Top 7 Best and High Performance Full HD (1080p) Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors are the eyes of a gamer. The player relies on clarity, picture quality, and blooming visual graphics to have the best experience. How much thought have you put in buying a new monitor? Do you see it as a luxury or a necessity? Gamers know to buy the right monitor evaluates its ability as a gamer and playing level or skills. The judgment tells us about your evolution as a gamer and the challenges you have set for yourself. The best gaming monitors aren’t a category or section. It’s not about price, size or brand. Buying the right gaming monitor is about the demand factor and budget and personal preferences.

Serious players take monitor as a door to enter the world of their favorite games. They thrive under extreme playing conditions. They demand an unprecedented level of participation to emerge and sometimes, get lost in action. Buying the right gaming monitor is about knowing the technical aspects and taking other gaming accessories into account to complement one another. We’ve put together a list of the top 1080p monitor reviews to help readers make the decision.

1. BenQ EW277HDR


How big a part the budget plays in making the decision? You wouldn’t get many models in the market that could beat this model. We’ll dive deep to find out the technical specifications of BenQ EW277HDR. We’re talking about price factor and a couple of decent features as the unique selling points. It beats the competition in the color gamut aspect showing 99.8% of the standards sRGB color gamut and 91.9% of the wider DCI-P3.

The next is the screen resolution (1920×1080) which doesn’t excite us much given the enormous size and space it covers. What we like the most about it is getting a bigger screen without dropping a bomb on our savings. There are limited ports and misses a high refresh rate. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) makes the pictures come alive, throws vibrant colors to appeal to our senses. Buying a budgeted gaming monitor is about keeping your expectations under control to take every added feature as a bonanza and enjoy the gaming experience knowing you’ve got the winner in hands.

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2. Acer Predator XB241H


The model is considered the beast. It’s the best 24in 1920×1080 with 144 Hz / 180 Hz to enjoy the best experience the graphics cards have to offer. The flexibility aspect makes it easier for the users to rotate and tilt the screen depending upon convenience. The height adjustment feature is a bonus. The HDMI and DisplayPort make a part of the package. It is the first choice of players given the power, style, and confidence it offers. Players feel in complete control of the situation with a monitor like this one sitting in front. Gaming is about handpicking accessories and maintaining rhythm. Acer Predator has a unique presence to fit into any gamer’s plan.

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3. AOC G2460PF


A complete model with everything a gamer would require or love to see in a monitor. It has a 24in screen, 1920×1080 resolution, and 144 Hz refresh rate to pack a punch inside it. The TN panel covers 95% of the sRGB color gamut. It’s an excellent choice for gamers. The pairing of AMD FreeSync Support and AMD graphics card improves the overall performance. As a gamer, you can pick among VGA, HDMI, DVI-D and Display Port. The stand could be adjusted depending on the height you require. The FreeSync Support feature comes handy to draw maximum performance from graphics cards to have smooth gaming experience.

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4. Philips 349X7FJEW


Gamers don’t bet on 21:9 aspect ratio monitors to offer a better experience than this model out there. What astonishes us is the image quality that’s as good as you’ll find in high-end models. We came in for a surprise with the number of boxes it ticked during the test. Let’s break a secret. Why AOC and other brands fall in the premium section and Philips 349X7FJEW costs less? Acer and AOC have NVIDIA G-Sync Support to add to the price factor. Philips has AMD FreeSync Support available. You wouldn’t find a better investment to make on a gaming monitor than the one we’re looking at right now.

Buy Philips 349X7FJEW from Amazon

5. Acer Predator Z35p


The model boasts of NVIDIA G-Sync Support to catch everyone’s attention. The price might come early into the discussion while browsing through the specs of the monitor. The model offers four USB3 ports. The screen performance puts everyone under a spell. You’ll experience a color depth, clarity, and better viewing experience. Gamers have got good things to say about the onboard menu system. You’ve got another gaming monitor which offers performance, style and fits into the system without investing beyond the budget.

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6. Philips 436M6VBPAB


Some gaming monitors are born to win your heart. Philips 436M6VBPAB has a giant of a screen that would defy all workstations except fitting perfectly in the living room and replacing your TV as a part of the deal. How many monitors you know or heard which support HDR for both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards? The picture quality brings the experience alive. The designers and technical team have spent a lot of time to make it easy to use for gamers without wasting time. You need to take it out of the box, fix it and start playing right away. The deal is it has got ultra HD premium and VESA Display HDR 1000 which offer same picture quality and brightness as found in high-end G-Sync (NVIDIA) HDR monitors. You can match the price between the two and make the decision for yourself.

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7. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ


Technology beats our expectations and builds newer ones. The Asus ROG Swift has got everything going in its favor. The 4K HDR display brings everything to life. You find yourself standing in the middle of the action. The price leads to several questions popping up in mind. It’s the excitement that gets the best of us, at times. The brightness level (1000cd/m2) leaves nothing to be asked. The stand comes with a fully adjustable structure. You can rotate, fix the height and tilt to play with the settings until it fits. There are several display options, game modes, etc.

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How to Tame the Passion from Stopping You to Make A Rash Decision?


Anyone could get carried away looking at the top models and lose focus. Serious players always take the playing skills and requirement factor into account before making a purchase. They don’t want to get ahead of themselves or jump into the next league without crossing the last hurdle. On the subject of buying the right gaming monitor, players should consider other aspects too. The price range is the deciding factor. It’s a concern for players who’ve just started playing and don’t have enough budget. Do mid-level monitors compromise on quality? Shall I make a little investment and invest later on again as I pick skills and experience both? These are the questions a new player usually asks. The player’s mind starts acting irrational and ends up making rash decisions.

Buying an expensive monitor would leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere as you don’t have reliable equipment to complete the gaming rig. First-time players should read reviews and take advice from senior players. They need to follow a strategic approach. The first thing they need to ask is which monitor they need. It’s only possible after knowing what they want and what do they already have in store. The gaming world has evolved a lot lately. Top manufacturers are producing different types of monitors to cater to all sections of society.

The latest trend suggests the focus has been on entry-level and mid-range gaming monitors. There’s a lot of competition among manufacturers to capture the imagination of new players. They know people are taking to gaming as the primary mode of entertainment. The demand factor is there. The passion is humongous among new players. They want the best gaming monitors at affordable rates. Some of the models discussed above fall in the category of mid-range excellent gaming monitors.

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Key Points to Consider Before Buying the Gaming Monitor


A gaming player should check the resolution and size first. The refresh rates could be anything from 60 HZ to 144 HZ. As we keep on moving upwards, the price increases. The panel technology is another crucial aspect. The Twisted Nematic (TN) panel is highly-rated in the market. The price is the last factor on the list.

You shouldn’t worry about missing on the right gaming monitor due to the price factor or lack of expertise. There are several gaming monitors which offer a combination of features to get you started. The casual gaming players should trust their instincts. They’ve got a long road ahead of them. They should invest money in the best gaming monitors depending on the requirement and interest. The best investment you can make is on the top model you have selected in the category. The time will tell how far you’ll go based on decisions you made.

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