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1) 5 Worst Website Mistakes Your Business Could Make

Published on: June 3, 2019 | Listed under: Miscellaneous, Business

laptop-education-study-desk-homework-learn-stress-tense-pressureWhen your website page loads, visitors will make a snap judgment about how they feel within less than a second. First impressions are critical, and there are many types of website mistakes, from design to strategic mistakes, that should be avoided. Remember, it’s not just about what the user is seeing, but how the website is being operated from the back to the front end. By avoiding some of the most common mistakes, you’ll be one step closer to getting ...

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2) Top 10 High-End Laptops for Graphics and Designing

Published on: June 3, 2019 | Listed under: Gadget, Gadget Reviews

laptop-desk-work-office-website-designGraphics and designing are one of the most famous careers in today’s time. With the growing technology comes the demand for creative graphic designers who can help various print and advertising houses in promotion and marketing. The designs can be used for marketing brochures, newspaper and magazines layouts, advertisements, videos and etc. Internet is an essential part of everyone’s life now, the demand for promoting every brand on internet has become vital. This has increased the availability of Graphic designers ...

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3) The Field of Data Masking has Secured the Data to Get Trusted

Published on: June 4, 2019 | Listed under: Technology

hack-attack-mask-cyber-crime-virus-data-securityWhat is Data Masking? Data masking is often a data safekeeping technique the place where a set of data is copied but with perceptive data unintelligible. This caring imitation is then utilized as divergent to the bona fide data for testing or preparation reason. Why do I have to be familiar with it? Data masking doesn’t merely put back responsive data with clear. It makes characteristically integral, but inauthentic, imitations of personally particular data and other extremely responsive data to be ...

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4) Top 7 Best and High Performance Full HD (1080p) Gaming Monitors

Published on: June 5, 2019 | Listed under: Product Reviews

video-game-design-development-work-desk-play-monitorGaming monitors are the eyes of a gamer. The player relies on clarity, picture quality, and blooming visual graphics to have the best experience. How much thought have you put in buying a new monitor? Do you see it as a luxury or a necessity? Gamers know to buy the right monitor evaluates its ability as a gamer and playing level or skills. The judgment tells us about your evolution as a gamer and the challenges you have set for ...

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5) Essential 11 Website Design Trends for 2019 You Can’t Ignore

Published on: June 6, 2019 | Listed under: Design

apple-macbook-desk-work-web-design-development-officeWebsite Design trends are always changing. Especially, when it comes to graphics and, of course, an appearance of your website, blogs or social media profiles. Everyone wants to be original, remarkable. And, here are top web design trends that are popular in current 2019 year. Website design trends and technology has advanced significantly. Recent websites are developed exhibited cutting edge design concepts that ensure the maintenance of the aesthetic elements and the introduction of other features including video content, micro-interactions, ...

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6) Mind-Blowing Digital Marketing Statistics That You Can’t Ignore in 2019

Published on: June 7, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

digital-marketing-statistics-2019If you aren’t currently active in digital marketing, you’re about to miss your opportunity. You don’t want to be one of the few companies not involved online; you’ll lose leads, customers, and the ability to give real-time personalized outreach. If you are already doing digital marketing, that’s great! However, you still need to think about how to adjust as the marketing landscape online changes. Keeping an eye on key digital marketing statistics can help you make decisions on future strategy. What ...

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7) 7 Modern Web Design Techniques to Follow in 2019

Published on: June 11, 2019 | Listed under: Design

Computer-Desk-Marketing-Website-Graphic-Design-Development-WorkWith every year new techniques and trends making into the foray. It is important that the web designers play with the new motifs, experiment and explore to see how customers react to the new change. However, the question is, whether to follow the crowd or to do something diametrically opposite. Following the trend means you are going with the style that has been proven to work. On the contrary, to be creative and stand out in the ‘crowd’, you might ...

