New Ways to Use Facebook for Business Marketing in 2019

Social media is at its boom. Gone are the days when social media was utilized only by individuals as a means of communication and online socialization. The overall purpose has now gone far and is now being utilized by millions of businesses for marketing objectives.

Facebook is one of the social media that have been popular in recent times. In fact, it has changed the entire concept of social media. Businesses consider it as a lucrative medium to evolve their marketing strategies.

Here are some ways in which Facebook can be used for business marketing in 2019:


1. Facebook advertising

New Ways to Use Facebook for Business Marketing in 2019 - Point 1Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways in which business marketing can be done in this year. It has its own ads which appear inside columns of the website. Implementing Facebook ads in your overall marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to market the services and products. You can target the demographics according to age, interest, education, and locations which makes target marketing simpler and easier. The ability to set budgets is more advanced. It makes it more convenient for the business to advertise.

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2. Host Facebook contests

New Ways to Use Facebook for Business Marketing in 2019 - Point 2This strategy was popular last year but will tend to grow in popularity this year as well. It is highly effective in terms of results. Businesses can utilize different third-party applications to host Facebook contests. There are several page tools that can be used in this context. There are free ones as well. A number of contest templates are available that can be utilized. However, there are many channels that can help with business marketing using different social media platforms such as Facebook.


3. Promote posts

New Ways to Use Facebook for Business Marketing in 2019 - Point 3There are millions of individuals on Facebook using it for different purposes. The large user base makes it an ideal channel for businesses to promote their posts about services and products. Even though you can simply form a business Facebook page and upload the posts. However, there is no guarantee that it will be visible to all your fans. Rather consider promoted posts. The chances of being on your fan’s user RSS feed increases. They are easier to set up. The overall process is simplified. However, it doesn’t offer the same benefit as Facebook ads where you can target a particular section of individuals.

4. Sponsored stories

New Ways to Use Facebook for Business Marketing in 2019 - Point 4Sponsored stories are one of the most effective marketing tools on Facebook. The ultimate objective of this instrument is to enable the user to take some action as their friends. In fact, it has been declared by Facebook itself that this tool has a better conversion rate than regular tools. This makes it a very serious and lucrative strategy tool for marketing. It can be created easily using Facebook advertisement create flow. However, the strategy can be customized according to varying needs and preferences of different businesses so incorporate it accordingly within your existing plan.

5. Use it as a customer feedback tool

New Ways to Use Facebook for Business Marketing in 2019 - Point 5Facebook itself can be very creative and innovative when it comes to customer feedback. In this customer-oriented world, it has become imperative for a wide range of businesses to base their strategies on the needs of customers. This is where customer service comes into play.

As Eddie Madan, the Founder and the CEO of Edkent Media mentioned in his interview,

“Facebook can be utilized as a tool where customers can lodge their complaints and relevant feedback about the products and services acquired. Businesses are able to connect with their existing and potential customers in a better and more effective manner.”


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6. Audience engagement

New Ways to Use Facebook for Business Marketing in 2019 - Point 6This is the summary of all the above points listed. The main objective of businesses should be engaging with your customers. The better the engagement, higher the chances are of being more successful with different operations. Facebook can be an ideal way in which businesses can engage with their customers. Either interact with them in a creative and friendly way or address their needs and demands through this channel. It can either be done by replying to their comments on your posts or conducting private conversations. Businesses are and should aim towards maintaining good relationships with their customer base. Facebook is an ideal and an effective way to address this concern.

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