How to Launch Your eCommerce Brand Quickly & Successfully? – 5 Rules to Follow!

Marketing for eCommerce brand is becoming much more than just using social media tools. At the end of 2019, it is estimated that there will be 1.92 billion online buyers in the entire world. It’s a number that you simply can’t ignore.

eCommerce is here to stay and grow by leaps and bounds. Coincidentally – you have no time to wait before launching a brand. The process has to be swift and painless, with you learning as much as you can learn from your competition.

If you avoid the usual “growing pains” of launching an eCommerce brand, you will have all the room you need to establish yourself in a competitive market. Follow these five essential rules and you will avoid all the usual perils that eCommerce brands face. Be ready to fight for your vision and it will pay dividends soon enough.

Develop a high-quality content strategy


Even though your website technically specializes in eCommerce, that doesn’t mean you should promote your brand in a “salesy” way. Approaching customers with aggressive advertising, direct offers and promotional emails can be helpful, but there are a time and place for that.

The beginning of your brand’s life is not such an ideal moment for that. To be able to advertise your products, you have to lay the groundwork for their long-term existence in the marketing sphere.

  • Focus on the products itself first. Make sure all the images are in high quality and shot from multiple angles. If you are able to, should also provide the customer with a 3D shot of his or her desired product. Not only does this leave a good impression, but it also gives the customer a full experience.
  • Pay attention to product descriptions. You should write descriptions that complement your products and the target audience, bringing them closer to the moment of conversion.
  • Be educational and informative. Don’t just focus on the content on product pages themselves. Instead, start a blog that provides information about your industry or niche. Include these blog posts on your website, as customers would want to educate themselves before using your product.
  • Effectively place CTAs. We know that we’ve mentioned your content should not be 100% “salesy,” but it’s essential that you direct your customers. Aim all your CTAs to be included in the last paragraph of blog posts and written tutorials. It’s subtle, but nonetheless effective.
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Build a brand, then focus on the eCommerce technicalities


One thing you have to understand is that modern-day eCommerce doesn’t depend on product quality from the beginning.

When the mailman rings the door, the customer will merely view the product arrival as a stepping stone in his customer experience. The foundation of every successful purchase is branding. Customers buy from brands with their culture, tradition, and policies in mind.

  • Big brands, for example, have started using political activism as a sales point. People love to buy products from brands with whom they identify with. By contributing their money to such a cause, customers feel like they’re doing a good deed and supporting a cause that they approve of. This goes beyond political activism – you can apply this strategy to your entire brand.
  • Analyze your audience before doing anything. The more you know about the people you want to target, the better your eCommerce campaigns and overall branding identity will be. For instance, if you’re selling to mostly women 18-30, you need to adjust your tone, design and many other things. Small tweaks often contribute to much larger accomplishments.
  • Build an identity across all channels. Before you even launch a product, you have to become familiar to customers. You can strike a deal with bloggers and websites to plan many guest posts before your big launch. Generating hype is very important in the modern eCommerce world.
  • Make sure your brand identity is completely synchronized. Every logo, image, and description of your social media channels and websites have to be the same. By sheer expansion, your brand presence grows and leaves a positive expression for people who have encountered your brand for the first time.

Make the shopping experience easy


Why do customers opt for eCommerce? It’s because of a multitude of reasons, but one is more important than any other – convenience. Think about it. For example, let’s take a look at what going to the store to buy a hoodie involves:

  1. Going to the store (through traffic).
  2. Searching for the right hoodie.
  3. Searching for the right size.
  4. Going to the changing room to try it on.
  5. Wait in line.
  6. Pay.
  7. Return back home.

For 2019, this sounds complicated and simplicity has become a staple of every possible eCommerce site. To attract new customers and retain old ones, you have to get rid of any confusion or complications that might be involved with the process.

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Firstly, you should implement multiple payment options and see your customer count increase by a large margin. Think about introducing things such as cryptocurrency transactions, mainly Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

Lots of customers will pick your eCommerce brand because you have taken a stance and picked cryptocurrency. Again, here is another example of a customer picking a brand according to his/her convictions. Use this as a tool to attract new customers and avoid mistakes.

eCommerce - Mobile Commerce

What else can you do to make the shopping experience easier for everyone? Here are a few ideas:
  • Do product reviews. Make it seem like they’re from a neutral party or a third-party expert that has taken an interest in your brand. They have to provide something that product descriptions do not, like personal experiences and other details.
  • A real-time inventory does wonders. When a product is almost sold out, you can put a discount on it and create a false sense of urgency. Just displaying real-time inventory stats will urge customers into buying something just out of impulse.
  • Implement order tracking. Everyone wants to know where their package is and how long will it take for it to arrive. Calm them down by adding tracking; you will see a lot of returning customers because of this pleasant purchasing experience.

Social media is everything

Online Marketing - Social Media

For every eCommerce business, having an online presence is essential. You gain an opportunity to talk to people from all around the globe; find out more about them and their shopping habits. Social networks have a few distinct benefits that you will find enticing:

  • Promotion: Everyone joins a social network to either engage or be engaged. In fact, Facebook and Instagram have shared and exchanging information as to their foremost purpose. By having accounts on every major network, you are widening your presence and attracting new customers. Make your content shareable and easy to understand to people who see it for the first time.
  • Connection: It’s not enough to provide a supreme customer experience. To win people’s hearts over, you have to show them the real you. This is where social media comes in handy – you can connect with your customers. Respond to messages and comments. For the ultimate reward, you can re-post their content, either as a standalone re-post or as part of a UGC-acquisition campaign.
  • Research: Whenever someone likes or shares your post, they leave a trace. Use audience tracking tools to determine the demographics and other important statistics. Track the behavior and preferences of your customers in real time.

Always look to collaborate


Something that’s often disregarded by marketers is the array of benefits you can get with collaboration. Find brands in the same niche, but don’t approach them competitively.

Offer your guest posts to bigger sites and some benefits in return. Every smart entrepreneur wants not just to expand his brand, but also his network. Having powerful “friends” in the eCommerce word can bring your brand authority and respect from your peers.

If you’re aiming at B2B clients with your products, you can enter talks with them and propose projects you can launch together. Clients love brand managers who are forthcoming and open to communicate. Leave a good impression and strengthen your network, if you wish your eCommerce venture to last.

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Concluding thoughts


After determining your unique branding scheme, you will get free publicity by simply being noticeable. This is known as the “hook” in the eCommerce world. Once you’ve attracted enough of your audience, you can provide them with high-quality content surrounding the very products.

Facilitate the shopping experience and promote your brand on social media. That’s all it takes to establish yourself in the eCommerce world. Good luck!

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