7 Useful Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable

Although the death of email gets declared almost every day, fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, email is still one of the most important tools for both B2B and B2C companies. Because it allows them to reach out to their target audience in a relatively affordable way. For instance, 80% of retail professionals identify email marketing as their primary tool for keeping their customers, and in that aspect, it even beats social media. And when it comes to B2B companies, 59% of B2B marketers say that email is still the best channel for revenue generation.

People have a habit of checking their email at least once a day, which is one of the reasons why email marketing is effective, but since your average user receives a ton of emails every day, it’s really easy for your emails to get lost in all that noise. Despite that, emails can still be effective if done right, and arguably the most aspect of every email is its subject line. With that in mind, we have put together a list of seven tips which will help you make your email subject line more clickable. Keep on reading.

1. Introduce an Element of Urgency

Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable - Point 1Of course, you want to avoid your subject line sounding overly dramatic or resembling an infomercial, but you get what we’re on about. Your target audience members will be more likely to take you up on the offer from inside your subject line and click on it if you can manage to communicate urgency and scarcity. But you need to use such email subject lines sparingly for maximum effect, otherwise, they will lose their power. There is no scarcity if you are constantly making limited-time offers, is there?

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2. Name-Dropping

Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable - Point 2Almost nothing sparks your audience’s interest like when they encounter a famous person’s name inside the subject line of your email, or at least the name of someone they admire. However, before you can do this, you need to know your audience’s needs and preferences pretty well. On top of that, this sort of tactic needs to fall in line with your business and its tone, message, brand, and products. It needs to be relevant to your business.


3. Short and Punchy Is the Way to Go

Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable - Point 3As much as 77% of all emails are opened on mobile devices, and as we know, you have only a dozen or so seconds to capture their attention. Long subject lines will test their patience, and they may not even be displayed in their entirety on mobile screens. They keep their subject lines under 50 characters or so. This helps their customers to read their entire subject line. This makes them more likely to read the entire message.

4. Make Sure They Know What’s Inside

Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable - Point 4For instance, say you have gotten one of your customers to sign up for your offers or a free/paid eBook. Make sure that the follow-up email states exactly what is inside; such as “Your free eBook is here” or something along those lines. It’s a lot more effective than thanking them because they might think it’s just a perfunctory courtesy email. Not only will they miss out on the content, but you may also miss out on a chance to convert them.

5. Don’t Overpromise

Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable - Point 5Never make promises with your subject line that you can’t keep. Although that sort of clickbait might get them to click on your email once, they will realize that you’ve tricked them, and they won’t be back for another round. In fact, they will most likely unsubscribe. You will only be able to convert your audience members and turn them into customers if you can earn their trust. You will do that by providing exactly what is offered inside the subject line of your every email.


6. Timing Is Everything

Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable - Point 6The time at which you send out your emails can make a huge difference when it comes to open and click-through rates. For example, if you are running an email campaign for your bar or restaurant, you are going to want to send your email after office hours, when your target audience is deciding where they should go for drinks or dinner. This also applies if you are trying to take advantage of a particular short-lived trend or fad. This means you will need to act quickly in order to make your subject lines relevant.

7. Use Puns

Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable - Point 7This one is pretty specific, but it works like a charm. Most people like a good pun. If you can get them to chuckle with your subject line, they will end up reading your entire email. For example, JetBlue, a low-cost airline company, used a subject line “Fleet dreams are made of these low fares!”; which is a hilarious pun and a reference to a famous Eurythmics song.

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Tips to Make Your Email Subject Line More Clickable - conclusion

Email should be an integral part of everyone’s marketing strategy and it can produce outstanding results if done properly. We hope that these tips will help you create email subject lines your audience won’t be able to resist.

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