How AI is Influencing the Development of Modern Web Apps?

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Back in the day, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was commonly known as the unstoppable force that was set on the task of murdering John Connor and taking over the world in order to make it a robot paradise. Today, AI technology has become a part of our daily lives, running software that controls various domestic appliances, and autonomous cars, and even deals with our customer experience issues. Keeping in mind that the AI is still in an early phase of development, it’s amazing how much potential it shows at this point.

Web apps are not excused from the influence of this technology, to be more precise – modern Web apps enjoy the full span of benefits that AI brings to the table. The developers can create software solutions that perform better, utilize fewer resources, and even self-adjust. There are numerous different examples of the influence that AI is making in the development of modern web apps, and this article will show some of the most common and useful examples.

Making the Chatbots Smarter

AI driven chatbots Apps

If we get back just a few years into the past, we remember how users from all over the world, disregarding the industry, had issues with the performance of Chatbots. Although these pieces of software provided 24/7 support, it was quite frustrating being forced to deal with generic answers or even completely misunderstood complaints. The future of Chatbots could be completely different if the technology would stay at the level where they could only understand a predefined set of phrases.

With the advancement in the field of AI Natural Language Processing, developers now build Chatbots that can manipulate, analyze, and even generate human language. This is important because now humans are able to communicate with software and get a meaningful response like it’s possible with Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and various types of Chatbots that were developed for eCommerce or some other industry.

More effective spellcheck results

AI Spell Checker Web App

Although nowadays even common word processing software provides a spellcheck feature, it’s not enough to make sure your text is free of any writing mistakes.

On the other side, there are numerous examples of AI-powered spellcheck web applications that can help to identify correctly spelled words that are placed in the wrong context. Thanks to Recurrent neural network architecture, similar solutions like RobotDon are capable of identifying sequential patterns of phrases which allow the software to let you know when you have a correctly spelled word in a context that doesn’t fit the logical pattern of use for that particular sentence.

Cost-efficient software development

Modern Web Apps Software Development

One of the key aspects of a successful software launch is comprehensive testing of the software functionality, bugs, performance, and any other aspect of the app development that could lead to a negative user experience.

Quality Assurance is a complex endeavor and takes time and dedication, so the introduction of AI as a tool for pre-launch testing saves time and resources while providing optimal results. Furthermore, developers can use AI to autonomously create scripts that would write portions of the app that would take a lot of time to code manually. The fact that AI is coding and testing web apps instead of humans doesn’t mean we should stop training new software developers, it only shows that in the future human developers will have more time to deal with more complex parts of the software design, while the machines perform daunting tasks instead.

More effective data acquisition and analysis


The success of a web app, like any other product for that matter, highly depends on the user experience. In order to improve an app so that it works just the way the user wants it; we need loads of data and constant mining for new information that should be processed for optimization of our software.

Artificial Intelligence-based data analysis engines can process Big data, user habits, and app or website architecture in order to generate results that would allow you to improve your SEO strategy or user experience. Tools like Google AI allow you to implement more effective optimization of your software that would allow you higher reach, better conversion rates, and overall more substantial use of collected data.


robot cyborg artificial intelligence ai

The potential that Artificial Intelligence technology holds for further development of the web app industry is almost limitless. In its early stages, AI made our web apps smarter, faster, cheaper, and more effective. The way we interact with software could change beyond our expectations as the technology progresses if we consider how far AI has pushed our software industry so far. It would be exciting to see what the future holds and what other possibilities AI will create for web apps in the time to come.

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