The Right Way to Enhance eCommerce Website Development using Magento

It would not be wrong to say that at the present time, eCommerce is the most talked about aspect in the online world. Every now and then we get to know about or come across a new online shopping site and other e-Commerce websites. Nevertheless, merely building an e-Commerce website and decorating it with attractive elements will not bring success. If you want to make sure that your business website actually delivers results, then you have to keep on looking for ways to improve your e-Commerce site.  There are numerous ways available when it comes to eCommerce development, and one of them is the proper use of Magento Platform.

What Is Magento?


Well, it is an open-source CMS (content management system) that has been designed for e-Commerce websites. This platform or software was at first developed a US private company. Since its inception, the platform has witnessed massive growth rate. In fact, it is the most widely used platform or stage for e-Commerce websites, which has lured several business owners, entrepreneurs and retailers to implement Magento on their business website. As a matter of fact, there are three versions of editions of Magento. In order to understand which version will be the best for your business and its eCommerce development, it is essential to know a few things about the. Below they are:

Enterprise Edition:

magento-enterprise-editionIn case your business requirements are high and your e-Commerce site is growing at an impressive rate then you need to pick the Magento enterprise edition. Designed for higher performance, this tailor-made form of Magento offers access to hundreds of extensions as well as expert support. So, for better control over your e-Commerce website, the enterprise edition is must, which offers numerous features.

Community Edition:

magento-community-editionThis community edition is available for free. You can download it without paying anything, and for this reason, this version is for small businesses or those who wish to learn Magento. Being an open source platform, this edition of Magento offers you the advantage of community support. You get the basic functions of Magento with this version.

To know more about Magento please visit the wiki page or the Magento official website.

The Approach for Magento e-Commerce Development

Just having the power of Magento will not help you. It is vital to learn about how to develop the platform in the most appropriate way. Basically, there are three steps or stages of Magento eCommerce development, which are- Build, Attract, and Optimize. Let’s take a detailed look at the three steps.


The Right Way to Enhance eCommerce Website Development using Magento BuildIn this first step, you have to define the structural design, which will become the base for your eCommerce website, and its success will heavily depend on the same. The processes or steps of the structural design should be in proper sequence. The architecture has to be visually attractive and interactive as well. In this step, there are two things that you mainly have to keep in mind. The first is about identifying the functionality of your e-Commerce site, which can be done by figuring out the client requirements. When working on this step, your prime focus should be to minimize the need for multiple revisions. For this reason, the prime purpose of the e-Commerce website should be always on the priority. The second step involves the arrangement of the contents on the website, both text and images. This step certainly requires the skills of an SEO expert.


The Right Way to Enhance eCommerce Website Development using Magento AttractOnce the Magento powered eCommerce website has been designed, it is the time to attract your customers. In other words, it is essential to generate good amount of business for your website. This can be done by running PPC and SEO campaigns, particularly for eCommerce websites. Creating comprehensive portfolios of your product is essential in this step.


The Right Way to Enhance eCommerce Website Development using Magento OptimizeTime to time optimization of your Magento e-Commerce website is necessary. This will help achieve maximum output for your business, by getting more and more traffic to your e-Commerce site. Customers’ need changes quite often and retaining your old and existing customers is possible by optimizing your e-Commerce website accordingly. This is where the Enterprise edition of Magento can be quite useful. It will allow you to customize your business site as per the present needs.

So, those were three basic steps involved in the development of your e-Commerce website on the Magento platform. There are few more things that you need to keep in mind when going for the development process. Let’s check them as well.


Other Aspects of Magento e-Commerce Development

Select Your Hosting:

The Right Way to Enhance eCommerce Website Development using Magento HostingFor those who do not know, Magento based database eat up a lot of space. In other words, they are resource heavy, and for this reason, powerful servers are needed to run such as a website smoothly. In the market, you will find numbers of web hosting service providers. But, choose the one which has specialization and experience in hosting websites or e-Commerce sites powered by Magento. Having numerous items on your website will definitely invite huge traffic to your business site. Hence, if you want to add more reliability to your e-Commerce website, be prepared to spend a little more on the hosting service. As the traffic flowing through your website gets stronger, you need to add more servers to your business’s site.

Developing a Theme:

The Right Way to Enhance eCommerce Website Development using Magento ThemeThough there is no dearth of Magento based themes in the web world, but most of the business owners and Magento developers prefer adding personal touch to the appearance of the e-Commerce site. This is done with the motto to create a unique image for the company’s brand. So, you can purchase a premium theme from the online vendors and customize it as per your preferences.  However, it is essential to remember that in Magento platform, customization is possible only on the visual part of the e-Commerce store.


So, those were some of the basic and vital aspects related to the enhancement of your eCommerce website development. Setting up the database is equally important. If you follow the above mentioned aspects carefully, then coming up with a successful and powerful online store based on Magento platform is definitely possible.

This article is written by Chirag Patel. He is a digital marketer at ZealousWeb, an ISO Certified Company providing eCommerce website design & development services to worldwide clients. He is passionate about content writing and sports. Follow him on Twitter.

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