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8) Top 10 Best Selling Web Design Books for Easy Learning

Published on: June 11, 2019 | Listed under: Top 10

laptop-graphic-design-work-office-blog-learnAre you searching for Web Design Books? Looking to purchase a new one for you? Or planning to gift your loved one? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are listing Top 10 Best Selling Web Design Books for Easy Learning. Review the list. Hopefully, you will find the best match to buy your desired one. This list is updated daily, so you will always get the current updated rank & market ...

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9) Top 10 Best Selling Books in Database & Big Data Technology

Published on: June 12, 2019 | Listed under: Top 10

Database and Big Data TechnologyAre you searching for Books in Database & Big Data Technology? Looking to purchase a new one for you? Or planning to gift your loved one? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are listing Top 10 Best Selling Books in Database & Big Data Technology. Review the list. Hopefully, you will find the best match to buy your desired one. This list is updated daily, so you will always ...

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10) Privacy Concerns as Android Users are Giving Away Too Much Information

Published on: June 13, 2019 | Listed under: Technology, Apps & Software

Cell-Mobile-Smartphone-Android-Privacy-SecurityPrivacy is becoming an increasingly prominent concern for us all. Until relatively recently, online privacy was a niche subject only of interest to academics and cybersecurity professionals. However, the explosion in popularity of social media and the growing influence that the biggest tech companies have over daily lives has bought the importance of digital privacy firmly into focus. There are two main prongs to the current privacy debate. The first is the way that the custodians of our data, such ...

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11) Repair Your Corrupted Video Files Online with Restore.Media

Published on: June 17, 2019 | Listed under: Apps, Games & Software

Repairing Video Files OnlineHave you accidentally deleted or got a corrupted video file that won’t play in your media player? Have you already started experiencing sleepless nights with a thought that you are never going to get your important video back? Well, it’s time to take a deep breath and relax! There are several video recovery tools available on the market that will help you to repair all your media files within few minutes. Restore.Media is one such tool that lets you repair ...

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12) Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review – An NFC Enabled Smart Bracelet

Published on: June 18, 2019 | Listed under: Product Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - 3In a recent event at China, the highly awaited MI Band 4 has been launched by Xiaomi that seems to have a lot to talk about.  The company has made significant changes to its predecessor and everyone is pretty excited to discover those. Here in this review, we have highlighted all important features of that will allow you to know every single detail about this fabulous device: Design & Display: Xiaomi Mi Band 4 boasts about AMOLED display of 0.95 ...

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13) Overview of Top Freelance Remote Work Marketplaces in 2019

Published on: June 19, 2019 | Listed under: Internet

freelance-remote-work-marketplaceAre you tired of the office setting? Would like to change careers, or go fully for remote works? This article will help you start on your freelancing journey. You can find places and platforms where you can possibly land your first gig. We’ll answer questions like why freelancing is a viable career option, why it’s better than ever to start working remotely now. Explore the differences between various job sites and platforms that offer remote work opportunities for web developers. ...

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14) 6 Excellent & Useful Tips to Improve Your SEO in 2019

Published on: June 19, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

seo-search-engine-optimizationE-commerce and marketing are booming, and the technology that helps maintain this environment is here to stay. There have been many ways of conquering the market scene but none does this better than SEO. Search Engine Optimization has changed the way the world is exposed to relevant information; the utilization of tools isn’t limited to popular sites like Google. Let’s look at how SEO has been relevant over the past years. Using Google Trends focused on the US market, research ...

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15) 7 Fantastic iPad Solutions & Apps for Use in Events

Published on: June 19, 2019 | Listed under: Apps & Software

tablet-ipad-screen-internet-browser-onlineTablets and iPads are being used increasingly at events. They streamline data capture, allow you to do quick visual demos and presentation of your products and services. We detail 7 great solutions and apps to use at events using an iPad. Lock your company website in kiosk mode If you using an iPad to display your website in a stand, which is left unattended. It’s a good idea to use a third party browser that will lock the iPad onto ...

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16) Teclast F5R Touch Screen Laptop Review – All You Need to Know

Published on: June 20, 2019 | Listed under: Gadget Reviews

teclast-f5r-touch-screen-laptop-featuredTechnology has been showing a lot of evolution since the last few years. As a result of that, you have the luxury to use high profile devices at an extremely affordable price. Today, there are several laptop manufacturing companies offering their product at a low rate without compromising with its specification. Whether it is design, user interface or performance, you are getting everything packed in a single laptop. is one such product which has a reputation of featuring premium specification ...

