NinjaProxy Review: Unlock the Full Power of Web Browsing

Finding the right proxy servers to help businesses stay anonymous online can be hard work. NinjaProxy provides users with a range of optimized proxy servers for various uses and purposes.

In this blog post, we will review the features offered by NinjaProxy in order to offer readers an informed decision on whether it’s the right option for them or not. With our insights, make an educated choice on choosing your perfect provider to hide your IP address and remain truly private!

About NinjaProxy

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NinjaProxy is a leading proxy provider that has been providing businesses with reliable and secure proxies since 2007. They offer a wide variety of proxy servers, including shared proxies, private proxies for more privacy-sensitive tasks, premium proxies, residential proxies for real local IPs, and 4G/5G mobile cell connections.

All of their servers are hosted on fast 1Gbps Xeon Servers with 32GB RAM to ensure top performance across all types of browsing needs.

With the purchase of any NinjaProxy server type, customers can be sure they’re getting only the best quality as each comes with a guarantee of 99% uptime as well as 3-day money back satisfaction assurance in case something does not work out correctly.

In order to make life easier for their customers, they also activate purchased services within 10 minutes from payment reception. This allows quick access setup timeframes ideal to get up and running quickly no matter the task at hand. This is making NinjaProxy an excellent choice whether one desires optimum performance or looking just for privacy alone.

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Proxy Servers provided by NinjaProxy

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NinjaProxy provides businesses with a comprehensive range of proxy server types to choose from, including Shared Proxies, Private Proxies, Premium Proxies, Residential Proxies, and 4G/5G Proxy Servers.

1. Shared Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy offers shared proxy servers as an easy and affordable way for businesses to take control of their online presence. A single purchase will grant access to over 225k semi-dedicated IPs and 1k+ IP subnets across 50 worldwide data centers. The server geolocations are in the US, UK, EU, and CA.

For just $0.60 per proxy that’s a lot of value! Not only has NinjaProxy made sure each shared proxy is reliable, but it also provides users with added comfort thanks to its 3-day money-back guarantee if they do not work.

Businesses can rely on these proxies for activities such as determining market trends by analyzing web scraping or even protecting themselves against cyber criminals using malicious tactics such as DDoS attacks that could otherwise devastate profits.

2. Private Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy provides businesses with fast, secure, and anonymous private proxy services. These private proxies provide users with dedicated IP addresses which are not shared between customers to ensure greater anonymity.

With speeds of up to 1,000 Mb/s, all headers disabled for enhanced anonymity and the ability to make requests for new proxy servers at each billing cycle – these proxies offer businesses a reliable way to maintain security and privacy when accessing websites or data.

Businesses can also have up to 10 IP addresses authenticated simultaneously for dedicated proxy usage allowing them increased control over their web traffic while protecting their data against cyber threats like hacking attempts.

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3. Premium Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy provides businesses with an extensive network of reliable and fast premium proxy servers that offer customers a number of features. With these proxies, companies have access to 75k+ virgin IP addresses, 400+ IP subnets in 20 different data centers around the world as well as server geolocation in the US, EU, UK, and Canada.

Businesses can rest assured knowing their connections are safe due to the 99% network uptime guaranteed by NinjaProxy’s Xeon-powered 1Gbps servers with 32GB RAM. Furthermore, setting up and using these premium proxy servers is quick and easy – thanks to NinjaProxy’s simple configuration process which requires customers only to specify their IP address and port into whatever application or software they’re using.

4. Residential Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy provides businesses with high-quality residential proxy services at a competitive cost. The residential proxies have 15K+ IPs, 2 subnets, and one geolocation which offers reliable network performance for businesses of all sizes.

You can select any Residential IPs from any of the below-mentioned countries:

  • Popular countries like United States, and United Kingdom.
  • Other EU countries like Netherlands, Denmark, Bulgaria, Latvia, Austria, Czechia, Belgium, Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Moldova, and Italy.
  • Other Asian and South American countries like Singapore, India, and Brazil.

You can even select your USA Residential IPs from either AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast, Crocker Communications, Intercom Online, Lumen, RCN, or Sprint.

