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This is an article containing the monthly article digest of the month “July 2020” at RS Web Solutions (@rswebsols). You can easily find all our published articles of July 2020 in ascending order by date. This is a monthly archive page to help our readers to give an easy-to-find list of monthly articles. Along with the article title, you can also able to read a short excerpt from each article. If you find an interesting article that catches your attention, you can, of course, click on the “continue reading” link to read the entire article. Happy reading!

1) Top 7 Attributes to Keep in Mind while Planning and Analyzing the Brand Building Strategy

Published on: July 2, 2020 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing, Business

analysis-business-strategy-target-marketing-idea-brandBrand building means creating awareness and development of the business. Brand building doesn’t mean for the awareness or communication with the consumers instead it also terms for identity and worth of the company. Collaboration and associate platforms have provided opportunities for businesses to build brand awareness. If you are introducing a new business, you should know that it requires time and resources. However, you will know more about brand building and its strategies in this article. What is brand building? ...

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2) 7 Note-Worthy Tips to Choose the Best VPN for Remote Work

Published on: July 3, 2020 | Listed under: Internet

VPN-Virtual-Private-NetworkThe business world has greatly evolved over the last decade. Nowadays, people work from home and still manage to deliver the expected results. Recently, many people around the world have also been trying to work from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, we’re all living in times when it’s vital to know how to work from home. For all their remote work one tool that most workers use today is a VPN. In this article, we’ll look at the ...

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3) Top 10 Google Ads Alternatives That You Should Try

Published on: July 8, 2020 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

google-adsGoogle Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a dominant force in paid search advertising but in recent years, advertisers are starting to experience an increasingly challenging and expensive experience on the platform with a lot of fierce competition and a highly saturated audience. Advertisers may find it more beneficial to explore other ads platforms and by finding new avenues for ads and diversifying paid media spend they will be enabled to reach new engaged audiences and bring down costs; competition is ...

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4) 11 Innovative Ways to Make Your Next Instagram Marketing Campaign Dazzle

Published on: July 8, 2020 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

instagram-social-media-website-internet-laptopOf all social media platforms, you can consider Instagram the most ideal platform for brands to promote their business, engage with their target audience, and also gain new customers. It is like a large marketing cake and every marketer has to try to cut their share of the cake. So, first of all, it is important that you have a content strategy for your Instagram marketing. In comparison to other social media platforms, brand contents attract up to 15x more ...

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5) 6 Common Myths About Starting A Shopify eCommerce Store

Published on: July 10, 2020 | Listed under: eCommerce, Business

ecommerce-business-smartphone-work-office-teamWe live in an era of digitalization and people have slowly got used to technology so much. People are enjoying the digital era to the fullest. Let me tell you that during the digital era, one of the businesses that has boomed so much is E-commerce. Yes, you heard that right! In this digital era, people are no more thrilled by the idea of retail shopping. Why waste your time roaming outside, when you can shop sitting at home in ...

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6) 8 Tips to Improve Customer Service on Your WordPress Website

Published on: July 11, 2020 | Listed under: WordPress

web-design-development-marketing-seo-promotionWhen you think of a great customer service experience, you’re probably imagining a helpful salesperson. They greet you as soon as you walk into the store, they’re willing and ready to assist you with anything you need, and perhaps they’re doing something memorable. Maybe they offer you a bottle of water, give you an unexpected discount, or even a free gift. This type of customer service is provided by businesses that know the value of their clientele, such as Tiffany ...

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7) Most Popular Frameworks for Building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Published on: July 13, 2020 | Listed under: Apps & Software, Design, Programming

profressive-web-application-apps-pwa-frameworkWith the rapid change in the world of technology, web applications are continuously evolving. While the native applications were widely used previously, the popularity of progressive web apps (PWAs) is increasing in the present scenario. The high adaptation of these apps is what makes them stand out. The progressive web apps can easily adapt to a number of devices, platforms, and hardware. Moreover, the SEO friendliness of these apps is increasing the demand among corporate organizations. In comparison to native ...

