SOAX Review – Is it Good as your Residential & Mobile Proxy?

Mobile and residential proxies are highly effective! With a continuous increase in the volume of activities that require users to access the Internet on their mobile phones, the need for proxies has grown. The market for IPPN (Internet Protocol IP Network) was estimated to be around $951 million in 2018 as estimated by Forest & Sullivan. With an increase in market awareness and familiarity with IPPNs, this market is expected to grow at 16.8% CAGR from 2019 to 2025 (more stats here).

There is tremendous potential in the mobile and residential proxies market, and these networks are being used in a variety of use cases. Right from testing responsiveness and loading o web applications to comparing prices from different user perspectives and adding an extra layer of cybersecurity, the applications of mobile and residential proxies are endless. In fact, this market growth can be attributed to a rising uptake of fraud protection, ad verification, application performances, data collection, brand protection, and cybersecurity globally.

Mobile proxy and residential proxy in a brief


There are a number of companies offering residential and mobile proxies. To compare different proxies and choose the one that suits your need, it is important to know the basics of both types of proxies. Mobile proxies are real proxies that provide an IP address to your mobile device while it is accessing the Internet. This IP address blocks the real IP address of the device and makes it undetectable. Thus, a user can appear as a resident of the country they choose to connect to.

On the other hand, a residential proxy uses the resident IP that has been assigned to the device by the Internet service provider. This means that the address used has been assigned to physical geolocation.

Though the Internet community is global to a large extent, service providers often lock content geographically so that it is visible to only certain countries. It may also be difficult to access a particular webpage for scraping data or scripts for SEO due to content geo-locking. This is where a residential proxy comes to the rescue. It allows users to get around these content geo-locking problems.

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SOAX – Cleanest, Updated Proxy Pool Provider


You may come across endless providers of residential and mobile proxies online, but not all providers give the quality proxy you are looking for. SOAX is one of the highly reputed providers of mobile and residential proxies. They have around 8.5 million IPs active globally. So no matter which country or region you need a proxy for, you will get them in their pool.

The company is a back-connect residential proxy provider with a wide IP pool. Their proxies are rotating proxies where the proxy automatically takes care of IP rotation. It can generate an entirely new session based on the status code, every request, or simply after a certain time duration. Automatic rotation is a major advantage of SOAX proxies as they are best for data scraping and crawling.

Benefits of SOAX Proxies

  • Proxies are available in most countries in the world.
  • Exclusive proxy pool.
  • Easy to use and secure proxies.
  • Flexible pricing plans.
  • Offer a variety of targeting features and preferences including highly detailed geo-targeting.
  • IPs are from real devices including mobile, desktop devices, and Wi-Fi.
  • 100 percent whitelisted.
  • Lowest risk of getting banned or detected.
  • Can be used for SERP analysis, data scraping, SEO, and competitive intelligence.
  • Robust proxy architecture and management.

1. SOAX Residential Proxies

For residential proxies, SOAX offers a genuine, reliable, and whitelisted IPv4/IPv6 proxy pool (wiki). These proxy addresses are available from all over the world. They have a 99.99% network uptime and an ultra-fast response time. Users get limitless proxy access and the proxies are 100% compliant and secure.

As IPs are whitelisted and come from real service providers, it is possible to stay 100% anonymous. It is also possible to send an infinite number of concurrent requests and get limitless proxy access. It is possible to filter proxies by city, country, region, or service provider.

2. SOAX Mobile Proxies

With SOAX, users can get mobile proxies from across the world and access any website without the fear of getting blocked. They offer city and carrier targeting and automatic proxy rotation. Their ultra-fast response and high uptime brings efficiency and eliminates any delays. Their highly detailed geo-targeting ensures that the identity of the user is masked and anonymity is maintained.

The mobile proxies of them are real and rotating 3G and 4G proxies so the traffic is redirected through different mobile devices. There is no limitation on the number of concurrent requests and overall gives a wonderful experience to users.