Furthermore, the activation process is also fast, taking only 10 minutes after purchase for full access to the service, making it highly convenient to use in business operations.

5. 4G/5G Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy is one of the few providers that offer advanced level 4G/5G proxy servers. These proxies are powered by high-speed cellular networks to guarantee top-notch performance. These proxy services come with a dedicated modem from Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, or Mint as well as 1 geolocation.

This proxy comes with some unique features like single IP allocation to only one customer at a time, unmatchable intense speed between 4 to 100 Mbps, higher anonymity by disabling all headers, and the option for simultaneous usage by assigning as many as 10 IP addresses for the authentication purposes to use dedicated 4G/5G proxy.

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Pros of NinjaProxy

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NinjaProxy offers businesses a fast, reliable, and high-quality proxy service. The webpage provides an array of different options, with private proxies to help keep browsing activity secure, shared proxies that enable companies to share resources whilst keeping customer data safe, premium proxies for their added top-notch features such as unlimited bandwidth and guaranteed support response time within hours – plus residential and 4G/5G which allow users to stay anonymous no matter where they are.

Businesses will also benefit from the 3-day money back guarantee should any part not be fully functioning at start up. No server restrictions on bandwidth used make NinjaProxy ideal for both small business and enterprise clients alike.

Moreover, the proxy servers boast superb 99% network uptime so you can trust your data will always be accessible even during times of increased activity or overloads – thanks to the powerful hosting in combination with 1 – 10 Gbps network connectivity, Xeon powered processors and more than 32GB RAM on their servers providing excellent performance assurance all year round!

Cons of NinjaProxy

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One of the main potential drawbacks to using NinjaProxy as a proxy provider for businesses is that it limits access to certain websites. There are certain sites which cannot be used with the shared, private, and premium type of NinjaProxy proxies, including some popular social media and streaming services like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

Another potential issue when using NinjaProxy is fit. They are geared toward the higher end of the SMB/SME marketplace since most of their offerings do not allow for single IP purchase, though their pricing more than makes up for this potentially being an issue.


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1. What is a NinjaProxy proxy?

NinjaProxy proxy is a web-based proxy service that provides an anonymous, secure connection to the Internet via servers located in multiple countries.

2. Are there any advantages of using a NinjaProxy proxy?

Yes, using a NinjaProxy proxy allows users to hide their IP address and browse securely without leaving any trace. It also offers unrestricted access to websites and content that may be blocked in certain regions.

3. How do I choose the right NinjaProxy provider?

While there is only ONE NinjaProxy, when evaluating different proxy providers, make sure to consider factors such as cost, speed, server selection, and customer support options before making your decision.

4. Do I need any special software for using a NinjaProxy Proxy?

No, you don’t need any additional software or configuration for ninja proxy proxies – just configure it in your browser and enter the URL of the sites you want to visit in your browser’s address bar some providers use specific apps or browser extensions for added security though.

5. How much does it cost to subscribe to use the services of NinjaProxy provider?

The price varies depending on the type of subscription plan chosen by you. Plus, an account typically costs $10 per month while Premium accounts cost up to $30 per month.

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NinjaProxy is a great proxy provider for businesses looking to increase their online security and stay anonymous on the internet. They provide five different types of proxies which are Shared, Private, Premium, Residential, and 4G/5G proxies.

All these proxies come with various features such as IP subnets, data centers, server geolocations, or dedicated modems. Their proxies provide 99% network uptime on fast servers with high RAM capacity and no restrictions on bandwidth usage.

Furthermore, their simple setup process requires just specification of IP and port taking away most of the technical hassle from users. The pricing structure is also reasonable starting at $0.60 per shared proxy up to $175 per 4G/5G proxy, making it a good fit for many smaller business pockets too.

In conclusion, NinjaProxy provides reliable services to businesses like crawlers or those needing anonymity while being cost effective when compared with other providers in this space. We recommend you certainly test their facility if you are considering a decent, feature-rich, as well as cost-effective proxy solution.

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NinjaProxy provides reliable services to businesses like crawlers or those needing anonymity while being cost effective when compared with other providers in this space. We recommend you certainly test their facility if you are considering a decent, feature-rich, as well as cost-effective proxy solution.

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