Top 5 Mobile Marketing Automation Tools for your Marketing Strategies

A mobile application is your golden ticket to reaching a vast audience. Nowadays, smartphones have gone beyond just being useful tools for communication. They are a valuable source of information and entertainment for their users. So, opening a marketing tap here will generate you an impressive new wave of prospective clients. However, before applying your mobile marketing strategies, you should accessorize them with some intuitive marketing automation features.

These will help you collect insights about your mobile users and automate the analytics of messaging and user behavior. So, let’s take a look at the top five mobile marketing automation tools.

1. Kahuna

Top Five Mobile Marketing Automation Tools - Point 1Kahuna is a powerful mobile marketing automation tool that stays with you from the beginning of your mobile marketing campaign until the end. You can use their platform to create automated campaigns across several channels with zero software engineering skills.

Kahuna is a very useful tool that excels at identifying target audiences. You can send your marketing campaigns directly to consumers who have certain favorite products, brands, or content. Not only that, but your campaigns will reach mobile users at their most active hours. This means that the Kahuna platform uses machines that learn the user’s behavior and collect data based on their previous actions.

You can also segment the customers into many categories, starting with the level of interaction they have with your mobile application, such as “active,” “dormant,” or “inactive.” This complex segmentation will allow you to send more engaging and targeted marketing campaigns. Also, they take care of the small details that can make a big impact. The platform will help you distribute relevant content in the correct language used by the consumers.


2. Appsee

Top Five Mobile Marketing Automation Tools - Point 2There’s nothing more valuable in mobile marketing automation than data. Any marketing team can perform as many optimizations as they want, but as long as they don’t answer a user’s problem, they may be highly ineffective.

Appsee is a useful tool that informs app publishers and developers on how exactly users are interacting with the application. The most interesting feature here is the heat map. The platform creates one for you, complete with the touches a user makes on your application.

This way, you gain valuable insight on what the most popular aspects of your application are. The optimization decisions will be based on facts and not assumptions. You will know what features to improve and which ones to focus on more.

Also, Appsee records all user sessions that take place in your application. Thanks to this, you can actually view how they interact with your app and for how long.

3. Urban Airship

Top Five Mobile Marketing Automation Tools - Point 3More than 300,000 developers and marketing teams are making great use of this intuitive platform. What sets them apart from the competition is the option to create and distribute loyalty cards. These cards will make the presentation of your products appealing again for the already acquired customers. This means that there are higher chances to re-engage them in a second purchase. Finding new leads can be an exhausting process, whereas the customer reactivation is easier and simpler.

Moreover, Urban Airship offers a complete set of mobile messaging (landing pages, mobile wallet, push notifications and many other options), user-friendly campaign templates, and segmentation tools. Their smart algorithms can also read present shopping trends and project future purchase behaviors. You can use this audience intelligence to adapt marketing campaigns to the volatile nature of the market.

4. Appboy

Top Five Mobile Marketing Automation Tools - Point 4This tool is a communication platform built for marketing teams to send beautiful messages across mobile devices. Their secret to success is bidirectional data. Thanks to this powerful feature, you can acquire behavioral insights based on in-store actions, such as purchases, location, interactions plus insights based on a smartphone’s APIs that come from a third party.  This means that you can build a customer profile more thoroughly by adding more details to the description that were collected from the weather, news or movies applications.

Appboy uses push notifications, news feeds, emails, and in-app messages to create new leads and re-engages customers. You can also send messages to your users based on their most active periods of time to generate the best possible engagement.


5. Leanplun

Top Five Mobile Marketing Automation Tools - Point 5Leanplun is a simple to use mobile marketing automation tool that engages both large scale target audiences and one-on-one interactions through personalized content.  They offer a clean interface which marketers can use to create automated flowcharts of messages that reach mobile devices based on user behavior.

Thanks to Leanplun, you can organize a/b mobile testing anytime you want without the trouble of resubmitting the new versions to the App Store. You can also program the app to change the user interface based on their personal preferences automatically. For example, the common share button can activate the user’s favorite social platform. You can also insert custom values in your messages to create a more personal relation with mobile users.

Final Thoughts

Top Five Mobile Marketing Automation Tools - final thoughtsSo, these are the best five mobile marketing automation tools on the market. Each of them offers its own approach to engaging users with your application. So, analyze your needs across the mobile world and choose the best tool.

This article is written by Carolyn Andreason. She is a freelance web developer and a digital marketing enthusiast, who enjoys advancing her professional skills and getting in touch with like-minded individuals. She is also a regular contributor for Internet Choice, a U.S. database of internet providers.

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