10 Best Places to Find iOS App Development Resources

It could be a tough job to build an original iOS application. iOS is not something that you can learn in one go. This is why you need to have a clear understanding of various iOS app development tools to bring the best product.

Top iOS app development companies in the USA have specific designs and codes for crafting the finest applications. If you are eager to learn about the iOS app development service, then it is the correct place for you.

In this blog, we will be discussing the iOS app development resources that could be helpful for you to step into the iOS development industry.

1. Udemy iOS & Swift – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

Udemy course landing page for "ios & swift - the complete ios app development bootcamp," featuring a 4.8-star rating, $10.99 price tag, and a preview screen with an instructor holding a colorful paper note with a smiley face.
A screenshot from the Udemy website.

This popular Udemy course was developed by Dr. Angela Yu, who serves as the primary instructor at the London App Brewery. This institute is the premier programming boot camp present in London.

Dr. Angela Yu also educated a huge number of people about coding on Google and other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This course is very advantageous for proceeding in the field of iOS app development.

About three hundred thousands of learners have completed this course. According to the feedback given by people in the field of iOS development services, the course has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

The course provides close to 60 hours of video content that you can access at your convenience, along with 12 downloadable resources and more than 110 articles.

Individuals from the top agencies in the USA use this course as it is the top-rated course for iOS at present.

12 coding exercises are also present, to offer a good practical experience. At the completion of the course, you will get a portfolio of applications that you have built. Portfolio can be used when you are seeking entry-level developer positions.

Additionally, there are 12 coding exercises included, ensuring ample practical experience. By completing the course, you’ll build a you can leverage.

2. Apple’s Developer Documentation

A screenshot from the Apple Developer Documentation website.
A screenshot from the Apple Developer Documentation website.

Apple has crafted a complete resource named Apple’s Developer Documentation. This is a very useful element for the developers.  The developers can create apps for Apple’s ecosystem and other Android devices with this resource.

There are guides and tutorials present in the documentation that present the steps for developers to begin the app development. The guide teaches the use of Swift and Objective-C. These guides cover topics such as app architecture, user interface design, data management, and more.

This resource also gives information about the various APIs and frameworks development of iOS, such as UIKit, SwiftUI, Core Data, Core Animation, etc.

Apple offers sample code and projects to demonstrate best practices. It also helps to create specific use cases and offers practical learning experiences to learners seeking opportunities in the top iOS app development companies in the USA.

The Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) present in the documentation presents design principles and recommendations for creating user interfaces for iOS apps.

3. GitHub

A screenshot from the GitHub website.
A screenshot from the GitHub website.

GitHub offers you the opportunity to share your code with the rest of the individuals.

At GitHub, you have the chance to craft your collections be they public or private. Moreover, you can utilize a few exceptional open-source frameworks and can communicate with the rest of the individuals.

GitHub is one of the best platforms to get your learnings to the next level.

GitHub provides educational resources, tutorials, and guides to support developers. These resources cover various topics, including Git, GitHub workflows, open-source contributions, and more.

GitHub also offers security scanning tools and features that help developers identify and fix flaws that occur in their codes. This allows developers to ensure the reliability and security of their projects.

This resource makes the work simpler for the programmers and developers. Now they can create and maintain project documentation alongside the codebase by providing a platform for hosting project documentation.

4. LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Lynda.com)

A screenshot from the LinkedIn Learning website.
A screenshot from the LinkedIn Learning website.

On LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) many courses are present that cover many topics, including technology, business, creative skills, and personal development. You can easily craft and publish your app by using the courses for iOS app development. So start your journey of becoming a successful developer. 

Best agency professionals teach about iOS app development. It gives a clear understanding so that you can benefit from the real-world experience of these professionals.

LinkedIn Learning is known for offering top-notch quality and simple learning videos that justify its price. This platform brings flexibility in learning with on-demand video lessons that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Learners can watch the videos at their desired time and at their desired speed of learning. They can also revisit content as needed.

