10 Classic Board Games You Can Play on a Smartphone or on a Computer

Gone are the days when you had to sit down and set up your board game. There were cards to distribute, rules to be understood by yourself and to others, roles to choose, dice to roll, and many complex steps to take before you could start playing a board game. But then came the smartphone and the PC, and board games made a transition from physical to digital.

Today, there are classic board games that have evolved into multiplayer games and so many challenges and difficulty levels to pass. And all in your hands, with a single click of a mouse and pressing the keyboard keys for navigation. There are rich graphics, immersive gameplay, voiceover narrations, music, visual art, and a complete universe that you see while playing your board game on your PC or smartphone.

So, what are the classic board games that are available on Google Play and iOS App Store as well as for PC? Read on…

1. Scrabble


If you have aced the tabletop version of Scrabble, then why not try the mobile version? Chances are that you will find some real challenges playing against the computer. But wait until your Facebook friends join you. It will be one unlimited wordy entertainment. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices.

The rules are the same, and you get to play with word tiles and that official Scrabble board. You get a dictionary too, and modes for you to practice or more advanced ones. Pass and Play are available, and there are features like Hints where the Scrabble software gives you a clue. You can track your progress and see your stats. The developers have upgraded it to a whole new level where you can find high-scoring words, collect custom word tiles, find all words possible with a set of word tiles, and set a solo playing challenge.

Play Scrabble on Android Play Scrabble on iOS

2. Monopoly


You must have probably grown up playing the classic board game of Monopoly. But it’s more fun on the mobile. Yes, you can still buy a house, exchange cities, and go to jail and miss a turn. But the perks are there too. You can buy currencies with the paid app. And you can even set your own rules. And you need not play for four hours, just an hour will do, and that will be a dizzying speed as against the traditional way you played Monopoly.

Gather some friends and play remotely. It is possible on the digital app of Monopoly. There are so many versions available, and all you need is a smartphone and some remote friends.

Play Monopoly on Android/iOS

3. Mysterium


It’s a haunted house where you have to find out about a murder from clues. Seems exciting? Mysterium is all that you have desired when playing a mobile game. The game interface, the artwork, the soundtrack, and ghostly effects, all build an atmosphere that makes playing Mysterium all the more fun.

It is a multiplayer game where you can decide your roles. One player is the ghost, and all others are mediums who try to find out who the killer is, where did the murder take place, and what was the weapon. All there are cards, with a clue or a picture, that the mediums have to guess correctly to catch the culprit. And there is a story mode where you also get to know the background of each player.

Play Mysterium on Android Play Mysterium on iOS

4. Chess


Humans have grown up playing Chess for millennia. But with so many chess apps on Android and iPhone, you get a virtual Chess-playing AI. Play at your own pace, join a tournament, or just play it casually with your friends and family. You will surprise yourself with your chess-playing skills and also gather more friends. Chat online as you do in the real world while playing on a physical chessboard.

You will get a learning mode, where you can practice playing the basic chess moves. And you can raise the bar by playing against the clock. There are lessons on these apps and unlimited puzzles that will challenge you to become a chess grandmaster. Discover a new way of playing chess by downloading an app now.

Play Chess Online on any Devices

5. Game of Life


Image source: Amazon.

Life is a game, if not, in reality, it is at least when you play one on a mobile phone. The fun thing about it is that you can also see what your family is choosing to do. The best thing about the digital version of Game of Life is its graphics and real-time gameplay. You get 3D animations here, and some pretty cool characters to choose from. Animations and visuals make it pretty much exciting too.

Play it with your friends and include your family members too. Here you can set conditions for victory, choose your life path and goals, make some money, or find that job fulfillment. You can play it single, or even online with a multiplayer setup. There are so many themes available too for added customization and mood.

