking with pen and paper, but want the convenience of having a digital copy of them, then Penultimate is the app for you! This free iPad app allows you to write your notes and then have them transferred to Evernote to store and organize them.

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conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsThese are just some of the most useful college paper writing apps, but they are not the only ones. There are many more which can definitely satisfy a variety of your writing needs, like searching on your app store for organizational and note-taking apps becomes a great place for you to start looking for help with your assignments, or googling your essay topic helps you jot some ideas in order to come up with your own. All these apps give you a great head start until you find your muse. Besides, probably, you might find research resources.

So, all in all, we should take advantage of what all the gadgets and apps which do make our lives easier in order for us to spend our lives on meaningful things that do make us happy.

This article is written by Linda Merrill. She is an AceWriters service freelance writer and editor, as well as content creator and social media junkie. She loves writing about college life.

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