3d rendering of a teal app icon with a white intertwined loop design on a matching teal background. the icon has a subtle shiny effect, suggesting a sleek, modern look.

Top 7 Tricks For Crafting Effective ChatGPT Prompts

While ChatGPT has the power to create authoritative text, translate language, and answer questions in a jiff, there will be times you might feel that this artificial intelligence model is not used to its full potential. Here, crafting effective ChatGPT prompts comes into play. We have revealed the top 7 tricks and tips to unleash the true potential of ChatGPT. Learn them and amaze your readers with top-notch content. AI tools like ChatGPT have made our lives way easier by …

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A machine is working on a conveyor belt in a factory.

IoT in Industrial Automation: Benefits, Challenges and Use Cases

The integration of IoT in industrial automation is leading to revolutionary changes in the traditional models of the functioning of industrial enterprises. IoT offers intelligent and very productive solutions for the optimization of production processes, product quality improvement, and cost reduction. This article discusses the application of IoT in industrial automation, its use cases, and its advantages. What is Industrial Automation? Industrial automation can be defined as the use of control systems to automatically manage processes and equipment across a …

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A man sitting in front of a computer screen in the dark.

6 Emerging Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out For

Cyberattacks are becoming common every dawn. This means that individuals and organizations should take adequate preventive measures or risk paying dearly. Advancing technology has resulted in the development of sophisticated cyber-attack mechanisms. For instance, the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence will transform both attack and defensive abilities in the cybersecurity landscape. Similarly, cybersecurity professionals can now leverage advanced tools to predict hacker techniques. That said, below are a few emerging cybersecurity trends to watch out for. 1. Cybersecurity Skill Crunch …

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A phone with the word vpn on it sitting next to a laptop.

Best VPNs in 2024: 10 Top-Rated Virtual Private Networks in USA to Hide Your Location

Have you ever felt someone is eyeing you? When you are online some entities keep an eye on you while keeping themselves unidentified. They keep track of your location, IP address, sensitive data, and online activities. When you browse online you have an IP address that might be 192.15.780, and it holds all the important details when you surf a website and gives an idea to the internet service provider about your visits. So, if you want to stay secure …

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A laptop with a map on it on a wooden table.

VPN vs Residential Proxy: What to Choose?

As a business navigating the digital landscape, you’re often faced with the pressing need to protect your online activities and access diverse global content without restrictions. Whether it’s for market research, social media management, or ensuring end-to-end encryption of sensitive data, choosing the right tool can feel like wading through a murky river of tech options. Here’s an important fact that might surprise you: while similar in providing anonymity and privacy online, residential proxies offer actual IP addresses from real …

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A woman in blue long sleeve shirt typing on a laptop at a desk.

AI Writing Assistants vs. Human Editors: Striking the Right Balance

The rise of AI writing assistants like ChatGPT has sparked much debate on their proper role and relationship with human writers and editors. These tools promise to automate and augment content creation in powerful new ways. However, some fear they could also displace human jobs and undermine the craft of writing. The key is striking the right balance between AI and human collaboration. The Promise and Pitfalls of AI Writing Tools AI writing tools utilize large language models to generate …

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A computer keyboard with a red button that says get me out of here.

How to Remove Yourself from the Internet in 5 Steps?

The term “digital footprint” gets thrown around a lot in 2023, mostly in the context of embarrassing social media posts. However, a digital footprint goes far beyond that. Everywhere you go and everything you do online leaves a trail of data behind. This data can include not only basic information like your name, email, phone number, and home address (alarming enough on its own), but also more sensitive details like your health information, political affiliations, sexual orientation, and even social …

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A person holding a smartphone with a fingerprint on it.

Two Factor Authentication or Passkeys: The Choice is Yours for Now!

Consider this little conundrum. Your iPhone isn’t getting any form of signal, not just no 4G data but nothing, zero, zilch – you can’t even make an emergency call. You might be on contract with a major provider, so you try to log into your account on their website to look for help. Your home Wi-Fi and laptop are still working, so you put your username and password into the login page and the next thing you see is this …

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A blue cloud in a hole on a dark background transfetting data.

Significant Attacks on Cloud-based Servers and How to Avoid Them

Cloud computing is reshaping how businesses manage data. The global cloud computing market is estimated to rise to billions of dollars in 2028. Therefore, the hackers couldn’t help but valve their penetrating eyes into this growing lucrative market. Cloud computing adoption has its own pitfalls. However, the most giant elephant in the room is and will continue to be the security. Understanding Cloud-based Server Attacks In this context, cloud attacks are cyber-attacks on services that are based in the cloud. …

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A world map with the word vpn on it.

How To Set Up Your Own VPN Server?

Are you having a hard time accessing websites or apps because of privacy blocks and government censorship? Don’t worry, we get it – nobody likes feeling restricted online. That’s why we’ve done some exhaustive research to show you how to set up your very own VPN server for maximum internet security and access to limitless content! With our blog post, you’ll learn the advantages that come with establishing your own virtual private network plus all the steps needed so that …

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