6 Excellent & Useful Tips to Improve Your SEO in 2019

E-commerce and marketing are booming, and the technology that helps maintain this environment is here to stay. There have been many ways of conquering the market scene but none does this better than SEO. Search Engine Optimization has changed the way the world is exposed to relevant information; the utilization of tools isn’t limited to popular sites like Google.

Let’s look at how SEO has been relevant over the past years. Using Google Trends focused on the US market, research shows that there is a spike of the term “SEO” since January of 2004. You can definitely see that there was a whopping search trend from 2016 to 2017. This is due to the rise of availability for free blogging, internet speed capacities, and other technological advances. This benefited the market and the business sector. You will definitely see more of this pattern once SEOs start to tap into the potential of other technologies; the eases of using mobile phones and the possibility of Artificial Intelligence as a key factor in optimizations.

SEO is the way to go


We’re not capable of hiring robots in their prime at this time. So, let’s take a step back and see what other possible tips we can use to improve our SEO. A well-tweaked SEO for the right audience will give you organic traffic; especially if you opt to purchase some marketing strategies like Facebook Ads, Google PPC AdWords among others. Moreover, you can also follow these tips so your SEO will improve; considering that digital marketing is vital to each business.

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1. Speed is King


Optimizing your web page for a faster loading speed should top your list of SEO priorities. This is one of the most important factors that can make or break audience engagement on your website. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people also demand the same quick results when they visit a website; lest they switch to another that has a faster loading speed. People generally don’t like to wait long when they load a website; this will only encourage them to leave and find answers to their queries elsewhere. This may affect your site’s ranking in search engine results pages.

Make sure that your website loads fast; get a good web host that offers quality hosting speeds as well as freedom of customization. Also, make sure that your website isn’t riddled with irrelevant content; this might slow down its loading speed. Embedding it with too many media content such as photos and videos, on top of texts, may cause your website to lag, aside from making it look cluttered and distracting.

2. Be Relevant but Not Repetitive

Niche Highlight Focus Stand Out

Smart keywords have been proven and branded as one of the key factors for humble SEO beginnings. But it may seem too traditional and may lose its relevance in 2019. It’s not bad to stick with the foundations but have you ever thought about thinking a mile ahead? Look for what’s starting hot and what’s not by using tools from search engines such as Google Search Console or Bing SEO analyzer to zoom in on what matters the most today. There are good possibilities that you’ll be stumbling upon other tools by exploring outside your comfort zone as well.

The real question now is that whether or not link building is ever more relevant as it was back then. Surely, this is not a new method in terms of the SEO game plan. However, consider that quick-thinkers get bored with the monotonous and bland websites every day. So, make sure to use new tools such as RankBrain, Latent Semantic Indexing and Featured Snippets on your SEO techniques.

However, don’t try to look like a fool by always adopting new ways but not even studying about them. Master your expertise in knowing what should be adapted and changed and what should be retained. You should be aware of what the demand of the market is. But try not to sound like you’re one of the crowds. In a sense, try to think like a new-age chef, fusing the old and the new. See what’s appropriate for the niche that you’ve opted to tackle.

3. Voice Me Up!


With the rise of the three mellifluous ladies; Siri, Alexa, and, Cortana, the voices of the masses have been heard across the globe. Physically and mentally handicapped people also felt more welcomed and secured with the now available to access search engine sites. Activities that were enjoyed by a few are now familiar to many. This will thus open up greater and wider span for the marketing area. There are a lot of people wanting to be heard and mobile phones have better access to voice search engines which are endorsed by the same search engines that people are familiar with already.

What better way to make your site rank up and be in the known is to have the algorithms bounce back to you by your site’s availability in the voice engine data process. There are huge (I dare say huge) potential on how this could actually work for you and not against you. The percentage of people considering your site to be user-friendly and aware of the social relevancy of your site makes it stand out from the usual websites out there.  That’s how innovative people should be in this century of breakthroughs.

4. Spin the Social Wheel


It might be bold to say this but ever since social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat were born, there was a huge spike in the business of marketing. I can definitely remember the days where my schoolmates were into selling their own clothes online through hundreds of tags on Instagram as well as voicing out their opinions on Twitter. There is not you see your friends are doing, or even your family. Your circles are actually very useful. So, be sure to expand your horizon of interests. But stabilize your ground by pricking certain vertices in the trends and incorporate them on the algorithm of your SEO; you’ll be sure to have a stable and relevant content.

You should also try searching for pioneer and upcoming social media sites as most people would want to deviate from the mainstream sites. Most people are not familiar with a website called Patreon. They make their products available for the marketer’s targeted audiences but locking it and making its premium content. This is actually very catchy and would make the audience thirst for what’s inside.

5. Secure to Show Authority


Ever since the Google Penguin was born, a lot of online marketers were worried that their websites will be snatched from the top of the list down to the bottom of the barrel. The big blubber has been optimized to wipe out any irrelevant websites that contain spammy images, plagiarized content as well as to detect if there are any spam bots on the website itself and possibly rank them down the search engine. Wise, entrepreneurs will definitely adhere to the algorithm and legality of their contents by means of securing their sites. This gives not only just the feeling of ownership but a sense that you are credible and your site is trustworthy. In addition, Google agrees that they are in favor to rank websites with SSL over an unsecured website.

It is also beneficial that you encrypt some of your data and content on your website using different encryption tools to avoid getting the doomed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack or getting labeled as a malware website pool.

6. Eye want it, Eye got it


Another great way to improve your SEO goal is to prepare for the case, “the bigger the information the smaller gadgets”. Encompass the market and unleash the potential of your SEO by making your content mobile/tablet-friendly. There are more people hanging around using their phones and tablets. It’s much more than you can see people using laptops on cafes or libraries.

It’s funny that every time I try opening some websites on a mobile gadget, I have to always pinch my fingers going towards the center because of how the images are even bigger than the texts. I can’t honestly read and understand what’s going on in that site; thus I’ll close the site and look for others instead. Believe me, it’s better to cut the stress you want your community to get by optimizing your images and making their quality just right for the page. This avoids longer loading time and even lessens the bandwidth eaten by the content you have created.

This might be unusual to hear but there are still a few authority sites that have not been accustomed to the mobile and tablet user interface. A lot of teenagers and young adults choose image sensitive but minimalistic designs over websites that have thousands of highly detailed images that would not load at all. This is why it’s important to make yourself relevant in 2019 by unlocking the mobile’s Pandora’s box and release its full capacity.

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Final Thoughts

6 Excellent Tips to Improve Your SEO in 2019 - conclusion

Search Engine Optimization has made wonders in the business world. It has always been very promising for a lot of people. It has been used in many ways possible but with the competition in the market; it’s not unusual that people may be worried about what’s in store for them, especially if they are just starting to take risks like this. People, however, will always be interested in catchy phrases, user-friendly technology, as well as aesthetically pleasing sites that are rampant today. It’s always a great way to stretch out your gameplay; be the playmaker in the rise of SEO techniques this year.

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