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These days smartwatches are creating huge buzz among the mass of people. I believe, this buzz is not only due to the excitement behind the launching of a new kind of electronics gadget in the world of electronics. Recent experiences and research are telling us that smartwatch is really serving us with lots of helpful activities. By the word “helpful activities” I mean to say that it is being found that smartwatch is helping us with our daily life activities and at the same time it is also helping us to keep ourselves healthy and fit from our existing busy schedules.

In this article, I will be sharing you out my review about one more smartwatch which is called NO.1 S5 Heart Rate Monitoring Remote Camera Smart Watch.

This smartwatch is claiming to be little more improved from the rest of the smartwatches. Let’s have a look at its detailed descriptions which I have split into three sections.


Design & Looking:

Firstly let’s tell you about its design. The shape of this smartwatch is round with a stainless steel body. That means, if you ask me about the longevity of the product I must say it is quite tough and hard body made, so it will be much more durable.

The band of this smartwatch is made up of leather. But if you want steel bands you will get the options to make it customize according to your preference. So another good point to be considered. The size of the dial is 1.69 x 1.69 x 0.55 inches. The band size is 8.01 x 0.79 inches. The wearing diameter of the watch is 4.65 – 5.63 inches. The overall product dimension is 10.18 x 1.69 x 0.55 inches.

The total weight of the smartwatch is just 50 grams. The color you will get is black, golden, and silver.


Features & Functionality:

This NO.1 S5 Smartwatch is having a huge list of features and functionality. First of all, if you are health conscious person then you can enjoy many features that make this smartwatch superior to you. For an example you can get help on monitoring your heart rate, you can track your calorie intake, you can track how much you have traveled by your foot, and it will remind you how long you have been sitting in the same posture, which means it will tell you to walk. Not only this, it will also manage your sleeping time as well. Along with that, it will also help you in taking body temperature and also you can manage your scheduled work with the help of the alarm facility. It will also tell you about current UV status in the sun and as a result of that, you can schedule your outdoor activity efficiently.

This smartwatch is also having a remote camera shutter button on it. So with the help of this button, you can place your phone on a tripod and can click images remotely. So isn’t it a very good option to consider?

Besides health benefit, it also has some other benefits like incoming calls notification and reminder, SMS notification, Social notification of Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and etc.



This smartwatch is enabled with 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM. Good enough for any smartwatch. The Bluetooth versions given in this watch is 3.0. The battery is also good. The battery used is Li-polymer Battery .The capacity of the battery is 350mAh which means it will take around 3 hours of charging time and as a result of that it will give you total 3-5 days of standby time.

The chip used in this smartwatch is built-in type MTK6261 chip. It will give you a pleasure of stable working performance.



In short whatever features and functionality I have enjoyed along with the hardware portions it is very good and very smart enough to run in the market. And not only had this you can enjoy buying this smartwatch from GearBest at an exciting offered price. In a normal time without the offer, it will cost you $38.99 but now you can get this super awesome smartwatch in just $36.99*. If you want to purchase this smartwatch in this offer, please use this coupon code “GBS5” to avail this offer. So if you really want to purchase this watch then without wasting much time go and grab this offer.

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Review Breakdown

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Features & Functions
Weight & Size


In short, the features and functionality I have enjoyed along with the hardware portions the NO.1 S5 Smartwatch is very good and very smart enough to run in the market.

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