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This is an article containing the monthly article digest of the month “January 2019” at RS Web Solutions (@rswebsols). You can easily find all our published articles of January 2019 in ascending order by date. This is a monthly archive page to help our readers to give an easy-to-find list of monthly articles. Along with the article title, you can also able to read a short excerpt of each article. If you find an interesting article that catches your attention, you can, of course, click on the “continue reading” link to read the entire article. Happy reading!

1) What Print Management Trends Happened in 2018?

Published on: January 3, 2019 | Listed under: Technology

machine-printer-color-inkjet-pantoneBarring some rare exceptions over the past few years, print management as a whole has remained relatively stagnant.  Very few organizations are going against the grain and are for the most part doing what they have done previously: “Struggling with print servers” or “Struggling with direct IP printing”. However, when these organizations start to grow mainly through diversification or mergers and acquisitions (as we have seen many since digital print has come to the fore), the need coupled with the ...

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2) Smart Home Technologies That Are Improving Everyday Life

Published on: January 5, 2019 | Listed under: Technology

Smart Home TechnologiesSmart technology has revolutionized many industries and aspects of our lives. In efforts to keep up with the fast-paced and busy way of life in the 21st century, it has brought us convenience and comfort. We rely on technology a lot, and the market and the industry are well aware of that. Every day we see new gadgets being released and updated, each one smarter and more efficient than the other. To find out what are some of the best ...

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3) Semantic Search – Why and How it Matters for SEO?

Published on: January 5, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

SEO - Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization is so widely used and referred to in the age of digital marketing that it has become a buzzword.  Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the way in which businesses use keywords to ensure that Internet search bots recognize their websites.  Many business owners are increasingly turning to differentiation to ensure that their websites are noticed.  Semantic searches are one way to differentiate their websites! Semantic searches explained: When an Internet search engine bot examines ...

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4) Click Analytics: How to Grow Your ECommerce Site Using Click Analytics?

Published on: January 7, 2019 | Listed under: eCommerce

analytics-big-data-business-chart-desk-graph-office-workLaunching an eCommerce website is just the beginning. You want to know if customers remain engaged or rather what actions they take on-site, and what products they click on while there. Granted, click analytics provides a solution to these concerns. And any other actions a visitor takes beyond that such as making a sale, viewing other products on your website is what converts a visitor into a customer, and this is termed a ‘conversion point’. Recommended for you: eCommerce Tips: 10 ...

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5) 9 Ways to Become a Better Mobile App Developer Through Teamwork

Published on: January 8, 2019 | Listed under: Apps & Software

Mobile-App-Developer-Designer-Team-Work-MeetingWithout an efficient and hardworking team, no project has ever gone successfully to heights. A mobile app is not only about creating, developing an app for the sake of the user. It’s basically more than an app. It’s the combined effort of all the members in a team. When a team works in harmony, it’s quite evident that the result will be better than expected. To make sure that the team performs dedicatedly, and every individual’s contribution is applauded, there ...

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6) New Ways to Use Facebook for Business Marketing in 2019

Published on: January 9, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

facebook-social-media-marketingSocial media is at its boom. Gone are the days when social media was utilized only by individuals as a means of communication and online socialization. The overall purpose has now gone far and is now being utilized by millions of businesses for marketing objectives. Facebook is one of the social media that have been popular in recent times. In fact, it has changed the entire concept of social media. Businesses consider it as a lucrative medium to evolve their ...

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7) Top 6 Reasons Your Magento Website Should Switch to WordPress

Published on: January 10, 2019 | Listed under: Design

WordpressWordPress is the most popular content management system. 50% of the market share is held by WordPress. It not only provides help for business but for health too. Finding a solution to publish the content can be a very tough task and can even cause a person headache. WordPress is the most appreciated by everyone, as it is a great platform for the bloggers. There is a publishing platform available to the customers with a great mix of flexibility, functionality, ...

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8) 8 Useful Tips for Building a Strong Company Culture

Published on: January 11, 2019 | Listed under: Miscellaneous

company-conference-discussion-employee-meeting-office-work-teamEvery small or large organization has a distinct culture that defines it. Culture is made up of the beliefs, ideologies, principles, and values of a company. Therefore, your culture will determine how employees relate to each other at work. In addition, it will have a major impact on the productivity and performance of workers. Here are some of the advantages of good workplace culture: So how do you build a strong company culture? Recommended for you: 10 Great Ways to ...

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9) 7 Coolest Wearable Tech Gadgets Making an Impact

Published on: January 12, 2019 | Listed under: Technology

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet - 4Ever since technology has become a crucial part of our life, we all seem to be inclining towards smaller and smarter tech gadgets. From tracking total calories burned to take selfies using voice commands, wearable gadgets are rapidly growing and gaining attention from across the world; and, while these tech gadgets have only been around for a few years for consumers, medical professionals, military forces, and businesses have used them for decades. According to wearable technologies, wearable technology exceeded a whopping ...

