11 Web Design and Development Factors to Impress Your Target Audience

Constant innovations in web-based technologies have made the competition fearless. In today’s online competitive space, if you want to rule digitally, you cannot oversee the requirement of having an enticing web design.

Reason(s)? Your corporate website is your primary marketing tool that you use to communicate your value proposition to inveigle and attract your target audience.

For instance, being an online user, you visit numerous websites daily, but have you ever noticed the factor that grabs your attention first? Well, it is a trick question! Many would say content while others may believe in winning web design.  Well, it is web design that wins.

Navigating through a website having poor to average design would restrict you get the thing you are looking for. It is a signal of bad user experience that may compel a visitor to abandon the site permanently because visiting the same site again would be like wasting time in playing guess games at your discretion.

So, web design and development matters! 

Being engaged in business, if you are looking to buy web development services focused on your business goals, then this post can help as it covers 11 factors that will make your target audience love your website.

Responsive Web Design


Ever since the day mobiles win over desktops for accessing information online, experts across the world quoted in unison “mobile is future” that later confirmed by Google’s mobile-friendly update.

According to a blog published on ActiveMedia, some experts estimate nearly 1/3rd of global consumers (around 2.6 billion people) will use smartphones by 2018

Therefore, make your website easy to access on a variety of users’ screen. Keep mobile in your mind while contracting your web design work to a web development company, because skipping mobile audience is a bad idea, right?

Ease of Navigation

breadcrumbs navigation menu

A blog on HubSpot reveals that 50% of visitors after visiting a site through a referral site use navigation menu on the website to orient themselves. So, your website should offer easy navigation to allow your visitors and target audience navigate conveniently with the help of navigation menu. Just keep everything simple, use breadcrumbs, and don’t let your visitors play guess game on your website because it irritates them.

Ease of Form Filling

seo content writing

One crucial factor that will make your audience love your site is when your site offers easy form filling. Well, online form filling irritates, it is a fact! However, from a business perspective, it is crucial too. Do remember to ask companies offering web development services whether they can make form-filling an enjoyable process. Various web design & development companies provide minimal design to make form filling easier.

Design of the Landing Pages

Landing pages are the pages where you make your target audience land. It is done to serve the purpose of lead generation in various organizations. If you are looking to revamp your primary landing pages, consider these landing page optimization tips.

Great Use of Typography


You cannot oversee one of the principal purposes of having a website is selling products and services that companies achieve through the beautiful presentation of information. So, make your site typographically strong! It will help you make your content look appealing and sustain the zeal of the users on your website. It is extremely helpful when you want to educate your audience through your content.

Site’s Readability

According to a blog published on HubSpot, 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is not attractive. 

You cannot sell until you communicate well. Therefore, use simple and flexible site structure so that your site could face alterations quickly. Further, use proper white spaces to improve readability of your website.

Correct Placement of CTAs

online marketing roi - call to action

Proper placement of Call-to-actions (CTAs) is crucial to every business. These are the places where your target audience takes action. Once you convince your prospects through your content on landing pages, the next step is to incentivize their actions. Thus, the positioning of CTAs at the right places is strongly recommended as it will have a direct effect on your sales and revenue.

Compelling Graphics

Colorful graphic illustrations are highly impactful when it comes to making your visitors stay on the page longer than usual. Further, nowadays, organizations prefer to approach web design and development companies that provide graphic design illustration services as well to engage customers. On the other hand, potential customers appreciate if they get needed service under one roof because this way they save their precious time. However, while using colorful graphics on your site, don’t forget to compress. Otherwise, it may slow down your site’s speed.

Professional Logo


Use of professional logo on websites is the crucial part of web design and development process. In some cases, organizations provide their logo while in several situations; they need to hire a company that can offer professional logo design services. Well, the good news is various enterprises that offer web development services also provide professional logo designing services. A logo is something that has the power to make your brand memorable, and leave an enduring impression on the minds of your target audience.

Enticing Animation

Various organizations consider it as a secret weapon to make their website livelier and noticeable. However, on the flip side, a majority of organizations believe that animation may affect the performance of a website by slowing down the loading speed.

No doubt if the animation is properly implemented on your site, it can bring your target audience closer to your business. So, it all depends on you whether you want to add animation on your site or not.

Animated Explainer Videos

Smooth Scrolling

From the design perspective, scrolling is crucial. Nowadays, companies love to have a single page site having long scroll navigation. Various companies leverage scrolling for storytelling. So, you can get it implemented on your site as well if you have some story to share with your audience. Further, smooth scrolling improves the mobile experience to tempt your target audience using smartphones to access your site. However, it varies business to business whether you need long scrolls or not.

Closing Point

11 Web Design and Development Factors to Impress Your Target Audience - conclusion

Website designing and development is critical to the success of your business. Thus, get a memorable one to stand apart from the crowd.

Author-Image-Brandon-CookThis article is written by Brandon Cook. He is a well-known leader in the digital marketing industry. With 15 years of experience, Mr. Cook has worked with Southwest Airlines, Walt Disney World®‎, Universal Studios®, Nabisco and several brands in the hotel and travel industry. Mr. Cook is the Owner of Online Design Club located in South Florida and has developed his professional career providing world-class branding, website development, and online marketing services to companies globally. Follow him: Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn.

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