6 Common Myths About Starting A Shopify eCommerce Store

We live in an era of digitalization and people have slowly got used to technology so much. People are enjoying the digital era to the fullest. Let me tell you that during the digital era, one of the businesses that has boomed so much is E-commerce. Yes, you heard that right! In this digital era, people are no more thrilled by the idea of retail shopping. Why waste your time roaming outside, when you can shop sitting at home in front of your desktop, with multiple options to choose from!

However, the question here is how to distinguish yourself and stand out in the crowd, when there are so many E-commerce sites, to begin with. So, if selling goods online is in your consideration, Shopify will undeniably be one of the best eCommerce platforms to trust.

You will be amazed to know that Shopify has been used by 1 Million store owners with a growing customer base. The platform frequently upgrades and updates its integrations and features, making it quite easier for the merchants to customize.

That said, many people are speculative about selecting Shopify to sell their products. They usually think that it will not be suitable for their type of eCommerce business that they want to run.

Why Shopify?

Shopify Review

There are so many amazing apps of Shopify and one of the most useful and sought after is the Shopify store banners, which is a great cost-free banner for announcing and advertising about the latest offers and discounts offered by the Shopify. These banners are capable for attracting the attention of most of the people towards the latest offers as it is in the top of the home-page of the website, the very first page through which a visitor goes through to create an opinion regarding the website and deciding whether they want to shop from it.

So, when banners are disclosing amazing offers, then for sure, it can lead to getting even an uninterested customer to shop as of course, nobody wants to let go of the amazing offers and discounts.

However, there are many myths still floating around this amazing Shopify platform. What are they? Want to know? Keep reading!

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Myth 1: it is difficult to set-up a Shopify store manually

Shopify Myths 1Fact: do you know that it is actually difficult to set up the E-commerce store all by yourself! Sure, it requires the knowledge of a lot of technical stuff; it means that you need to hire a Technical Geek. However, that is not the case with the Shopify store. Here everything is ready, especially when it comes to the technical stuff. You can surely get started from their dashboard. But if you ever get stuck, there are always plenty of video tutorials and documents to learn the process.

There are people who prefer to have control over their E-commerce site. They prefer their stuff by themselves including the development of the site, servers, and designs. But you need to understand that there are also people who are not tech-savvy; they need Shopify so that the setting of the E-commerce site becomes easy for them.

Myth 2: E-commerce store is not safe

Shopify Myths 2Fact: We live in a technological era and nothing is safe, just like a thief can steal from a retail store, in the very same way data and information can be stolen from the E-commerce store. That is why you need to have a strong security system and serves to protect the E-commerce store.

Let me tell you that the proper working of servers is required so that the E-commerce site can work properly and the site is active ensuring the peak periods of the traffic that can be dealt with.

Shopify can be really helpful in such a situation. It takes care of all the security certificates and all the compliance issues. Also, it makes sure that the information of all the customers is safe on the site.

Myth 3: Lesser options to choose from

Shopify Myths 3Fact: Do you know why the Shopify platform was created in the first place? The founders could not find a good platform to create their E-commerce store and that is when Shopify happened. Shopify is one that makes the creation of the Shopify store so much easier.

As I have already told you, in the beginning, the Shopify app store has so many plug-ins, both free and paid, and everything that can expect from a standard quality E-commerce platform.

One such amazing app is Shopify create banners, which helps to attract the attention of so many visitors. No one is going to find out what kind of amazing offers and services you are offering until you advertise about it on various platforms and trust me it can be quite expensive. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore as Shopify offers these amazing free of cost banners, with which you can advertise about the offers in your site like discount, Sale and Free shipping.

When people see such amazing offers, they cannot resist themselves as everyone likes to shop off from the sale.


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Myth 4: I don’t want to make my SEO process suffer due to Shopify

Shopify Myths 4Fact: SEO is one of the most important parts of making your E-commerce store a success. However, many of the stores do not offer SEO services. You will be glad to know that Shopify has been developed by following the best practices for SEO. It includes user-friendly site architecture, sitemap, tags, and many more.

Not just that, Shopify ensures that each of the pages on your E-commerce site loads quickly that plays a major role in making site number one.

Myth 5: Shopify store app is expensive

Shopify Myths 5Fact: This myth is ridiculous. Shopify is affordable. You can use a Lite Plan which charges as low as $13 per month. But this plan has no online store. This plan allows you to create only a social media shop, which you regulate with your social media accounts.

On the other hand, if you are interested in getting an amazing Shopify store, then you should get a basic plan which costs $29 per month. This plan has all the bells and whistles that you need to build a fully functional online store. This plan, however, does not include the domain name, which you can buy for a few dollars from a domain name registration.

So, this is quite a cheap way to start an E-commerce store of your own. However, if you ask a website builder to create a website for you, you have to spend a whopping amount of $2000. Yes, you heard that right! That is the cost of asking a web professional to build a website from the ground up.

Let me tell you that websites like eBay and Amazon cost millions, in case you are not aware of it. Shopify is cheap and best and the payment for the subscription is monthly and so, you can cut it off at any time.

Myth 6: Shopify is competitive

Shopify Myths 6Fact: Ok, so there is no such business in the world that has no competition. Even the world-famous brand like Apple has to compete with Google and Samsung. Shopify has made it easy for everyone to build an amazing online business, thus the industry has become more competitive.

But here is a thing that most people don’t know. Most people build Shopify stores every month as the entry fee is low but they do the mistake of thinking that it is a cakewalk but building any kind of business is not at all easy.

Many traders that enter E-commerce stores have no idea what they are doing? It is not their fault; they are the victims of charlatans. There are so many self-proclaimed gurus and online entrepreneurs who flash a lot of money and make it seem easy to build up an online store. Many people buy it and step into the highly competitive world of the E-commerce business, thinking that it is a walk in the park.

So, lastly, I will say that this is your competition- no competition at all as they close down in a few months.

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shopify logoWe live in an era of technology and of course, slowly digitization has taken over. People refer to shop from E-commerce sites in the comfort of their homes, rather than visiting retail stores.  That is the reason by there is a sudden boom in E-commerce business. There is a huge competition in the e-commerce world and the store owners present various advanced features to attract the attention of more and more customers.

Shopify is one such E-commerce store that you can rely on, that has mind-blowing standard features, plug-ins, and apps that make sure that the set-up of the store becomes a cakewalk for you. Shopify is reliable and with each passing year, it has got more and more advanced with user-friendly features. With Shopify, it has also become possible to create highly individual stores that suit each business.

It is not a good idea to abandoned Shopify due to its common myths. Of course, Shopify is not the only one. But trust me, it is one of the best that you can have, to kick-start your E-commerce journey.

Author-Image-Alex-DaroThis article is written by Alex Daro. Alex is the founder of Newclick. He is an IT consultant with a strong passion for the web. Previous SWE at Marvel Studios, AOL, and, Digital Domain. He is currently consulting for media and e-commerce startups advising and developing key, strategic technology decisions. He has worked on many projects ranging from pipeline automation at Marvel Studios to developing websites and APIs for Google, Amazon, and The Huffington Post.

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