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8) Zoho Projects for Freelancers: How to Organize Your Business, Complete Projects, and Increase Productivity?

Published on: July 14, 2020 | Listed under: Apps, Games & Software

Zoho ProjectsAre you facing difficulties in managing your time as a freelancer? Well, time management plays an important role in increasing work efficiency.  If you manage your time well, you will not have to seek help from an external source. Planning is necessary to remember all the tasks without forgetting any essential work. An organizer is like your personal manager which is essential to stay on top of your game. An organized person especially in freelance business is able to stay motivated ...

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9) 20 Stunning Logo Design Fonts that Every Great Designer Needs

Published on: July 18, 2020 | Listed under: Design

typography-fonts-characters-letters-designDesigning a logo can cause you a lot of trouble, especially if you want it to look well-balanced and comprehensive. One of the most significant elements that almost every logo has is the typography that expresses some accurate information about the company the clients should be aware of. Therefore, typography deserves lots of attention while thinking about the future logo. Undeniably, as a brand’s visual identity having a well-designed logo is the foremost requirement for every business. It consists of ...

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10) How to Put the Zing Back into Your Social Media Campaign?

Published on: July 20, 2020 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

social-media-campaign-marketing-mobileAnyone who possesses even a modicum of experience within the online retail industry is aware that a strong social media presence is one of the keys to success. Not only can these channels provide an excellent way to interact with customers, but they are often used in order to measure the success (or failure) of an ongoing marketing campaign. However, there can still be times when a strategy no longer seems to be producing beneficial results. Much like a hot ...

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11) 8 eCommerce Trends We See More of in 2020 & Beyond

Published on: July 20, 2020 | Listed under: eCommerce

computer-laptop-sell-sale-discount-online-payment-ecommerce-shoppingToday, nearly 25 years later, the global eCommerce sales amounted to over $3.53 trillion and are projected to grow to $6.54 trillion in 2022. Online shopping has revolutionized retail, adapting shopping into something that meets the changing needs of modern-day customers. While more than two decades ago, eCommerce had limited capabilities, today, that’s not the case anymore. These are all changes that have taken modern-day eCommerce by storm from customization, enhanced return policies, or improved integration. So, if you’re still on ...

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12) Best Practices for Building a Professional Website in 2020

Published on: July 21, 2020 | Listed under: Design

laptop-wordpress-work-website-business-office-deskHardly any business can succeed without a well-built website. As people become more reliant on the internet for most of their needs, it’s important for businesses to invest in promoting their brands online. But it is not only businesses that get to have all the fun. Agencies, independent contractors, and professional firms can attain greater leverage if they focus on building websites that highlight their services. For professionals who have yet to digitize their promotional campaigns, a website should provide valuable ...

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13) How AI is Re-Shaping Healthcare Industry in the Corona Times?

Published on: July 22, 2020 | Listed under: Technology

ai-artificial-intelligence-robot-machineCoronavirus, the dreaded COVID-19, is the biggest healthcare scare the world is grappling with. Medical researchers and scientists are using every ounce of their ingenuity as well as the latest technical innovations to fight the pandemic. We are now seeing how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are playing key roles in healthcare to understand and control the pandemic. AI is re-defining how medical treatments and the healthcare industry will work in the future. A medical assignment help provider shared ...

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14) The Best Web Hosting Services You Can Buy Now

Published on: July 23, 2020 | Listed under: Hosting Server

web-hostingWeb hosting services are a mandatory feature to stay on the internet while owning a website. Every site demands a web host, and if you are the owner of one, then you must find a host too. Interestingly, some massive sites handle web hosting themselves. These are known as web-hosting providers. For this reason, there are tons of online web hosting service providers offering a bunch of plans to website owners. It is challenging to choose the right one for ...

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15) Top 10 Online Plagiarism Checker Tools – All Details & Comparison

Published on: July 24, 2020 | Listed under: Apps & Software

office-laptop-working-deskWhen writing an article or essay, it is essential that the student or researcher provide proper attribution whenever outside sources are used, and especially avoid plagiarism issues. Indeed, professors and universities enact strict plagiarism rules, and failing to abide by them can lead to serious consequences including the threat of expulsion. Fortunately, there are plenty of online plagiarism checker tools to choose from. This article will highlight 10 companies that offer such services. Copyscape, Grammarly, Small SEO Tools, EduBride, Enago, ...