Play Game of Life on Android Play Game of Life on iOS

6. Ticket to Ride


It is so very awesome how game creators have adapted the simple joys of traveling and commuting and turned them into a digital game. They have thrown some challenges here, and it only heightens the entire experience of playing Ticket to Ride. There are continents to choose from, you can claim a train route, make strategies to reach your destination, choose a route, and connect cities as you go.

You can choose to play with your AI friend or gather some online and play with them in a multiplayer format. Ticket to Ride has so many countries for you to choose from, and you can build a network for yourself on the map. It is fun, challenging, and total family fun.

Play Ticket to Ride on Android Play Ticket to Ride on iOS

7. Gloomhaven


Image source: Amazon.

When epic fantasy adventure meets digital gaming, you get such a fantastic gaming app as Gloomhaven. Here you set off as an adventurer and explore mysterious locations and meet monsters and evil beings. It’s a dark world full of dungeons. Learn more about it in the single-player mode. And if you have set up this strategy board game physically at your home, you can also play it in multiplayer mode.

Go online and play different modes and start exploring the dark world out there. CG graphics, dark artwork, 3D animated characters, stats, and synchronization abilities across devices are a few things that you can enjoy in the digital version. The roleplay experience is so immersive, you want to play it at the point you left off, and perhaps even restart again for fresh excitement.

Play Gloomhaven on PC

8. 7 Wonders


Image source: Amazon.

This digital game version of the original tabletop game is as exciting as the original. You build a city all by yourself, or with others in an online multiplayer mode. Exchange and passcards and choose a strategy. 7 Wonders is available on Android and iOS. You develop strategies to build and choose your cards wisely. You can practice the skills you will need by playing with an AI virtual friend.

7 players can play it online, and it can get more serious with every move. And the challenge can become more complex. It can be learning fun and entertaining. You can access so many versions online, and there are different themes like civilization, military, city-building, etc. 3D characters, visual structure, animations, resources, and narration, add more spice to an already established game.

Play 7 Wonders on Android Play 7 Wonders on iOS

9. Pandemic


Image source: Amazon.

This award-winning board game in its digital avatar is a mind-turner. The goal of this game is to eliminate diseases that can end the human race on Earth. You gather a team of experts who are experts in their fields of specialization, set up research centers, assemble and manage resources, and fight against diseases.

Pandemic is available both on Android and iPhone, and you can play it solo or collaborate in a team. Pacy graphics, an immersive 3D environment, levels of difficulty, challenges, and replayability are the exciting features to watch out for during the Pandemic. Each time you play, you can set a different challenge, and adopt a different role.

Whether you are a beginner or a hardcore Pandemic fan, you will love playing this exciting and pulsating strategy board game on your laptop, PC, or mobile phone with your friends, family, or solo.

Play Pandemic on Android Play Pandemic on iOS

10. Catan Universe


Strategy game lovers swear by what the Catan Universe offers them. There is a basic free version of this game available for 3 friends to play. But you will only desire to buy one after that. There are such wonderful versions available as “Cities & Knights” and “Seafarers”, which are included in the app, and then it also includes the “Rise of the Inkas”. There are adventures aplenty here. Duels to be fought, an island to explore, and challenges in store for adventurers.

You can compete with other Catan lovers worldwide, and even practice basic strategy skills. You can design your character, build guilds, unlock various rewards, chat with other players online, and be the master of Catan. Impressive graphics, maps, character art, expansion capabilities, chat modes, and more are what make Catan such a joy to play.

Play Catan Universe on Android Play Catan Universe on iOS

Final Words

Classic Board Games to Play on Your Mobile or PC: Conclusion.

Download them now on your mobile phones or PCs and get immersed in the virtual world of gaming. These games are one of the most popular classic board games available as gaming apps on Android and iPhone. Your friend need not be sitting close to you to play along, all you need will be an internet connection, and you will set the excitement. Initially, you can play for free, and then as you become comfortable, go ahead, and buy them for more capabilities and more fun.

Note: This article was first published on December 8, 2021. We last updated this article with fresh information on April 12, 2024.

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