What Print Management Trends Happened in 2018?

Barring some rare exceptions over the past few years, print management as a whole has remained relatively stagnant.  Very few organizations are going against the grain and are for the most part doing what they have done previously:

“Struggling with print servers” or “Struggling with direct IP printing”.

However, when these organizations start to grow mainly through diversification or mergers and acquisitions (as we have seen many since digital print has come to the fore), the need coupled with the demand for print management software choices is beginning to reach a critical point as an organization starts looking to spend less on managing print and seeks to focus more on their core operation. With these reasons in mind, the outlook for 2019 is we will see some print management emerging trends becoming commonplace behavior.

Cloud-Based Print Management Solutions

Top analysts like Gartner have projected cloud revenue to grow a massive 17.3 percent in 2019.  With cloud-based enterprise print management playing a vital role in that.


A growing number of organizations are becoming aware of the benefits attributed to cloud services and what they bring to the table for their respective businesses. From predictable and convenient software such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) models to reduced infrastructure (physical) and omnipresent accessibility.

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BYOD and Mobile Support

IT professionals tell us they see a sharp increment in enterprise mobile computing initiatives. A usual trend is for these to arouse increased requests for Bring your own device (BYOD) use and guest access backed up by analytical data. Recent murmurings are that some research firms are expecting that the BYOD enterprise mobility market mass will hit over $73 billion in 2021, over double that what we saw in 2016 when the market was valued at a touch over $35 billion.

The current state-of-play is that BYOD support is way more of an obstacle than it should be due to little or no native support for mobiles as the reality is traditional print management software is well behind the curve. We are at a junction where enterprise print management has to become flexible and intuitive for administrations and users alike; the industry seems stuck in the status quo.

Print Security

Security is paramount across the board, and system admins are having to be extra vigilant after some high-profile data breaches, catapulting it into the psyche. These concerns have changed the way in which organizations are approaching their everyday printing and printer management.


With the back-end, they require better audit capabilities and better insight into particular printing habits and trends. With regards to the front end, they are looking for convenient, secure printing methods for their users.

During 2018 organization began to shift focus toward even more print security by executing practical, user-friendly printing functionality securely (pull printing being a prime example) through their print management software.

PrinterLogic and PrinterCloud

A relatively long time before both of these established themselves as trends PrinterLogic was busy overhauling and revolutionizing print management software through an on-premises enterprise print management solution, this was next-generation tech delivered today back then.

Now it is complemented by a robust cloud-based SaaS solution called PrinterCloud. With each solution quickly integrated to work swiftly and efficiently with your current and existing environment which includes Citrix and VMware you can eliminate print servers while still savoring direct IP printing cleverly coupled with centralized management.

Through the elimination of GRo’s and scripts, this makes managing printers extremely easy and PrinterLogic and PrinterCloud provides advanced functionalities like Pull and Mobile Printing that are designed to satisfy the most demanding BYOD and tricky printing scenarios.

Unchained form the limitations intrinsically linked with traditional print management software PrinterCloud and PrinterLogic brings macro and micro-level insight to the table using an extensive Print Auditing function.

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With more and more organizations determining the no-compromise advantages of enterprise print management augmented by the options of on-premise or cloud-based solutions it’s a possibility that the migration to PrinterLogic will be the defining management trend when we look back at this year and consider it to continue well into 2019 and even beyond.

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