5 Essential Reasons to Use Anonymous Proxy Servers

With social media being almost omnipresent in all our lives, it often seems as if every aspect of everyone’s day is always available on the internet. While some enjoy the popularity and a constant digital existence, it’s not necessary that everyone prefers it. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that quite a huge chunk of the population worldwide is turning to anonymous proxy servers to keep their data safe.

Why remain anonymous on the internet?


There are many reasons to remain anonymous on the internet. Firstly, it could be because you’re forced to remain anonymous. Certain countries have restrictions or a heavily censored internet service. Secondly, it might be due to the fact that you don’t appreciate the idea of various industries, government entities, or commercial enterprises monitoring your every move. The reason can even be attributed to just wanting to keep your private life to yourself without wanting to broadcast it to the world out there.

Another reason could of using an anonymous proxy server would it be to efficiently manage numerous social media accounts online. For agencies to promote their client’s social media accounts, conducting such an action can lead to accounts being blocked. Hence using an anonymous proxy server can help you conduct numerous social media account activities without having the fear of being spotted.

The only issue is that remaining anonymous in the digital age can sometimes be tough. However, it’s definitely not impossible. Instead of being exposed, you can resort to anonymous dedicated proxy servers to protect your identity. You can gain a little security when it comes to your online activities.

For example, you don’t need to face any interruptions such as your IP address being caught or any of your online activities being hindered. Anonymous proxy servers ensure that no matter what online activity you conduct, it safeguards you from all the mess surrounding it.


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What are Anonymous Proxy Servers?

We as individuals broadcast a constant stream of data while browsing the internet. This can then be tracked around the web to be used for multiple purposes. Advertising companies and digital marketing agencies use this information to send you more relevant ads and promotional information. Your IP address can also be used by news sites to send you articles based on your location.

Proxy Server - It's Advantages & Disadvantages

Whereas some might not mind the intrusion, there are many who don’t prefer being sent a barrage of ads every time they open their email or browse Facebook, and so on. Moreover, hackers and other online intruders can use this data negatively to steal sensitive information such as your banking details. In order to prevent this from happening, using an anonymous proxy server is a good choice.

An anonymous proxy server plays the role of a middleman between you and the internet. When you’re surfing online, it is responsible for handling all communication between you and the websites you visit. It’s thereby registering you as an anonymous visitor in the website’s records. Instead of accessing a website directly, a request is sent from your system to the anonymous proxy server; the proxy server then sends the request to the site. The same information is returned through the server, consequently preserving your identity and granting you anonymity.

Why Use Anonymous Proxy Servers?


Although some might say that protecting your privacy from those with malicious intentions is the only reason to use anonymous proxy servers, that isn’t true at all. There are several reasons why they come in handy. Some of those reasons are as follows:

1. Blocking Identity Thefts and Security Dilemmas

Point 1Those who commit online frauds like to set up elaborate traps through which they gather all your vital information to conduct identity thefts or financial crimes.  For instance, have you ever received SMS and emails where it is mentioned that you have won a certain amount of money and is asking for your bank details to send it to you? If you have, this is one of the prime examples of financial crimes.  However, for their plans to work, they need to know your location and other details. If you approach the internet with an anonymous identity, these thieves won’t be able to pin-point your presence enough to satiate their cause.

Anonymous proxy servers also block all incoming connections from known malicious sources. It’s thereby hindering the installation and communication process that leads to virus and malware variants being installed in your system. With the rapid rise in crimes related to malvertising campaigns, this comes in as a particularly useful element.

2. Accessing Restricted Information

Point 2There are quite a few places and countries that impose restrictions on its citizens as far as internet usage is concerned. China, for example, has banned most of the popular social networking websites. If you’re in such a situation, then anonymous proxy servers will come to your rescue. Another common example you can use here is the entertainment industry. Today if you are using a video platform in India, you can view all its contents which the Indian platform shows you. However, if you move abroad, you wouldn’t be able to access those contents which you viewed in India. To eliminate such issues, anonymous proxy servers provide you an advantage.

By resorting to these servers, you will be able to access almost all the restricted sites. When you’re a resident who is not using it for any malicious purposes, you have every right to explore whatever data you want without your country of residence finding out.

3. Keeping Marketing Companies at Bay

Point 3Advertising networks and marketing companies build profiles that follow you around the internet. They track the websites you visit. They also monitor the kind of content you view so that they can send you adverts accordingly. This kind of ad-profiling has been in vogue for a very long time.

Just because it’s done by most marketing companies, doesn’t make it any less bothersome. Some may even find it annoying and want to get rid of it altogether. You can choose to opt-out of tracking yourself using anonymous proxy servers.

4. Anonymous Messaging Services

Point 4Despite the existence of end-to-end encrypted messaging services, there are quite a few out there that actively monitor the conversations you have on social media platforms. Facebook Messenger, for example, stores all your chats in its giant digital log. If you want to enjoy your online chats without fearing that someone looking over your shoulder in a digital sense, anonymous proxy servers provide the option of anonymous messaging services.

It’s not true that you need such services only for some fishy business. In fact, several categories of individuals and working professionals require it more than others in order to protect the sensitive information they gather and work with. For example, scientists, IT professionals, journalists, business executives, and so on.

5. Faster Internet Speed

Point 5Through anonymous proxy servers, you can achieve better network performance. They have the ability to cache the previously visited websites. This means that if you attempt to visit a particular site, your anonymous proxy server will look up to see if it has the most recent copy of that site, and then proceed to send you the saved copy. A regular or normal server, on the other hand, will take longer to guide you to that website. The reason behind this is that others with normal servers are trying to access the website in question at the same time, which causes the delay.

With anonymous proxy servers, what happens is that if others try to access the same site, they won’t get the same speed as you do, and will take much longer for the page to load for them. Not only does it save your bandwidth, but you also get a faster speed and better network performance.

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Summing Up


A survey conducted in 2017 stated that 16% of the adults in Britain use proxy servers. While 48% used it to block the online content they don’t wish to see; 44% used it to enhance their online security.

No one likes their online activities being monitored. The preferences vary from person to person. While some might like digital privacy due to personal reasons, others don’t have a choice because they aim to protect their professional or work data. Regardless of the reason, anonymous proxy servers come as a boon to many.

The online world is rising and developing to provide us easy solutions for ou daily lives. However, there are many users who sit on the other side trying to cause harm in every way possible. It is because of tools like anonymous proxy servers, users like you can safely conduct online actions without having to be framed in a negative manner.

There are several proxy servers out there. Choose one that best suits your needs. Find one who offers you a wide array of options, and stellar service, so that you can browse anonymously. Therefore, no matter why you want to keep your online activities untraceable, opt for these proxy servers and gain the online anonymity you desire.

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