The Best Way to Develop an ECommerce App You May Now Know

Smartphones and tablets are taking over! With billions of users all over the globe, consumers continue to use mobile gadgets to source for the products and services they need.

Forrester’s report on 2018 best retail practices in regards to mobile web predicts that retail sales through smartphones will grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 18%. The report also forecasts that in 2018 smartphones will impact more than a trillion of US retail sales at some point through the client’s journey.

These are statistics that business owners cannot ignore if they want to remain relevant in this eCommerce era. Today, businesses must offer smooth and pleasant buying experiences to retain and acquire clients.

One of the ways to do this is to create a functional eCommerce app. This will allow customers to access your business anytime something that can boost sales to help you maximize profits.

Keep in mind that the development of an eCommerce app is not something to take lightly. You must come up with a top app that the market will love and use without any complications.


The best way to do this is to work in collaboration with an expert, who will assist in coming up with a valuable app that will function as it should. Before you start working on the final product or even think of the cost of app development, you must know the basic requirement of the app which is outlined below.

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The Best Way to Develop an ECommerce App - Point 1Your eCommerce app must be easy to use. Users should not have to spend hours trying to figure out how it works. Note that most people will spend at least 10 seconds on your app and quickly move on if they cannot use it with ease. Go for a simple intuitive design that will boost user experience. You must also ensure that it does not lag. Quickly responds to the user’s demands so that clients want to use it often. Aim at offering all users seamless navigation if you want them to stick around long enough.


The Best Way to Develop an ECommerce App - Point 2The app should have a top-grade level of security. Ideally, consumers will use the app to pay for the goods or services; thus they want to make sure that both their information and money is safe from fraudsters. The reputation of your business and the popularity of the app will be greatly affected by the security issue. Include secure and advances payment options that clients can conveniently use.


The Best Way to Develop an ECommerce App - Point 3Your eCommerce app has to be stable so that clients feel like they are getting great value for money spent. While it may not be possible to have an app that does not have any mistakes, you must put in the work to make sure that it is stable and users have the best possible experience at all times. It involves:

  • Constant testing on different levels to enhance performance.
  • Deeply analyzing report errors.
  • Fixing bugs and releasing updates that can make the app more stable.


Google Analytics Integration & Other Strategies

The Best Way to Develop an ECommerce App - Point 4This is essential because it helps store owners to understand the buying habits and interest for their clients. Analytics help to reveal essential data like click-through rates, conversion costs and session times to help enhance business strategies.

The list above is not exhaustive. It just a glimpse of how the app should be to help you start off on the right foot. The professional you are working with should be able to guide you on a more comprehensive list of features that are must-have for the app. Other strategies that can help in coming up with an excellent app include:

  • Studying Success Apps: Keenly study top eCommerce apps to get an idea of what it takes to build a great app. It is not to say that you should now copy everything they do because this will be a recipe for disaster. Just pick the essential information and work towards coming up with a one-of-a-kind app that will take the market by storm.
  • Brainstorm: Work closely with people you can trust to help you develop a worthwhile app. Consulting with other people can bring out new information that you never knew existed to help in creating an app that will help the business in a great way.
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Final Words

conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsYou must also remember to do due diligence when hiring the expert developer, you want to work with. This should be a trustworthy professional who has your best interests at heart. It helps if they have already worked on other similar projects; because you can use this to determine if they are worth your time and other resources.

Once you land on the ideal developer, make sure you discuss all the aspects of the development process including the cost of the app development. This ensures that you are both on the same page to avoid any costly and unnecessary misunderstandings. Be prepared to spend anything from $20,000 to $100,000 or more to build an eCommerce app. It is, however, worth it because it is instrumental in the prosperity of your online entity.

Author-Image-Shahid-MansuriThis article is written by Shahid Mansuri, the co-founder of Peerbits, one of the leading mobile application development company in the USA, in 2011. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base on “how to build a mobile app” with leaned concentration. Follow him: Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn.

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