Top 7 Attributes to Keep in Mind while Planning and Analyzing the Brand Building Strategy

Brand building means creating awareness and development of the business. Brand building doesn’t mean for the awareness or communication with the consumers instead it also terms for identity and worth of the company. Collaboration and associate platforms have provided opportunities for businesses to build brand awareness. If you are introducing a new business, you should know that it requires time and resources. However, you will know more about brand building and its strategies in this article.

What is brand building?


Brand building is not just about introducing or communicating your brand. It’s somehow correct but the brand building means actions of providing the services and values to your customers. It includes the knowledge, feeling, and experience of your audience. There are numerous types of brands but we are discussing some of the famous types of brands:

  • Product Brand: This type is associated with the sale of some specific products like Adidas, Nestle.
  • Service Brand: The brand that provides its services to the customers on the bases of culture, knowledge, or experience. Like digital marketing service or shipping agent.
  • Retail Brand: This type of brand includes both the experience of products and services. Like McDonald’s or Dell.

Characteristics of Brand Building Strategy


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1. Introduce your Brand

attributes-planning-analyzing-brand-building-strategy-1The introduction of Brand is the first step and it’s a somehow vital step. This is because it determines what your brand is all about. If you are introducing a brand, you should focus on its strength and weakness. However, if you are planning for a personal brand then you should focus on your skills and make yourself expertise in it. You shouldn’t all the necessities of your brand.

Famous brands always will achieve their goals to become successful. Your brand’s service should be comfortable and valuable for your customers in the arena of economic, social, and environmental. For making your brand successful, you should analyze the purpose of your brand.

As Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon says, “Focus on what the people are thinking about your brand when you’re out of your room”.

If you are starting a brand, you should ask below questions yourself:

  • What is the purpose of your brand?
  • How are you different from your competitors?
  • What solutions are you providing?
  • Why people choose you?

Remember, surveys tell that “50% of people prefer buying products through brands that are based on impacts and values”. You should have a focus on the promises you did with your consumers. Your brand should provide the values, services as well as offers that are different from others. This is the reason why people would prefer your brand over others.

There are two ways to define brands including:

  1. Functional: The evaluation of the success of a brand just for the cause of money. This purpose makes success immediately and temporary.
  2. Intentional: This purpose is for brands that focus on increasing their abilities, valuation as well as their services.

2. Consistency

attributes-planning-analyzing-brand-building-strategy-2Consistency plays a vital role in the success of a brand. The key to success inconsistency is to avoid any actions that are not relevant to your brand. Like if you own a brand’s page on Facebook then you shouldn’t post any irrelevant posts. This may let your audience disordered.

Consistency is the impact on your customer and what they think about. Having strong communication means having strong consistency. This communication can be in the form of words, graphics, offers, and perspective. Consistency is the key role of engaging your brand with your customers. It helps to gain the customer’s trust for a brand.

For example, you are a fan of an influencer or a celebrity. He posts things, writes blogs, or make videos to engage you. You never miss their posts because you like them. Later they arrange webinars and you sign up for that.

You not to come to the point that you have fallen into their marketing techniques. Through this, you may purchase the product they are advertising for. The question is, how this happened? This all happens because of consistent posting and messaging. The engagement themselves with their audience through consistent in-touch.


3. Flexibility

attributes-planning-analyzing-brand-building-strategy-3The third step in components for brand building strategies, flexibility comes. Marketers nowadays remain flexible in posting relevant material on multiple platforms. This makes the brand creative with their campaigns. It might be strange when thinking flexibility along with consistency. Remember, consistency makes the standard for your brand while the flexibility makes the difference between you and your competitors. This happens through having engaging content that makes interest for your consumers.

In simple words, consistency makes the identity of a brand while the flexibility enhances the identity of the brand. We can take an example of collaboration between two brands. Many newborn brands collaborate with famous brands to become flexible in the market. Flexibility is very important in engaging and making customer attraction. If you are posting the material of the same kind every time then it might make people bore. However, this is the reason why brands introduce contests and offer for their customer to gain customer’s interest.

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4. Feeling

attributes-planning-analyzing-brand-building-strategy-4The customer never remains the same for buying products from brands. Like why people buy iPhones instead of cheap smartphones? The reason is that users have emotions of buying an iPhone instead of spending on a low-cost phone. The iPhone creates a community around its brand. They create engagement in their products with the emotions of their customers. They make their customers feel that they are a part of their community.

You should:

  • Make customers feel comfortable when engaging or using your brand.
  • Make them feel part of your brand’s family.
  • Provide them the peace of mind.
  • Make your relationship with your customers stronger.


The above Facebook comment shows how famous brand Coca-Cola is responding to its consumer. If you are successful in making your brand relationship with the feeling of the customers then you are successful in your brand building strategies. Being a startup, you should always focus on making a strong relationship with the audience and community.

5. Involvement of Employees

attributes-planning-analyzing-brand-building-strategy-5As we have expressed before, brand recognition is very essential for growth. Similarly, your employee should know how to deal with the customers and about making relationships with them. Your employees are representing your brand when communicating with the customers. In this sense, their behavior and loyalty will define your brand.

Customers usually approach the employees when they have any queries, they want representation or they have any complaints. If the customer gets a satisfactory response then it might win the customer’s heart.


6. Presentation

attributes-planning-analyzing-brand-building-strategy-6Strong content is key to showing the positive image of your brand. Digital marketing doesn’t get successful until it contains beneficial content. Here are a few tips on how your content should be published:

  • Your content should be relevant and engaging. The text for websites, social media, and other material must be original. It should be tested from an online copyright/plagiarism checker tool like Grammarly, Prepostseo, or Copyscape to avoid any duplication. This is because plagiarism in the content may ruin your effort in marketing.
  • Your content should contain relevant visuals including videos and images. It’s the best way to get attraction as well as describing your products.
  • Your content should be published on the right platform. Like if you are an influencer then Twitter and Instagram are the best platforms while Facebook is the best channel for sale and advertisements.
  • Your brand should remain active on these platforms and post the content consistently. This may happen through scheduling your post through tools like Buffer.

7. Competitive Awareness and analytics

attributes-planning-analyzing-brand-building-strategy-7All of the efforts must be trace and tracked to mark any enhancement needed. Remember, if you running a campaign you should use the analytics tool to know your performance. Brans usually use the tools to know analytics like Google Analytics. In this way, they can know the source of traffic and their location along with additional reports.

Talking about the competitors, you should know what and how they are doing. You should take this challenge to improve or build your brand campaign and strategies. Accepting challenges will let you make more efforts to get the value. You should seek morals from your tactics whether they are failed or succeed. Famous brands use to get aware of their competitors and their actions. Below is an example of a famous Pizza Hut:


A fan asked the question for two of the competitors. Pizza Hut responded within moments before the recognition of Dominos. If Dominos could keep the eye on their competitors then it might not happen.

There are various tools over the internet that are used to monitor your competitors. These tools are usually known as Social monitor tools.

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All of the above attributes are castoff to make your brand unique and grow its strength. These attributes are commonly assumed by famous brands. If you are a newbie brand then you should follow the community and their needs. However, you should follow the trend in terms of building your brand’s strategies as they never remain the same.

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