Top 5 Email Marketing Tool to Transform Your Business (Infographic)

With the growing trend of email marketing, it is essential to throw some light on its right usage. Email marketing is a concept to communicate with the mass in a sober manner without entering the personal space of prospects. The audience appreciates promotional emails more than promotional phone calls. This happens so because an individual opens the email as and when suitable for him/her.

However, a phone call interrupts the prospect while busy. Therefore, email marketing is one of the best ways to transform the success of your business. To bring out the best results, eSalesData has offered some insightful suggestions of the marketing tools that will attract clients better and engage them. These tools are designed solely to cater to email marketing as they speed up the campaign’s success and make it more visible to the targeted bunch of audiences.

How to make the overall journey seamless?


Since email marketing is not as smooth as it seems to be, eSalesData has listed the tools that will bring convenience and make the overall journey seamless. These email marketing tools are designed to efficiently organize your business workflow, untangle the piles of paperwork, unload the unnecessary burden of staff members, cater to client’s expectations, offer support to clients at all times, and, most importantly, add productivity to your workspace. It helps in the overall wellbeing of the venture, making sure the chance of mismanagement is almost nil.

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These tools are budget-friendly and can be used by any industry for their email marketing campaigns. They do not need any expensive training sessions to be attended or consultants but are simple and convenient in approach. You can track your CRM (customer relationship management) and check your campaign’s progress on a daily basis. Sometimes we put our best effort into putting the campaign right yet fail miserably. Well, we cannot blame the audience for that; rather, we must self-assess our skillset and strategies put to use. To make the most out of your campaign, leveraging the support of technical tools and advancements is the need of the hour. This will not only back your campaign to the fullest but also offer an edge to you over your competitors.

Email marketing is based on two-way communication, i.e., the client should be responsive when the marketer approaches. By this, it means, if a marketer sends a survey or quiz, the prospect should respond well rather than leaving the email unopened or unanswered. To make sure your email campaign’s open rate is high, quality and creative content are needed. Email marketing tools help you align these requirements. It will guide you on how to track your open rate or notify you when your email receives a click-through.

You can even put a series of emails on automation to be sent to mass audiences depending on their geographical location and time durations. This is especially beneficial during festivals, anniversaries, and other occasions. As we discussed the benefits of these email marketing tools, we also like to say it adds transparency to activities. This can be immensely beneficial for ventures who continuously aim to better their performance.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tool to Transform Your Business (Infographic)


The growing or falling digits will set the meaning straight of your KPI (key performance indicator) for you to act accordingly. The organization itself will be helpful as the whole team can set the objective together and execute actions to achieve it. eSalesData has mentioned the trusted and highly potential email marketing tools for you to experience a marvelous campaign ahead.

These tools are great for new firms as well as already established ones. As the trend changes every day, it is essential to stay relevant within your industry. We recommend these technological advancements in order to keep your relevance high at all times. Being a marketer, there is constant pressure to stay ahead and improve client engagement. Therefore, the technical tools will support that need.

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Email marketing is a matter of permanent success; therefore, we bring the top technology tools for your assistance to meet the milestones with much ease. The two motives towards marketing should be achieved, i.e., meeting the objectives as well as offering maximum customer experience. With these at hand, you are sure to engage with new prospects and retain the existing ones.

This infographic is submitted by Angelina Smith. Angelina is a marketing consultant with 15 years of experience in the execution of marketing strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at eSalesData LLC, a renowned database company based out of Fremont, CA which offers customized and pre-built email marketing solutions along with Data Appending and other Services. You can follow her on Twitter.

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