Features Offered by SOAX


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1. Exclusive Proxy Pool and Excellent Location Coverage

Unlike other common proxy providers, SOAX offers a combination of mobile and residential proxies. This gives flexibility and convenience to users. Their proxy pool of about 8.5 million proxies across 170+ countries in the world is exclusive and one of the most comprehensive pools in the market. The map on their website gives a depiction of the areas they cover.

2. Targeting Features

The option to target sites, countries, or service providers based on their geo-location is available to all users. It is not dependent on the package they choose.

3. Flexible Packages

SOAX does not offer tons of proxy types as the endless variety confuses the users. It simply offers residential and mobile proxies mixed in a big pool. The user has the option of choosing which proxy he needs based on the following criteria – type, country, number of proxies, and the duration for which proxy is needed. The calculator on the website allows users to calculate the cost of the proxies they have chosen. There are also daily, monthly, and weekly packages available for users to want to quickly buy proxies.

4. Competitive Pricing

One of the USPs of SOAX proxies is that it is offering a wide proxy pool at one of the most competitive prices. Users can choose between different pricing plans or get a custom package to suit their requirements. Users can make a choice between residential and mobile proxies while purchasing.


5. Trial option

SOAX offers a low-cost 3-day trial option for users to test their proxies before purchasing. The trial will cost you $1.99.

6. Excellent Scraping Performance

One of the most common applications of proxies is data scraping. Most Internet marketers use proxies for price monitoring, SEO monitoring, verification of adverts, travel aggregation, and other use cases of automation. SOAX proxies have shown a consistent performance in concurrent connections and have worked well for even the aggressive and strictest sites in regard to botting.

7. Responsive Technical Support

Often users tend to face issues while using proxies and SOAX ensures that their users get proper support. Their technical team is experienced, and polite, and works to provide a solution to the client’s issues. Their Helping Team and executives are available 24/7 at any time of the day. The FAQ section on their website also has a lot of useful information that can help users troubleshoot their problems.

8. Zero IP Block

Another USP of SOAX, they proudly say that all their proxies come with 0 IP block. This is applicable to residential, mobile, and even data center proxies.

9. Highly reliable proxy exchange platform

As all the IP addresses provided by SOAX are legitimate, they generate an instant response. The residential IPs are also legitimate, whitelisted IPs provided by real service providers across the world.

10. Strong Authentication

All of the proxies provided by SOAX require authentication. There are 2 ways to authenticate users to SOAX servers. One way is with the IP whitelist and the other way is through username and password.

11. Acceptable proxy connection and response speed

The response time and proxy connection speed of SOAX proxies are decent and above average.

12. User-friendly dashboard

The dashboard is intuitive and makes it really easy to geo-target. It has one of the best dashboards provided compared to any other service provider.

13. Usability

With its simple dashboard, it is also easy to make changes to the specifics of the proxy. Setting proxies takes just a few minutes as all the information is clearly specified.

Why Choose SOAX?


With its high performance, quality proxies, and almost negligible network downtime, SOAX proxies are among the best providers for residential and mobile proxies. Though they entered the market a year back, they have definitely shaken proxy providers working in this domain for decades.

The whitelisted proxies for almost all areas of the world have garnered attention from users across the world. They are a great alternative for users looking past no flexibility static packages of other proxy providers. They do not have a limitation on bandwidth technically; a user can use the amount of bandwidth included in their package.

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The Bottom Line


There is a massive collection of proxy providers available online. But, the choice of a provider depends on a lot of factors like price, speed, performance, IP whitelisting, usability, and more. With its overall quality performance and other benefits, SOAX makes an attractive option for residential and mobile proxies.

Know more about SOAX

SOAX - Review Breakdown


Thumbs Up!

There is a massive collection of proxy providers available online. But, with its overall quality performance and other benefits, SOAX makes an attractive option for residential and mobile proxies.

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