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17) Digital Marketing Tips for Startup Seeking Brand Recognition

Published on: June 21, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

Branding-Company-Digital-Marketing-Strategy-Pie-Chart-StatsA lot of companies are trying their hands-on digital brand marketing with this arena, becoming quite affordable and uncomplicated. By availing of aspects such as mobile marketing, content, video, and social media, one can flourish their business and raise their rankings in Google searches with the least wastage of time, effort, and cost. So, how would you make your brand stand out from the crowd? Well, to know the tips and steps, stay glued to this write-up. 1. Learn to ...

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18) Top Online Scams of 2019! How they Work, and How to Be Safe?

Published on: June 24, 2019 | Listed under: Internet

online-scams-phishing-fraud-email-attack-cybercrime-hacker-malwareThe proliferation of the Internet and digital devices has increased access to information. Unfortunately, the internet and advances in digital technology have also given a platform to scammers. Reports from various analysts like the Food and Drug Administration indicate that these online scams are getting more sophisticated by the day. Here are some examples of the most popular fraud online scams and how to prevent getting scammed. Supplements Fraud The FDA has issued letters to consumers warning them of health ...

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19) Beelink L55 Mini PC Feature Review – All You Need to Know

Published on: June 25, 2019 | Listed under: Product Reviews

Beelink L55 Mini PC - 5Technology companies are always trying to blend cutting-edge features in their device without creating an impact on their pricing. This approach not only allows companies to make their product impressive but it can also stand out in the competition. Beelink is following a similar strategy in their recently launched Beelink L55 Mini PC. If you want to explore all important features of then simply go through the following review: Beelink L55 Features & Specifications: Recommended for you: Teclast F5R Touch ...

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20) How to Launch Your eCommerce Brand Quickly & Successfully? – 5 Rules to Follow!

Published on: June 26, 2019 | Listed under: eCommerce

online-money-income-ecommerce-fundMarketing for eCommerce brand is becoming much more than just using social media tools. At the end of 2019, it is estimated that there will be 1.92 billion online buyers in the entire world. It’s a number that you simply can’t ignore. eCommerce is here to stay and grow by leaps and bounds. Coincidentally – you have no time to wait before launching a brand. The process has to be swift and painless, with you learning as much as you ...

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21) Softros LAN Messenger Review – A Secured Chat & File Sharing Tool for Your Company

Published on: June 27, 2019 | Listed under: Apps, Games & Software

Softros-LAN-MessengerEvery organization requires faster communication to achieve proper coordination between its various departments. The upper management and leaders of the company need to convey the right message to their employees to finish the work on the given deadline. On the other hand, employees also need to get in touch with their team leaders if they come across any queries regarding the project. When you are sharing any of your company data with your employees in a professional environment, you don’t ...

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22) Website Promotion: How to Promote Your Website?

Published on: June 27, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

Screen-Monitor-Computer-Work-Digital-Office-Desk-Internet-Website-AppleSo, you’ve just launched a website and now hope for a brand new wave of traffic? If you do, you are making a big mistake. With almost 1.7 billion sites currently active online, it takes much more work to convince users to visit your pages. You need to promote the website and let the world know that it’s offering valuable content. In case you fail to do so, rest assured your site will remain passive. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways ...

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23) Kospet V12 Leather Smartwatch Feature Review – All You Need to Know

Published on: June 29, 2019 | Listed under: Product Reviews

Kospet V12 Leather Smartwatch - 1Though Kospet is a new player in the industry of Smartwatch, it has received a lot of recognition on the virtue of its premium products. Recently, the company has released another product from its kitty named as Kospet V12 Leather Smartwatch. It has already started receiving an impressive response from the audience and the smartwatch is all set to rule the market with its unique features. Here is an exhaustive review of that you will allow you to know everything ...

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