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Future of WordPress Development: Trends and Technologies

From its origins, as a tool for blogging, WordPress has evolved into the backbone of millions of websites across various industries. As a platform, it has continuously adapted to meet the changing demands of the digital world. Few platforms have made such a lasting impact as WordPress in the field of web development! As we move forward into the future, the realm of WordPress development is on the cusp of transformation. This transformation is driven by a convergence of trends …

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12 Best Tips and Techniques to Secure WordPress Admin Area

In this blog, we’ll discuss the best techniques to secure the admin area of your WordPress websites effectively. People often think their website is too small for hackers to have any interest in it. But that would be a massive mistake. Any website may be vulnerable to cyber threats like spam, malware, brute attacks, SQL injections, etc. Moreover, Hackers might even use your website to spread malware to other websites. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to wake up one day and …

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How to Optimize Your WooCommerce Store for Maximum Traffic and SEO?

Selling any services or products on the WooCommerce store will be super hard without driving quality traffic to your website. Remember that quality traffic leads are the key to increasing sales. There’s no point in attracting customers that will not buy your service or product. Once you have set up your vision, products, and WooCommerce store, the next step is to drive traffic to your eCommerce platform. Here, reports from Google Analytics can assist you in making the right decision …

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A man using a laptop on a desk and working on a wordpress dashboard.

10 Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Needs Maintenance

WordPress has taken the world by storm with its packed functionalities and features. Most businesses are cherishing this platform because of its advanced attributes. But each time you progress with it- you are accounted for responsibilities that account for excellence. Image source: w3techs.com. A brief intro Your WordPress websites are developed using the combination of numerous themes, plugins, etc., by developers. It is not static software. This is the reason why you need to do the maintenance of your WordPress …

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What is Schema? How to Add Schema Markup to Your WordPress Website?

Adding schema markup to a website gives it the best possible chance of being ranked in search engines. When applied correctly, schema can give your site a significant SEO boost, which is why we recommend it. Get the schema right and search engines can better understand what’s on the page. It can also increase the chances of appearing in rich snippets, which can drastically improve your clickthrough rate. Considering how straightforward it is to add schema to WordPress, there’s no …

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How to Optimize WooCommerce Product Images for SEO?

Nowadays, WooCommerce is the most famous and hugely used platform to establish an eCommerce business. It provides flexible, potential, and highly optimized online shopping solutions. To create a successful and famous online store, you must know how to optimize WooCommerce product images. Ensuring a better perspective about your product’s image quality and resolutions is very important. Product images create the first impression to the customers about products before buying something. WooCommerce product image optimization is essential to improve revenue and …

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Want to Create a WordPress Website? Follow these 13 Easy Steps

Have you always wanted to build a website but don’t know how? Gone are the days of hiring professionals to have this accomplished. Given the technology and accessibility site builders provide today, creating one for yourself is simpler. So, if you’re planning to create a professional WordPress website or blog, use the following guidelines to help you get started. Starting a business is hard. Whether you sell a product or offer a service, you cannot go any further without an …

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What are the Improvements that React JS Offers in Headless WordPress?

Let’s first understand what a Headless WordPress is. WordPress blog has two sides’ front and back. The front is something that everyone sees and reads the blog. And the backend is something where you get to see the dashboard, admin panel, and other CMS tools. With the help of the WordPress tool, you can actually manage and track all the website content. If the configuration is ok, then you can edit the web page. As a user, you are getting …

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Is WordPress Good for eCommerce? Let’s Find Out!

WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS currently available in the market. It has maintained a reputation for being famous among almost 25% of all the webmasters in the world. But now with the arrival of more eCommerce platforms that are specifically made for eCommerce sellers. WordPress is struggling with hefty competition, though it has the WooCommerce plugin to add functionality and eCommerce power. Still, there are people having second thoughts when someone recommends a solution of enhancing their …

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WordPress Speed Optimization: How to Accelerate your WordPress Website in 2022?

You may make the most perfect website in WordPress. Design, navigation, content, all may look too good for you, and you hope to rank high in the search results of Google. But if your WordPress website takes time to load, the website becomes a disaster. Viewers will quickly move to the next search result and leave your website. A website performs poorly when it takes time to load in the web browser. Delay in loading time is the most annoying …

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