Enterprise Mobility Trends, Challenges, Solutions in 2016 & Beyond

It’s that time of the year again when people are looking forward to the predictions and trends with respect to enterprise mobility, the challenges of implementing them and ways to overcome those obstacles for deciding what the year holds. Although predictions do not work in an exact manner, experts take suggestions from them to indicate those trends that will outbid the others although it is hard to identify whether the same situation will prevail throughout the year. More often, truth prevails when predictions of the experts are taken into account.

1. Security trends in enterprise mobility

Enterprise Mobility - Point 1When it comes to enterprise mobility applications, it is good to start off with the security trends at first. Until recently, malware developers focused on desktop systems for security concerns. However, the mobile device has emerged as the cornerstone for these developers nowadays and malware is now developed keeping in mind the major mobile platforms. Malware is different for every operating system. For instance, the one that is intended for an Android handset does not apply to a mobile device with the iOS operating system. One of the most fabulous tools that will surface in 2016 is likely to allow and empower the mobile workforce team to communicate with the customers on a personal level. Lastly, IT teams will now find it convenient to track the mobile applications and the data contained therein as part of better security policies.

2. Management, development and distribution of applications

Enterprise Mobility - Point 2As part of enterprise mobility solutions, companies are weighing the pros and cons of various options and assess whether there should be a cross-platform, third-party or native platform to design applications for mobile devices. However, there are major factors that will influence development, distribution, and management such as the features of the devices, the tasks that they will perform along with the mobile environment and the roadmap. The development of mobile applications will be succeeded by the management distribution and delivery.

3. Demand for cross-platform solutions

Enterprise Mobility - Point 3Although tablet sales have slipped, it has been observed that a large workforce including emergency service technicians and utility engineers still prefer using this device. When it comes to enterprise mobility trends, the continued popularity of the tablets is likely to give rise to an increased demand for cross-platform solutions for users to switch between their desktops and mobile devices.

4. Consolidation of mobile application market

Enterprise Mobility - Point 4Enterprise mobility is complicated as it includes varied aspects. New technologies, methodologies, and architectures are likely to come up in the year 2016. The vendors that address the enterprise mobility apps development will either remain this year or move out of their businesses. Whatever the situation might be, robust and top-grade platforms will develop which is good news for business enterprises. In fact, the enterprise mobility developers will get everything they need for designing and developing applications that are functional and appealing.

5. Personalizing mobile applications

Enterprise Mobility - Point 5Personalizing mobile apps is another aspect that will feature as part of enterprise mobility trends that are likely to surface in 2016. According to employees, convenience is related to access in the remote working environment. In short, mobile apps do not need to encompass everything and personalization are relevant for interacting with customers.

6. Machine learning techniques for detecting fraud

Enterprise Mobility - Point 6The enterprise mobility management will depict major improvement according to the trends that are prevailing this year. A lot of financial companies use machine learning techniques for detecting scams but the workforce of these companies requires a lot of features for better detection such as monitoring user behavior or identifying the anomalies in the network. Thanks to big data analytics for advancement in this domain but miracles must not be expected instead people should focus on the basic gains.

7. Improvements in user experience

Enterprise Mobility - Point 7Designing and developing mobile applications is in vogue although the primary aspect is to observe whether it works in favor of users. Although much has been said and done regarding enterprise mobility services, developers have to focus on making mobile applications functional to such an extent that it crosses the framework of time and space.

8. Challenges of implementing mobility trends

Enterprise Mobility - Point 8However, smooth it might seem, there are crucial enterprise mobility challenges that are likely to hamper the implementation of enterprise mobility. Much of these obstructions are likely to surround the effective running of mobile applications. While it can be hard to make productive decisions in favor of a business, one of the primary problems will still focus on real-time access to the data in mobile devices.

9. Ways to overcome the challenges

Enterprise Mobility - Point 9When it is about overcoming the challenges related to the implementation of the trends that are likely to remain in the limelight as predicted by experts, there is much to be done. The enterprise mobility challenges for businesses have to be tackled by implementing good practices. A lot of people do not understand the significance of the security and technical concerns that prevent the mobile devices from becoming user-friendly. Research and studies in this field are likely to be of great help for delivering solutions that are suitable for removing the challenges in this field.

10. The final tip

Enterprise Mobility - Point 10Whether it is about implementing the trends of enterprise mobility, the designers and developers have to make a real effort to minimize the challenging aspects. It is known to people that the use of mobile devices will be on the rise and a major paradigm shift can bring down the challenges in this field.

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