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10) 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Productivity Tool

Published on: January 14, 2019 | Listed under: Miscellaneous

productivity-desk-computer-work-officeProductivity has been a buzzword for quite some time and many of us are on a never-ending quest of becoming more productive. There are many tools that can provenly improve productivity. These tools help to accomplish more in less time. As all tools aren’t made equal, you might encounter some of them that will make your work even more complicated. It happens either because the tool is wrong or it doesn’t fit in your daily workflow. Whatever is the case, ...

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11) 7 Killer ECommerce Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Business in 2019

Published on: January 16, 2019 | Listed under: eCommerce

7 Killer ECommerce Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Business in 2019Nowadays online business is growing at an alarming rate. It starts domination on the physical market and due to which every company is moving towards the online channel. Due to the opening of a large number of online store competition is also getting tough. Due to which in this digital age, eCommerce solutions for small business says that setting up an eCommerce store is moderately simple but generating revenue is tough. With opening of N numbers of Online Store, consumers ...

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12) How Web Application Can Help University In State Authorization?

Published on: January 16, 2019 | Listed under: Apps & Software

business-desk-job-learn-macbook-office-work-studyWith the commencement of distance learning or e-learning, it has become easy for students to study and acquire knowledge at their own pace and which help them to better understand each and every aspect of a particular subject. If the student is working somewhere, he doesn’t have to leave it for his studies and even help him to acquire an additional qualification. E-Learning is studying utilizing computers and educational curriculum outside of the traditional classroom. It plays a major role ...

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13) Optimize SEO for Greater Organic Lead Generation and Conversion

Published on: January 16, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

SEO-Lead-Generation-ConversionJust imagine, you are cozy and comfortable on your sofa with your favorite movie playing in front of you and also delicious delicacies along with it. But suddenly, someone causes a hindrance in your ongoing mood just because they wanted to promote their business at that time. Your reaction was just natural. So, by ignoring all these things, why we don’t do this in the right way with the SEO? Just think for a second, how it feels when someone ...

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14) Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Smartphone Feature Review – All You Need to Know

Published on: January 21, 2019 | Listed under: Gadget Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 SmartphoneIf you have ever used any technology gadget of Xiaomi before then you must be aware of the service and reputation of this leading technology company. Whether it is a Smartphone or any other modern gadget, Xiaomi has always impressed its customers with its premium products. Recently, the company has launched which is packed with a plethora of unique features and extraordinary functions. Here we have revealed everything about this modern device in its comprehensive review: Design: When we talk ...

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15) How Does Print Advertising Look in 2019?

Published on: January 22, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

brochure-business-commerce-creative-magazine-press-print-readPhysical newspaper and magazine subscriptions have dwindled significantly in recent years, thanks to the internet. Why would you pay for paper news when you can access all the articles and details, you’d ever want from a device in your pocket? When it comes to marketing, this presents new challenges and has many marketers questioning the future of print advertising. The Current State of Print Advertising Print mediums have been declining steadily for the last 30 years. Newspaper decline is a ...

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16) The Review of Reseller Hosting by Host4Geeks – All You Need to Know

Published on: January 23, 2019 | Listed under: Hosting Server

Reseller Hosting by Host4GeeksWeb hosting is extremely vital for the presence of businesses which trade their products or services through online medium. There are several reputed web hosting companies available in the market that offer reseller hosting services and Host4Geeks is one of them. If you want to know all the important highlights of reseller hosting by Host4Geeks then here is a comprehensive review that will cover everything you want to know about this company: Features of reseller hosting plans by Host4Geeks: The ...

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17) 20 Best Selling Micro Niche WordPress Themes

Published on: January 23, 2019 | Listed under: WordPress

Best Selling Micro Niche WordPress ThemesThere are so many things that you need to take into account while launching an official web page of your personal or business project. You need to get a clear understanding of the preferences of your target audience. Also, you need to think about the data that you would like to be present on your site. The structure and presentation of your content are extremely important, as well as the further promotion of our venture for better audience engagement. In ...

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18) Make Money Via Dropshipping Business & Amazon Product Reviews

Published on: January 24, 2019 | Listed under: eCommerce, SEO & Marketing

Amazon-Dropshipping-GuideNowadays, we can make money online in different ways that whenever we need without experiencing any issues. Here we are going to have a discussion about the best things how we can make money in a quick time. Well, we can see that millions of people are working for making their money that whenever they want. Based on the online business in various ways, the making money online has become easy for the people that most of the time. Whenever ...

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19) 7 Useful Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable

Published on: January 24, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

email-marketing-work-office-deskAlthough the death of email gets declared almost every day, fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, email is still one of the most important tools for both B2B and B2C companies. Because it allows them to reach out to their target audience in a relatively affordable way. For instance, 80% of retail professionals identify email marketing as their primary tool for keeping their customers, and in that aspect, it even beats social media. And when it ...

