Why Email Marketing is Still Important and Beneficial?

When we talk about marketing, we automatically get images of billboards and fancy advertisements that cost millions. But it is something way vaster and ahead of that. Basically, the goal of every marketing team is the same, it is to sell the services and products of the company to their target audience. But it does not begin or end over here, there is a long list of methods through which marketing is done. And using email marketing services is one of them.

Email marketing is still beneficial and applicable in 2021. In fact, it is giving better results than ever before. So basically, what is email marketing? You don’t remember seeing anything fancy in your email inboxes, right? Well, that is the thing about email marketing, it is sneaky. It has a profound effect on us, and we are not even aware of it.

We all understand the fact that emails are a professional means of correspondence, which is what makes it so important for us to have in the first place. There are 4 billion email users on this planet as I am typing this out. This shows how important it still is in 2021.

Now we will discuss email marketing benefits and why you need email marketing.

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1. Provides engaging experience


Isn’t marketing all about getting in the head of the prospective customer? Making them believe that your company is the one that is hundred percent exactly what they are looking for.

But do you think it is fine to nag our customers all the time? No, it is not. You need to remind them of yourself when they are looking for something that you can offer them. You have to give them a reminder that you are also an option, and perhaps a better one.

Use emails effectively to provide your customers, new or old, an engaging experience. You can use your email automation system smartly and revive some old customers as well as create some new ones.

Try to know when to send a reminder to your audience that you exist. For example, there is a customer visiting your website. They check out a few products, add two or more to their cart, and just leave without giving in their details.

What went wrong? Did they forget to give their details? Of course not. There must have been something that must have come up that they had to abandon the site. Or they did not understand how to go about it? Or worse, did they find somebody better?

We can’t let that happen, can we? Now you have to send out an email at this point and tell them how they can complete the process and receive the package at their doorstep.

2. Building relationships through personalization

Email Marketing Techniques Strategies

There is an inbox filled with thousands of unopened emails. And the one you sent is one of them. Is there any trick that anyone would want to skip all the other thousands of emails and open your email and read it? What could there possibly be that you can add in your email to make it happen? Is there any secret trick?

Well, there might be one. A lot of successful email marketers are now using this tactic. The key over here is personalization.

You have to personalize your email to each one in the audience in such a way that they believe you wrote it just for them. You may think it is very time-consuming, but it is not. With the help of email automation devices, a whole lot of efforts have been saved and the process has become way more efficient.

You can also go a little more into detail and analyze what each bunch of the audience is more into. This way with a bit more effort and time you can generate a return on investment which is a triple fold or more.

Each effort you make in personalizing your relationship with the customers, each time it will be rewarded back with profit and results.

3. Test your way to the top


Have you seen how a baby learns how to handle things? Whether the baby can or cannot throw a certain item? A growing child would test the behavior and expressions of the people in the household by trying different stuff. Like the child would throw something and if there are gasps and looks of disapproval, the child would understand that these expressions are different than the last time I said something and everyone smiled. This way any human would grow to understand if the person on the other end approves or disapproves of something.

Something similar goes for A/B testing. For starters, if you think your habits over the internet go unnoticed, well you are in for a big surprise. For the ease and success of marketers and investors, are habits such as the time we prefer to check our emails are monitored.

Any smart marketing team would first try to understand the psychology of their target audience. This allows them to design and create something the audience would accept and buy. A more efficient process. Therefore, Email marketing companies in the USA test various times and methods when they send their emails to check which is the best. But do not be stuck on one good result since they keep changing over time.

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4. Contacts


Have you ever been to a website where they asked you to subscribe to their newsletter for free? Well, who does not like free? I would have given them my email address as well. After all, they also promised to protect my privacy, right?

I think it is one of the best baits ever. I love how innocently most of us fall for it. But who really minds a bunch of more emails reminding us that we have not been forgotten?

When we call someone who we have never really called before, they do ask us out of curiosity how we got their number in the first place. And they might also feel offended when they learn a mutual passed it on without consulting them before.

Similarly, as any good Email marketing guide would tell you, you need to attain the emails legally. When you have obtained a large number of emails, make the most of them. The best way to make the most of them is to regularly remind them that you remember them and you are looking out for their convenience.

Prioritize your customers who are your regular and loyal customers. Make it a point to deliver your exclusive offers through emails for better responses.

5. Most effective ways of gaining customers


The follow-up strategy of paid advertisement bridges marketing channels to capture leads in good numbers.

Other than marketing channels, all focus to communicate or engage with a diversified audience. Once the audience has been engaged, you keep up ahead of time to give continuous content to them with the support of social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, campaigns, etc.

For instance, a post for a landing page has been created on a social media platform which allows customers to submit their queries via email for CTA (call to action). This one email will lead to brand awareness and the series of emails will bring traffic to the website leading to conversion by new content or product each time.

Some stats to be fond of:

  • 4x higher organic reach via email platform.
  • ROI is 3800% as each mail makes $38 for a single dollar invested.
  • Campaigns that are segmented rise to 760%.
  • PPC is 100.95% as compared to non-segmented emails.

6. Email marketing for mobile phones


You are an avid mobile phone user, and you receive an email. But guess what? It does not open up in an interesting manner just as they showed. Also, they tried sending an image that isn’t loading. What a bummer!

You can lose your new customers if you do not focus on your email marketing through cell phones. The research conducted for mobile email marketing has concluded, 3x emails are checked by the mobile user on a regular basis or 70% of the mobile users use mobile apps for corresponding their emails.

Not dated back, but in 2019, studies showed that most of the clicks recorded on the websites were from mobile users. With regard to these stats, one should keep in mind, people are more into streaming service apps.

7. Importance of email marketing


Hi! I know you might be feeling a bit more than overwhelmed by now. A tad too many sentences and words. Let me make it simpler and more precise for you why email marketing is still important and beneficial.

Well, isn’t that exactly what I was here for in the first place? Okay, getting back to the point. Email marketing is one the cheapest and oldest ways of marketing, but it is gaining back trend now because of the number of people that are registering for new email addresses.

It is now checked on a regular basis by the crowd like any other social media application. The number of emails that are viewed regularly allows it to be a source of brand awareness. You can spread awareness about your brand through email by sending a prospectus, and interesting facts about your brand in it.

Emails bring a sense of importance to the reader if it is utilized the correct way. It would very much please the customer to think that you made an effort to be a part of their inbox and daily life. Since emails release an aroma of importance and thoughtfulness, it is a great way to gain back your old customers.

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I hope you have read till here and learned the importance of email marketing. No doubt email marketing has made its place on the map of the marketing world. This is all because of the results it has been providing over the years that have kept it relevant even in 2021.

Email marketing is a very cost-effective method. It can also offer up to a 120% return on a $1 investment. This is wild right? Include email marketing and different email automation software as a part of your marketing strategy and budget. Make the most of the tips you have come across here.

This article is written by Amanda Hayward from The Web Factory.

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