11 Best Android Multiplayer Games – Get Ready You Hardcore Gamers!

Android games are a good treat to overcome the entire days’ stress! Want to know how to entertain your group of friends who are too busy with their 9 to 5 job? We bring to you the Best Multiplayer Games for Android users! These Best Multiplayer Games for Android need a handful of your friends who will surely add spice to the game! This article is dedicated all gaming freaks who are in love with Multiplayer games!

11 Best Multiplayer Games for Android:

We have listed exciting multiplayer games for Android to play with your friends & loved ones. Here you go with the list of top 11 multiplayer games for Android!

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne - Android Multiplayer Games

This is the perfect game for the car racers, get furious with different genres like classic, arcade and have a hardcore car racing game with your friends. The Asphalt 8 is a real-time multiplayer game filled with hurdles. You can even race with 12 opponents racing to exotic locations. Experience the thrill as you move forward and finally reach the destination defeating or winning the game!

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne! (Free) 

2. Call of Champions

Call of Champions - Android Multiplayer Games

This is a real-time multiplayer game which allows you to have an intense 5-minute match with three players on each side. Unlock levels and command over 15 champions. Gather all your energy as you get into a tug of war with the Orb of Death! Destroy your enemy towers and conquer the game.

Download Call of Champions! (Free)

3. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 - Android Multiplayer Games

Feel like a warrior as you carry on 70 dangerous missions! Dungeon Hunter takes you on a rough ride in various exotic locations. Be quick to create your fictitious character and move ahead as you solve quests that come your way. Take on your sword and equip yourself for the expedition!

Download Dungeon Hunter 5! (Free)

4. Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Real Boxing 2 Rocky - Android Multiplayer Games

For the hardcore WWE watchers, it’s your turn to get into the ring with your name echoing! Imagine what the game Real Boxing 2 Rocky would bring if you play it! The player can customize the fighter to battle his opponent. The graphics are excellent which makes the game more realistic. Unlock all the levels till you reach the level where you get to play the role of the famous Wrestler Rocky Balboa!

Download Real Boxing 2 Rocky! (Free)

5. NBA Jam

NBA Jam - Android Multiplayer Games

This game is dedicated for all the basketballers! This two on two basketball game comes with a twist. The rules for this game are totally opposite to your basketball game. So start earning points as you steal, grab, and knock your opponents. If you play well, you can have the opportunity to ‘go on fire’. Get freaky and enjoy!

Download NBA Jam! (Paid)

6. Chess Free

Chess-Free - Android Multiplayer Games

This game doesn’t need any introduction! Increase your chess skills. Increase the heat by competing with your friends and make the best moves to win the game. Chess free offers modes for the beginners and the experts. The unique feature of this gaming app is the chess tutor helps you prepare chess strategy. Enjoy as you sharpen your skill!

Download Chess Free! (Free)

7. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans - Android Multiplayer Games

Clash of Clans is the favorite game known to everyone. This is a strategic game which takes you back to the dictatorship period. The player needs to plan a strategy, build your town, protect it from the defenders and can even take over other territories.  Collect royalties as you move forward and prepare a powerful troop to become the strongest of all!

Download Clash of Clans! (Free)

8. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hours

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hours - Android Multiplayer Games

Feel like a savior save the world from a global devastation caused by nuclear warfare. You can feel the chaos around you with the help of superb graphics, animations, and excellent sound quality. The destruction can be stopped by some elite soldiers who have the key to avoid casualty. Feel the intensity of Modern Combat 4 with its wide range of weapons and hunt them down!

Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hours! (Paid)

9. Worms 4

Worms 4 - Android Multiplayer Games

This one to one multiplayer game is a huge hit in the market with children enjoying the game. The players need to defend its enemies and move ahead to unlock more levels. Challenges and Royalties make it more and more enjoyable as you lose yourself in the game. Move around like a worm and enjoy the game.

Download Worms 4! (Paid)

10. Words with friends

Words with friends - Android Multiplayer Games

This is the best game to improve your vocabulary. Compete with your friends by testing your word building skills. Chat with your opponents and keep track of your performance to flaunt in front of your peers! This famous game is available in various languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or even British. For the ones, curious to learn an exotic language, this game may help to enhance your knowledge.

Download Words with Friends! (Free)

11. Bounden

Bounden - Android Multiplayer Games

Now it’s time for some exercise after messing with the above games! This is a dancing app which is a mix of twister and ballet. Groove yourself along with your partner as you follow a path of rings. Both of you need to place your thumb at the either ends of your phones and follow the path. You will feel like dancing as you swing your arms, shake your head and body and twist your legs.

Download Bounden! (Paid)

Wrapping Up!

The above list of Best Multiplayer Games for Android is not just for a hardcore gamer but for those who are new to Android games as well! Get the best and addictive gaming experience by playing one of these games now!

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