Top 10 High-End Laptops for Graphics and Designing

Graphics and designing are one of the most famous careers in today’s time. With the growing technology comes the demand for creative graphic designers who can help various print and advertising houses in promotion and marketing. The designs can be used for marketing brochures, newspaper and magazines layouts, advertisements, videos and etc. Internet is an essential part of everyone’s life now, the demand for promoting every brand on internet has become vital. This has increased the availability of Graphic designers as every brand wants the designers to help the brand in promotion and marketing.

Graphic designers who are known for their creative skills have to learn these skills from a good university and then practice those skills to make themselves efficient. Well, all this becomes possible because of the real asset of a Graphic designer. Getting confused about what the real asset is? Well, it is one of the most common digital substances in today’s time, and we called it Laptop. Yes, a laptop is a real asset and plays an essential role in bringing out the best from a graphic designer. These graphic designers value the laptop and take care of it like a baby. They understand how valuable it is and will bring them huge profits in their career.

Buying a laptop is an easy task. You just need to search and order it online. Or just go to the store and pay the amount to take your new laptop home. But people face a dilemma when they have to choose the laptop for a specific purpose; especially when they are choosing it for graphic and designing. A lot of questions arise in their mind like the correct price, graphics card, RAM, processor and etc. These things make the person more confused before buying a laptop. To solve this massive query, we are going to tell you the top 10 high-end laptops for Graphics and Designing.

First, let’s understand the categories on which these laptops have been selected:


The great processor brings higher speed:

High-End Laptops for Graphics and Designing - Point 1The most important part of a laptop is the processor which helps to open a maximum number of applications at a single time and ensures the applications will run smoothly. This point should always be kept in mind because most complain that come from graphic designers is about the slow process which delays their work. Though there are a lot of processors to choose from, the best processors that suit the graphics and designing laptops are Core i7, Intel Xeon, AMD Ryzen and Core i5.

Avoid laptop slowdowns with the help of RAM:

High-End Laptops for Graphics and Designing - Point 2The Random-Access Memory is the brain for the computer which stores all the data temporarily. Due to the fact that it stores data, it helps the processor to process more data at a time which brings it to a stage where the performance of the laptop is improved. The higher the RAM the more will be the speed of the laptop. You can freely use your laptop for multitasking without thinking that it will slow down or hang. The browsing will be faster which can help you to do proper research work for graphics and design projects.

The screen is an important part of graphics and designing laptop:

High-End Laptops for Graphics and Designing - Point 3The one thing that you have to keep looking on and which will update you about the whole process of your designing is the screen of the laptop. Many people don’t consider this as important, but it is vital to have a good laptop screen. The right screen should consist of high resolution which will help in showing the correct and better details of the colors. The size matters a lot when choosing an accurate screen for graphic and designing. It is said that a 15-inch screen can be the best option.

Enjoy the digital nomad freedom with excellent battery life:

High-End Laptops for Graphics and Designing - Point 4Working in your favorite workplace can be awesome but sometimes the creative people love to visit the coffee shops and work from there. Or even going out with a friend for a trip to the mountains but completing the important project is also a priority. In such situations, the battery life of a laptop should be really strong. This can actually help the graphic designer to be comfortable and work according to the choice of place. The absence of a plug or electricity will not hamper your work and you can take your laptop wherever you want to.

Price of the laptop:

High-End Laptops for Graphics and Designing - Point 5One of the most important factors that are considered while buying a laptop is the budget. Every person wants to have amazing facilities and buy the most expensive materials. But this cannot happen due to obvious reasons. In such situations, a budget is always taken care of while buying a laptop. There can be times when you save a good amount of money to buy an expensive laptop but after using it for some time you just realize it is not worth for the work you do. Therefore, choose the laptop according to your need and invest the amount which can bring you good profits.

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Now, here is the list of top 10 high-end laptops for Graphics and Designing:


1. Apple MacBook Pro

Apple is the brand which has an amazing brand image in the market. There are many times when people trust the laptops by Apple only because of the brand image they have maintained in the market. The second-best thing after the trust factor is the operating system of Apple laptops. The MacBook Pro is one of the most powerful Apple laptops. It has an i7 Quad Core processor which helps the laptop to bring high speed to it. Even the RAM of this laptop is 16GB, therefore making it a good option for the graphic designers to complete the projects on time.


Well, like everything there is 2 main drawbacks of this laptop. One is the high-end price of MacBook Pro and the other is the unique interface (if you are regular to the windows than it will take some time for you to efficiently work on the apple laptop).

Well, if you are comfortable with the price range and affordability is not an issue for you than MacBook Pro is a good choice for you.

