Love Playing Video Games? Learn How you can Make Money from it

Are you someone who’s crazy about video games? Do you admire how to achieve rewards from your devotion to gaming? Well, below are a few options that you can choose as your regular job or freelancer.

Majority of the people think that video gaming is nothing but a waste of time. However, you can garner a great amount of money through video gaming. The video gaming industry is booming exponentially. The trade market is anticipated to cross $159.3 soon, creating a plethora of way-outs for people who derive pleasure from playing video games to make an earning, either by being a permanent employee in the gaming industry or as a side income.

Here are some ways for video gaming fanatics through which they can earn in this industry.

1. Video Game YouTuber


Video gamers record videos of themselves while playing various varieties of games that depend upon their choices and preferences. They then upload the video for their subscribers or viewers to see and appreciate it. YouTubers can earn a great sum of money from the ads but it would mainly be associated with sponsorships. Earning a huge amount of money as a video gaming YouTuber can be a challenging task.

Despite the qualifications & refinements you possess, you can always gain money once you start. The primary manner YouTubers can make money is through ad revenues & the regular CPM.

On the contrary, sponsorships are also a great way of earning income as a video gamer. You can also sell Pre Rolls. Well, a pre-roll is a small advertisement at the beginning of the video where the gamer tells about and promotes whatever business they are working with. But, YouTubers require a huge following to be able to make money.

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2. Video Game Streamer


Gaming streamers are individuals who play several games online for some hours for a specific set of spectators who watch at their place. There are a plethora of platforms for video gamers but the utmost famous ones are YouTube and Twitch. Just like YouTubers, gaming streamers also make money depending upon how favored they are. Streamers can also take up sponsorships where they display a particular game to the spectators for a thrashed-out price. But, how much income do gaming streamers really earn? Well, the cost of such sponsorships starts from $0.01 to $1 per viewer each hour for the game that is being shown.


3. Video Game Reviewer


Gamers who review video games are mainly focused on writing down several points of the games that they stream and play. They talk over feasible updates and upgrades that can be made for the video game and appreciate what they think the game already has. Intended purchasers of the video game can go through all the reviews and then decide if they want to purchase that game or not. Video game journalists and reviewers earn around $50,000-$60,000 per year if they think that should get into this as a full-timer. Whereas, freelance video game reviewers can earn around $45,000 every year.

4. Video Game Tester


There are a lot of individuals who are always interested in experiencing the newest video games even before it’s released to the public. While it’s true that people can play these games while they’re still being developed, the work of the video game tester is a lot more composite than that. Their work is to complete every plausible deed in every extent of the game to make sure that it functions properly and there are no glitches or bugs.

These game testers must have great communication and writing skills to precisely designate the bugs and glitches that are observed and perfectly describe them. Glassdoor says that video game testers earn about $53,030 each year. Being a videogame tester is a great way to enter into the gaming industry. Even if getting into a video game testing niche isn’t your goal, you gain a lot of expertise as it allows people to make great contacts in the industry, while still attending classes.


5. Professional Gamer


Being an expert gamer is a tricky method of making money online. But it might be worth it only if you enjoy the sensation of struggling.

Professional video gamers are required to be the best of the best. And, in case you want to be an eSports player, you should try to make an eSports team that is full of some great video game players.

So, where does earning money while playing games come in? Well, this comes from gaining victory from championships & landing endorsements or investors. As eSports is gaining prominence, they are attracting more money as well as attention, with the prize money up to millions of dollars.

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6. Video Game Coach


When sports evolve, a whole production team follows. While there are always a lot of experts, there are just as many coaches as well as video gaming teachers. You can also work as a coach in the gaming empire if you prove your expertise in front of experts. Also, if you already have great prestige as a pro gamer, you can also enlist private students directly.

If you are a skilled professional gamer, you can also be a coach who can make an amount as big as ten thousand dollars every year with some extra benefits.

7. Video Gaming Animators


Are you an artist? And do you aim to take your passion to video gaming production houses? Well, you can! Video game animators can use their artistic skills in both technology and art to create live models that are alive as personalities with their personal behavior and movements. The animators are required to communicate well with the entire team and other artists to create great visual effects. These freelance video gaming animators usually charge on the basis of hours, while making $64,598 every year which is considerably more than a permanent video animator.

device - game - controller - play - multiplayer - PlayStation 4 - PS4

8. Video Game Developer


It is every young child’s dream to grow up and create video games all on their own. Nonetheless, becoming a video game developer is quite tough as it requires a lot of different talents and skills to create a video game, at limited costs. And those skills can come out to be very costly initially, at the learning stage. Thus, video game developers are mostly required to work as freelancers for huge companies to earn better. They can also choose to work as a permanent employee in such big firms.

9. Seller of In-game Stuffs


Acquiring currencies & accounts in order to again sell them in the future is a great way of earning money via video games. There are many sites like Eldorado where you can sell your stuff. You can simply create an account and acquire ranks and valuable goods and currencies in-game in order to sell them to others in exchange for profits. Then, after you reach a certain level, you can sell the account to individuals who don’t have much currency to spend to level up their characters but still wish to play the game. Something, you can also trade your profile in exchange for cash or barter as well.

However, remember that this alternative won’t make you filthy rich. But, it’s always nice if you go for this option as you can earn some extra income.

Benefits of Video Gaming


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1. Learning & Development Skills:

Point 1

Online video games are a great source of learning for young people. These games also enhance the speed and memory skills while giving them a great career goal for their future.

The more complicated multiplayer games assist in teaching players how to be analytical and strategic enough to assess the risks associated and how to quickly react to the alterations in the game. All these amazing skills are transferable to real jobs that depend on analytical skills, problem-solving and strategic thinking.

2. Create Contacts & Develop Compassion:

Point 2

Individuals who are into video gaming can create great contacts while playing these games online. They can also get some freelance jobs for themselves that can eventually help them to create some nice contacts and can further help them in getting permanent jobs in huge gaming firms. The advancement of multi-player games online has given rise to a new form of socializing, where players work together as a team to solve issues. But studies have shown that such games can also be the catalyst for companions to gather in person. Almost 70 percent of the players play with their friends at least some of the time in the whole day.

 These games help to learn a lot about the gaming industry as individuals focus on the characters and see if there are any improvements that are required in the game. This can help them to level up their skills more.



Today’s era definitely has a lot of options while choosing the perfect career path. The urban telecommunications and platform help people in earning a lot of money while playing video games. However, it never terminates the fact that they still require to put in the work and join this work with great commitment.

 You never thought making money could be this fun? Isn’t it? Forget about all the objections your parents had because of you playing video games all the time. Because now you can finally play it while earning a great income every year.

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