LinkedIn Learning used to continuously update its course library to showcase the latest trends and technologies. This gives the opportunity to the learners to have access to current and relevant content.

5. Udacity

A screenshot from the Udacity website.
A screenshot from the Udacity website.

Udacity brings an exciting course for leveling up your skills in iOS app development. Udacity is a nanodegree resource and it will provide the complete knowledge related to the programming language of Swift.

The main benefit of this course is the provision of practical knowledge along with theory. You can also build your own portfolio to apply to the prime iOS app development firms in the USA.

To start learning this course you are not required to have any prior experience. But you have to invest plenty of time in learning from this course.

6. Stack Overflow

A screenshot from the Stack Overflow website.
A screenshot from the Stack Overflow website.

Stack Overflow has a huge collection of questions and answers covering many topics, including mobile app development for iOS and other platforms. You can search for solutions to their problems or browse through existing threads for your answers.

Getting on Stack Overflow could help you a lot when you get to learn from professional iOS app developers.

Stack Overflow is among the most engaging sites for Q&A related to programming. There are millions of people using this resource to share their knowledge with each other.

Sharing of knowledge proves to be advantageous in the iOS development services for solving the issues related to the iOS application development.

7. BitDegree – iOS App Development: From an Absolute Beginner to a Paid Professional

A screenshot from the BitDegree website.
A screenshot from the BitDegree website.

Mark Price is the instructor of this resource. He is an expired mobile app developer. He is very proficient in his skills and has served the iOS app development service businesses with more than 60 applications operating on Android and iOS devices. 

As reflected by the name of this course, the course is focused on providing knowledge to beginners. Along with that, the developer and expert programmers can also take help from this course in enhancing their knowledge.

The course is designated to provide learning on various topics including Swift, Xcode, and ARKit.

At the course compilation you will be presented a certification that would add more value to your portfolio.

8. Ray Wenderlich

A screenshot showing the profile of Ray Wenderlich from a website.
A screenshot showing the profile of Ray Wenderlich from a website.

Ray Wenderlich is basically a blog that is designated to present top-notch developing tutorials for the development applications of iOS.

Ray posts some tutorials that are free to use. Plus the website also presents a complete tutorial that includes all the elements related to the app developing and designing for iOS.

This website is extremely useful. The team has prepared some very knowledgeable blogs that present a complete list including comprehensive guides and materials for application development in iOS.

The most exciting thing about the Ray Wenderlich blog is that they present the opportunity to give your vote related to the coming tutorial on the website. This lets you skill up your expertise and techniques.

9. Tutorialspoint

A screenshot from the Tutorialspoint website.
A screenshot from the Tutorialspoint website.

Tutorialspoint includes a comprehensive course on the development of iOS applications. This course allows you to learn from the fundamental steps and then you may build your application and give the best results.

This is a splendid source of information for such individuals who are fresher in app programming and development.

10. Mobile Dev Memo

A screenshot from the Mobile Dev Memo website.
A screenshot from the Mobile Dev Memo website.

All of the excellent posts from the top iOS app development corporations and the marketing industry in the USA are present in the Mobile Dev Memo.

Mobile Dev Memo posts their content too, related to different subjects including mobile application engagement and marketing.

If you want to pursue your career in these fields, Mobile Dev Memo could be the best fit for you.


Free iOS App Development Resources: Conclusion.

Starting to learn and grow in the field of iOS app development can be both exciting and challenging. However, the availability of numerous resources has made it easy for new developers to learn and flourish more in this field.

There are a variety of courses for a variety of requirements of the individuals. The variability of course supports every learning style and proficiency level. You can use these resources efficiently and kickstart your professional life as an iOS developer.

You try to absorb more and more information so that you will be able to create creative and effective applications. This is the perfect time to grab the opportunity and explore these resources. So start your journey of becoming a proficient iOS developer.

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