Buy Apple MacBook Pro

2. Microsoft Surface Book


Coming to the Microsoft world, the Microsoft Surface Book is there to give a competition to the Apple MacBook. Just like MacBook, this asset runs on a core i7 processor. This one that makes Microsoft Surface Book unique is the screen resolution of 3000 x 2000, this helps the users to create amazing graphics. It has an amazing quality of being very portable. The laptop is lightweight and it is portable enough to take it anywhere by converting it into a tablet. Microsoft Surface Book has the touch screen facility which makes the youths love it. The only drawback is the screen size of the laptop as it comes in 13.5″ but it can be manageable if you are loving the rest of their benefits.

Buy Microsoft Surface Book

3. Dell XPS 15


Dell is one of the most loved laptops for Graphic and Designing. It has always believed in introducing laptops which are at affordable price. The new Dell XPS 15 has a 15.6′ screen which makes it an idol option for designers who are looking for big display laptops. The processor has good quality as it is core i7 and with a 16GB RAM which makes the laptop a good choice for high-speed laptops and smooth workflow. The laptop is usually is compared with Apple MacBook Pro.

Buy Dell XPS 15

4. Acer Predator


The Ace predator laptop by Acer is one of the best laptops for gaming purpose. This laptop is one of the most prominent choices of students and people who are interested in gaming. Well, the impressive gaming facility of this laptop tells about the high level of graphics. This feature can help the graphic designer to create amazing designs. The laptop consists of Intel i7 core processor and 16GB RAM. As the laptop is mainly for the purpose of gaming it comes in two sizes one is 17.3’’ and the other is 15.6’’.

Buy Acer Predator

5. Lenovo Yoga 730


The Lenovo Yoga 730 is becoming famous among the youths, especially the graphics and design students due to the fact it is very affordable. Along with the affordability factor, the brand is also providing good quality to the laptop. The laptop has a good screen size of 15.6″ with a display which has a touch screen facility. The only drawback is the RAM size of 8GB but for students who want to sharpen their skills and become a proficient graphic designer can invest in this laptop.

Buy Lenovo Yoga 730

6. Asus ROG Strix SCAR II


Are you a person who is in love with the unique designs of a laptop? Well, this laptop can be a good choice for you. Just like Acer Predator, Asus ROG Strix SCAR II is also a high-speed gaming laptop. Which implies how nicely it can be used for the purpose of graphic and designing. The laptop has an internal Core i7 processor and it consists of 16GB RAM and a 500GB of space. You can get this laptop in two different sizes which are 15″ and 17″.

Buy Asus ROG Strix SCAR II

7. HP ZBook Studio G5 Mobile Workstation


This Intel core i7 laptop is known for its 32GB RAM and how smoothly a person can use various applications at a single time. HP ZBook Studio G5 Mobile Workstation has P600 graphics card which tells how well it can be for the purpose of graphic and designing. Are you someone who loves to work on 3D designs? You are in the right section of this page because this laptop can help you improve your 3D graphics work that too at a super-fast speed.

Buy HP ZBook Studio G5

8. Dell Inspiron 13


Dell Inspiron 13 is for the travel freak designers who love to explore different cities and work according to their time zones. The laptop is super light which makes it easily portable. It may be smaller in size with 13.3″ display but it is a touch screen and you can easily carry it to your favorite places. The intel i7core processor makes it a unique choice of graphics lovers.

Buy Dell Inspiron 13

9. Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro


As we all know Acer has a good market value in terms of providing amazing laptops, the Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro has an i7 processor and a unique quality which is the 2GB GPU. These features make it a good choice for people who want to buy a laptop for the purpose of graphic and designing. It gives you an opportunity to store a huge amount of data as the laptop consists of 2TB Hard disk drive. The RAM size is 16GB and 2GB graphics which makes it an excellent choice for gaming and designing purpose.

Buy Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro

10. Asus ROG G752VL


One more laptop for people who follow wanderlust. This laptop is highly made for graphic designers who can carry it easily and visit various places. You can even take it to client meetings where you don’t have to worry about carrying it. Asus ROG G752VL has a 6th Generation i7 processor which makes it for people who don’t compromise with the flow of the work. The 16GM RAM makes it a good choice and professionals love the features this laptop provides.

Buy Asus ROG G752VL

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Final Words

High-End Laptops for Graphics and Designing - conclusion

Choosing a good laptop is art. It is going to be with you for a long time and will help you gain profits and earn money. Therefore, always choose a laptop according to your need which is going to help you achieve your goals. The list we have given you is surely going to help you choose the best laptop for graphics and designing purpose. So, worry not and take the best decision, because the best laptop is waiting for you.

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