10 Most Profitable Mobile App Business Niche for 2019-2020

Mobile applications have evolved strongly in the last few years. They have created their necessity in everyday tasks in our human lives. Whether it is social media, music, e-commerce, or travel, each of the app niches has proved its business potential. App designers and developers have also given a significant contribution to converting their intuitive ideas into reality.

Though you will find mobile apps in almost every single niche today, not all of them are profitable. Here we have listed some of the most profitable mobile app business niches you can consider for upcoming years.

1. Investment & tax management


Managing your finances is not an easy task; you definitely need to make yourself aware of several technical terminologies involved in the financial world. From allocating your funds to filing your income tax, there is a lot to do when it comes to wealth management. This is where investment & tax management apps come into the picture that offers an automated solution for investors.

It is one of the most profitable mobile app business niches you can consider for several years to come. With these apps, users can take care of their finances with their fingertips and they don’t need to do any manual work. Creating investment management apps is a very practical idea that you can easily bring to life with proper research and planning. You can research a few available apps to get some idea about it.

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2. Travel apps

Strava - mobile app

Every human being loves traveling. Most of us even carry a dream of traveling the entire world at least once in a lifetime. The tourism industry has been growing drastically day by day. Every year millions of people travel from one destination to another for some or other purpose. This is exactly what makes the travel app niche so lucrative and the demand for traveling apps will keep increasing constantly.

People are becoming technology savvy today and they are taking the help of travel apps to make their journey convenient. There are several categories available in the travel app niche which you can consider. Some of them include city tour apps, sightseeing destinations apps, hotel & accommodation guide apps, travel tips apps, and many more. It is one of the key mobile app niches that will witness a lot of innovation and development in terms of user experience.

3. On-demand service apps


The days are gone when you need to install multiple apps for different services and you need to access them one by one to get your job done. Today, users prefer a versatile platform that offers them the ability to seek multiple services through a single app. This is exactly where the niche of on-demand service apps comes into the picture. By offering an all-in-one app for a diverse range of services you can gain the trust of users. They will remain loyal to you for the long term.

The different kinds of services that you can offer in your app include hotel booking, e-commerce, bill payments, transportation services, and logistics. You can take inspiration and make an app like Uber which are already succeeded in this niche. Even better, if you have a fresh idea that can be converted into an on-demand service app.

4. Fitness & health advice apps


The days are gone when only athletes or gym trainers used to focus on their fitness and diet. Today, every individual has become health conscious. People are following the advice of experts in order to keep their body fit. No wonder, they are taking the help of fitness and nutrition apps so as to access health-related tips on their mobile phone.

Physical fitness is a need of the present time. Several big organizations are investing in this mobile app niche to grow their users. Most pharmaceutical companies, health organizations, doctors, gym trainers, and nutrition experts are using the app platform to stay in touch with their clients. Within the fitness app niche, you will find several categories such as heart rate monitors, sleep trackers, diet advice, online medical services, and many more.

5. Safety apps


Technology has played an important role to make our life more comfortable and safer. Smartphones have done a significant contribution in this aspect. You can look after your security by only doing a few taps on mobile apps. The modern functionality and features available in today’s safety apps can save the lives of people when they face any dreadful situation.

The demand for safety apps will keep increasing as people have started becoming extremely conscious about their security and they can’t make any compromise with their safety. From college-going students to professional people, all find this app useful and this is the reason why safety apps will remain in great focus in the future.

6. Parent-controlling apps

Profitable Mobile App Business

It is one of the most useful mobile app niches which offers a lot of hidden potential to app developers. The smartphone has created an influence on the minds of all users and kids are no exception to it. You will find teenagers and college-going students using several modern gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches. It gives them access to a variety of content that could distract them from studying or create disturbance in their everyday life.

This is the reason why parenting control apps will be in high demand in the next few years as parents want to keep eye on their kid’s activities. These apps will also help parents to look after the progress of their children. They can easily track their everyday study curriculum using a Smartphone.

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7. Event planning tips


Today’s hectic work life is making people a lot busy. They don’t have sufficient time to do creative things in their life. When it comes to organizing any important function or even of life, people have enough money to spend. But they don’t have adequate time to make it big. This is exactly where event planning apps can fulfill a big hole in the lives of people by adding a moment of excitement.

Whether it is a big celebration such as a wedding or a small birthday party, the demand for event planners will keep increasing in the future. App developers can use this opportunity to offer something unique in their product.

There are several things that can be added to the event planning app. It includes artistic themes, decoration selection, clothing stores, and invitation cards. Event planning apps can be targeted toward the audience of all age groups including college students, wedding couples, happy parents, and senior ones.

8. Online shopping apps


The trend of online shopping is not new. But, it is one of the most lucrative app business niches that will always remain in demand. Most buyers prefer to purchase products only through e-commerce platforms. Sellers need to bring their products online that can grab the attention of buyers.

There are several shopping stores offering attractive discount coupons and cashback to buyers on purchases made through their apps. As sellers need to display tons of products on the small platform, they keep searching for developers who can help them to create a highly user-friendly app.

It is one of the most challenging app niches where developers need to constantly work on creativity and user experience to offer customers a smooth e-commerce platform.

9. Gaming apps

candy crush - device - gadget - game - HTC mobile phone - smartphone - touchscreen - mobile app

There was a time when gaming was concerned only with kids and wise people preferred to stay away from it. Today, online gaming has become a passion for people. Also, most of the users have already shifted from a desktop to a mobile platform. Mobile allows them to play their favorite game from any place at any time. Even there are several games that can actually help to reduce depression on you.

Gaming has become one of the most entertaining experiences for most users. For others, it is a platform to test their reflexes and instincts. App manufacturers are also releasing fresh gaming ideas that become popular overnight. Gaming app is one of the highly growth-oriented business niches that will through new challenges on developers to keep trying something innovative and attract users with their extraordinary ideas.

10. Online streaming apps


Online streaming applications allow users to browse through diverse kinds of entertaining content. It includes the latest news, music videos, web series, movies, live sports, and much more. By simply tapping on the app icons, users can log in to their accounts to start streaming their favorite videos. Now they don’t need to rely on television to watch their favorite program or movie as they have the option of having on-demand content on streaming apps.

The app manufacturers offer a subscription plan to users. The subscription allows them to access content in a diverse niche at an affordable rate. With online streaming apps, users will never run out of entertainment. This is the reason why the demand for these apps is constantly increasing.

It is one of the challenging app business niches as you need to buy broadcasting & media rights to offer live streaming of content to users.

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The bottom line

Most Profitable Mobile App Business Niche - conclusion

All mobile app business niches mentioned above have enough potential to give you the most profitable and successful business model. However, you need to perform thorough research and conduct market analysis before making a selection of the right niche.

If you are a startup organization then you can consider investing in a stable niche. If you have a chunk of money to invest then you can opt for a risky but highly growth-oriented niche. Do a sufficient amount of competitive research to add some unique functionality to your application. This will help you to make your product stand out from the competition.

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