Top 6 Reasons Your Magento Website Should Switch to WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system. 50% of the market share is held by WordPress. It not only provides help for business but for health too. Finding a solution to publish the content can be a very tough task and can even cause a person headache. WordPress is the most appreciated by everyone, as it is a great platform for the bloggers. There is a publishing platform available to the customers with a great mix of flexibility, functionality, convenience, and proper support and this platform are WordPress.

A person can even hire Magento expert as the web development frameworks have to manage in becoming the best for the website builders. There have always been debates for running a website concerning the better choice between WordPress and Magento. Magento enables a person in combining the content management elements. The WordPress and Magento create a standard in the e-commerce web development world.

A business can go for a blend of both Magento and WordPress as choosing the best publishing platform for the website can be a tough job and no one wants to go wrong and waste their time and money. And hence, choosing the best option over others is the only solution left. One can read the below-given reasons for switching and converting from Magento to WordPress and make a fair choice.

Reasons to switch from Magento to WordPress:

Magento WordPress integration

WordPress conversion from the Magento is something that needs to be looked at. There are many advantages of this conversion of WordPress over Magento, namely,

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1. Search engine optimization friendly:

Reasons Your Magento Website Should Switch to WordPress - Point 1WordPress offers a lot of friendly features including search engine optimization that is deemed to be the prominent tool in ensuring the success of your website. It is quite easy and convenient to add SEO features to the WordPress website.

2. Quite affordable:

Reasons Your Magento Website Should Switch to WordPress - Point 2When it comes to WordPress and Magento, WordPress seems to be quite affordable when we talk about developing a website in a cheaper way. Free third-party accessibility and availability play a very important role in making WordPress the best solution.

3. Comfort zone of buyers is necessary:

Reasons Your Magento Website Should Switch to WordPress - Point 3WordPress over rules Magento in this quality as it provides a much broader base for customers as compared to the Magento. The convenience and comfort of the customer are very important to focus on. Purchasers find it much easier and comfortable in exploring the WordPress websites rather than Magento.

4. A Steep learning curve is formed:

Reasons Your Magento Website Should Switch to WordPress - Point 4The time taken by a person to learn the fundamentals and functions of creating and managing an e-commerce website using WordPress in a graphical representation is termed to be a learning curve. Here, steep learning curve means it is quite quick and easy to learn the process of web designing with WordPress as compared to the Magento.

5. E-commerce addition is an easy task:

Reasons Your Magento Website Should Switch to WordPress - Point 5A customer can anytime download and install the WordPress plugins if he/she wishes to sell products and services online, this helps them to add perfect e-commerce functionality to the website. The users always see WordPress as a content publishing tool but in addition, it enables users to different processes of e-commerce and its different functions very easily and quickly.

6. Flexible, free and open source platform:

Reasons Your Magento Website Should Switch to WordPress - Point 6The main reason for the popularity of WordPress is that it is free of cost and has no additional hidden charges. The users are allowed to improve their sites and change the source code as per their requirements as it is an open source platform.

Final Words


After going through the above reasons, one can clearly convert on to WordPress and choose it over others. In the present scenario, it is quite efficient to keep up with the latest trends in this dynamic world. A massive transformation has taken place over WordPress and made it an extraordinary CMS. If a person wants his/her business to be benefitted, he/she should immediately switch up to the most convenient, easy and affordable web development system, WordPress.

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