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16) 8 Technologies That are Shaking Up the Transport Industry

Published on: July 24, 2020 | Listed under: Technology

cargo-shipment-commerce-delivery-export-industrial-logistics-transportToday we’re more connected than ever. The rapid advance of globalization has completely changed the world economy, creating increasingly interconnected trade networks and fueling the production of new services and goods. Pretty much like in many other industries, globalization has also laid its hand on transport and logistic sectors, leading to an increase in international trade with lucrative prospects for businesses to capitalize on. As logistics and transport companies enjoy the dividends of a fruitful marketplace, it’s essential to note ...

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17) 10 Best Apps to Track Mobile Phone Number Location Online

Published on: July 27, 2020 | Listed under: Apps, Games & Software

laptop-smartphone-mobile-work-internetAre you trying to find the perfect mobile tracking app for you? I understand how hard it can be. There are a lot of apps that claim to offer these services, but hardly any of them do anything spectacular. Therefore, I took it upon myself to help you out and spend hours of research trying out all the popular phone location trackers. The end result is this in-depth list containing the 10 best apps to find the location of a ...

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18) Top 10 Best Selling VR Headsets & Accessories (Virtual Reality)

Published on: July 28, 2020 | Listed under: Product Reviews, Top 10

virtual-reality-vr-goggles-glass-samsungAre you searching for Virtual Reality Headsets? Looking to purchase a new one for you? Or planning to gift your loved one? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are listing Top 10 Best Selling VR Headsets & Accessories (Virtual Reality). Review the list. Hopefully, you will find the best match to buy your desired one. This list is updated daily, so you will always get the current updated rank ...

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19) How to Stop Annoying Browser Notifications on a Windows 10 PC?

Published on: July 28, 2020 | Listed under: Apps & Software

microsoft-windows-10-edge-browser-notificationHow do you feel about those unwanted, annoying browser notifications that pop up on your Windows 10 PC? I can guess that you sometimes feel frustrated because that’s the way I felt too. But since I learned how to stop annoying notifications when using a browser on Windows 10, I have not had a reason to worry anymore. What those notifications do is distract you when you are trying to focus on something more important. It can be even worse ...

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20) How to Fax from Computer, Gmail & Google Voice using CocoFax?

Published on: July 28, 2020 | Listed under: Apps & Software

cocofax-featuredFax is more than something you need occasionally. While it was the only method of official communication a few decades ago, billions of faxes are still sent every year. In fact, the advantages of fax reach far and wide over other alternatives for official communication. When people think of the hardware that one needs to get for faxing, they are dissuaded from doing it. However, do you know that you can fax without a fax machine or any of that ...

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21) What to Do if Invalid JPEG Marker Type is Found in Photoshop?

Published on: July 30, 2020 | Listed under: Apps & Software

photoshop-invalid-jpeg-marker-typeIn this blog, we will state the relevant ways to resolve the issue “Photoshop could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found”. Despite the images that can be accessed on a hard drive or browser, users of Photoshop typically face the inconsistency -– ‘invalid jpeg marker type photoshop’ while attempting to access an image in it. Due to this issue photoshop is disturbing and also it can cost the work of professionals. So, ...

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22) How More Companies are Venturing in Digital Transformation in the Wake of the Health Crisis?

Published on: July 31, 2020 | Listed under: Business, Internet, Technology

industry-web-network-digitization-digital-transformationThe current coronavirus pandemic has definitely reshaped how society conducts business. Every industry, from retail to the education sector, now sees the importance of digital platforms in reaching their target audience. As a business owner, it’s now become necessary for you to meet consumers online. This is particularly true in today’s health crisis. Because people are encouraged to stay indoors to limit the movement of the virus. You have to accelerate the digital transformation of your business. To give you ...

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