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20) Vivo NEX Dual Screen / Dual Display Smartphone Feature Review

Published on: January 24, 2019 | Listed under: Gadget Reviews

Vivo NEX Dual Screen SmartphoneBeing one of the leading technology brands, Vivo has a tendency to hit the market with a unique device that can create a buzz amongst users. Recently, the company has launched one of the most awaited devices in the form of . It has got a lot of things that may surprise you in a positive way. Here we have highlighted all the features of this fantastic Smartphone in its review. Take a look at the following details and you will ...

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21) Kospet Hope Smartwatch Phone Full Review after Using for 7 Days

Published on: January 25, 2019 | Listed under: Gadget Reviews

Kospet Hope Smartwatch PhoneI have been looking for a modern Smartwatch since last few months and heard a lot of positives about Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch Phone. Previously I have also written a feature review of this smartwatch phone on our blog. Finally, I decided to purchase it and I ordered it through GearBest at a price of $139.99 with a hefty discount of 23%. Now it is almost a week since I have been using this Smartwatch and there are lots of things I ...

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22) LiveAgent Live Chat Software Review – How Worthy it is?

Published on: January 28, 2019 | Listed under: Apps, Games & Software

LiveAgent Live Chat Software ReviewThere are different kinds of helpdesk software available in the market and those are all packed with a plethora of features. Most of them are priced extremely high while some of them come with reasonable pricing but you need to compromise with the features offered. Choosing perfect live chat software is a quite challenging task for every organization as customer support is considered as a crucial part of any online business. Recently, we came across LiveAgent which has got something ...

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23) Why Data Scientists Prefer Python Programming Language for Machine Learning?

Published on: January 28, 2019 | Listed under: Programming

coding-laptop-programming-work-software-technologyWhen it comes to machine learning applications, operational and training phases for algorithms are quite different. Most of the companies prefer different languages for different phases. The overall idea behind this objective is to do some experiment in the development phase and figure out language that can be best suited. Machine learning was rated as one of the highly admired skills in the last couple of years. Today, more than 80% of the developers focus on acquiring this skill and ...

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24) 5 Ways to Keep Your eCommerce Customers Coming Back in 2019

Published on: January 29, 2019 | Listed under: eCommerce

buy-ecommerce-card-customer-online-shopping-payment-purchaseIf you know what makes a customer come back for more, you’re onto a winner. Customer acquisition cost can get out of hand, and the true cost of acquiring new customers can be as much as 25 times more expensive than holding onto an existing one. The good news is that your customers want to be loyal to you – just like you want them to. It’s a win-win situation. But only if you know how to make your business ...

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25) What Exactly is the SEO & Marketing for Dentist in 2019?

Published on: January 29, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

online-digital-internet-marketingOne of the more important aspects of running a successful dental practice is the acquisition of new patients. Your clientele is the lifeblood of your organization, without a strong base it may be difficult to effectively sustain your business in the long haul. Once upon a time, having your business listed in the Yellow Pages and having a few billboards or park benches was the best form of dentist marketing. In today’s world, more than 75% of potential patients begin ...

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26) The Phenomenon of Leadership – The Theory, Conception & Analysis

Published on: January 29, 2019 | Listed under: Miscellaneous

different-group-leadership-teamwork-unity-follwerMany theories try to explain the phenomenon of leadership. Perhaps the oldest of them, which has not lost its relevance today, is the theory of devils. It was created by identifying the qualities inherent in the ideal leaders – heroes. The essence of this theory is to explain the phenomenon of leadership by outstanding human qualities. Among the traits inherent in a political leader are usually called a sharp mind, strong will and determination, seething energy, outstanding organizational skills and, ...

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27) How a Data Management Platform (DMP) Work for Digital Marketing?

Published on: January 29, 2019 | Listed under: SEO & Marketing

analysis-business-chart-data-desk-invoice-office-report-workToday, information or data is considered one of the most precious things and sometimes it is referred to as a new form of digital currency. It is an important tool which can do miracles for any form of business. This is a reason why you should know how to utilize data effectively in order to get the best out of it in minimum time. The modern-day advertising is quite challenging and sometimes it becomes quite complex as every small thing ...

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28) Teclast F7 Plus Notebook / Ultrabook Feature Review

Published on: January 30, 2019 | Listed under: Gadget Reviews

Teclast F7 Plus Notebook / UltrabookA reputed Chinese manufacturing company, Teclast is known for producing highly affordable laptops that cater to a different segment of the market. Recently, the company has released a magnificent masterpiece, that brags about its extraordinary features. Though it has got almost the same specification to laptops that fall in a similar category, you will find something unique that will persuade you to prefer it over other devices. Browse through following details to know about all the features offered by this ...

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