Things to Keep in Mind While Unlocking AT&T iPhone Safely

A long and successful work history is recorded of the AT&T with smartphones. It started a work combination with Apple in 2007. The journey of AT&T with Apple iPhone was also very successful. First of all, this device was offered in the US for use. AT&T has marked his extremely strong presence which is visible through its large consumer base.

The work and success journey of T-Mobiles is also equally impressive. It was the first worldwide experience to see a combination with Android-powered Smartphone in 2008. AT&T, T-Mobiles had all rights to access on multiple models of Smartphone. This acquisition offers one operating system to smartphones at a single time. Due to one OS offer, there are separate results on different smartphones such as Apple, Blackberry, Android, WebOS, and Windows.

Now there is good news for the users of AT&T iPhone. They can now use it for another carrier as AT&T allows unlocking. So, this is a great chance to bring your business overseas. If you are so excited to hear this news, then here are several ifs, and buts that you must know. The decision in hurry can make you feel regret later. We should never behave temped by a fascinating aspect of the coin. We must cross-check the actuality hidden behind the false or useful goodness of the things. This habit supports you in making the right decision.

It is true that AT&T has given a great benefit to its users but the hidden ifs and buts are enough to control or limit the users. If you will understand what exactly ifs and buts are and how to use them then it would become easier to use the phone in the appropriate way. Below are some very important things to keep in mind while unlocking your AT&T iPhone:

1. Terms of Locked and Unlocked

Unlocking AT&T iPhone

It would be better to know the conditions of a locked and unlocked iPhone. If you will understand these conditions then it would be easier for you to decide what step you need to take next. AT&T is a wireless carrier. When a user buys the phone with AT&T carrier, the carrier will lock the phone to that particular network. The user will not be able to pop in his or her SIM card to another faster network and enjoy chatting away.

The carrier can also lock the user’s phone after the expiry of the contract. In the condition of partial expiry also it can lock the phone. If we talk about AT&T unlocked iPhone, it allows you to use any of the compatible networks. Sometimes it is also a question to have a working SIM card for a good network. For the better convenience of the users, unlocked iPhone is also available. Users may easily buy this phone from the Apple stores. If you are planning to buy an unlocked Apple iPhone then it is important to have a good budget. This phone is going to affect your pocket as these are so much expensive.

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2. Eligibility for Unlocking the iPhone


Many times, users wait to complete their two-year contract to unlock their iPhone. This happens due to lack of information. It is necessary that before you switch to something new, you must gather complete information about the particular item. Today we have the internet to assist us in some very difficult topics. You can simply type “Att unlock phone” and guiding options will appear on your screen. But it will work only if you are eligible for this option. The advertising services are also enough capable to spread awareness about every new product, facility, and technology.

Waiting for completion of the contract is normal when you need to stay locked on the same network for the longer duration. In case your important work is suffering due to this locked session then there is also a way that you can choose. You can pay an early termination fee. This fee will depend on your remaining period. If your remaining months are longer then you need to think twice because it will cost you too much.

To check your eligibility to get your iPhone unlocked there is some customer service number which can assist you. You can avail this facility by simply dialing 611. After dialing this number, you need to press 0. After this step, a customer care representative will attend your call. You can get your eligibility details by simply answering a few security-related questions.

3. Patiently Wait for the Procedure


Generally, after dropping a request to a customer a care center we behave so impatient to see the response. This will not work if you expect the instant solution to unlock your iPhone. This is a procedure that can take 1 or 2 days time to complete the process.

According to the process, once you need to register your request to unlock in customer care service. After that, a confirmation message/email will appear in your inbox. You can see the confirmation of receiving your query in the mail. The mail will also assure you that the solution will be done under the time limit of 24 hours to 48 hours.

After the approval to unlock your iPhone by AT&T, Apple will also take an action. Apple will pull the switch, and then you need to follow a few simple steps, which are given below:

  1. Use your computer or MAC to connect your iPhone.
  2. Sync the information with iTunes.
  3. See the popup with unlocking confirmation.

Follow these three steps (A, B, C) and enjoy the unlocked iPhone once again. If due to some reasons you fail to receive the unlock confirmation message then you must visit the troubleshooting tips. Here you will surely get the solution to your problem.

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4. Enjoy T-Mobile


To enjoy the services of T-Mobile on your unlocked AT&T mobile, your next step would be the finding a new SIM card. Get a working SIM card of your proffered carrier. Open the SIM slot gently. You can use a paper pin for this purpose. Now remove the AT&T SIM card and insert a new SIM card of your desired carrier.

Here again, one question can disturb your mind which is how to get a new working SIM card? It is very simple you can purchase it from the counter, or online stores of the carrier. But don’t forget to ask the carrier first that you need a SIM card to use in your unlocked AT&T iPhone.

To start using the carrier you need to activate a voice/internet plan. There is one thing which will make you feel light after going through several terms and conditions. You can select any of the prepaid and post-paid plans.

5. Sprint and Verizon Wireless


After unlocking your iPhone from the AT&T carrier you can use only T-Mobile or a GSM-based carrier. Before you order a SIM card you need to have this information. If you will order a CDMA SIM card then there is no use of it, because your iPhone will not respond to a CDMA.

Sprint and Verizon are compatible for the CDMA cellular only. It was told that iPhone 4S is a world phone. According to this world phone statement, this phone was compatible with both networks. There must be some hidden stories behind this statement because if we believe in the iPhone, then it was clearly said that the Apple iPhone 4S will not work with CDMA network in AT&T unlocked condition.

A statement about AT&T iPhone X is also popular. This phone is also known for the compatibility of any SIM network in the world. There is also a big confusion because these iPhones don’t perform on a CDMA network. There are only two options if you want to use these networks with any other network, see below:

  1. With warranty void: Your iPhone X warranty will remain the same, which is very important for the users.
  2. Without warranty void: In this option, you will lose the warranty of your iPhone. The unlocked iPhone X is easy to sell, infect the resale value increases in such condition.

In such a case, users may feel to be stuck in trouble. But smart users always clear the things before entering into it. So, it would be better if you as a user first check this point from Apple’s customer service.

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Final Words

Unlocking AT&T iPhone - conclusion - technology-iphone-x-smartphone-music-headphone-gadget

If your query is quite different and given tips are not that useful then also a frequent call to the Apple customer care department will give you a solution. Above mentioned tips are generally very important to guide a new user to unlock his or her iPhone. These tips contain small to major all information which will guide you on your every step. You will feel safe from taking wrong decisions too.

Technology is too much improved and it is continuously improving. Apple and the network companies are working to improve their negative points. Hopefully in future users will experience much easier unlocking process. World-class network compatibility without any ifs and buts is also expected. Nothing is impossible; we just need to wait for a new launch with improved features and facilities.

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