How to Increase Magento Performance & Speed?

Introduction (How to Increase Magento Performance & Speed): Newly installed Magento proves rather slow to use with the default settings. Most people would like to increase Magento performance and speed, and save time spent on the searches. Some will target its integration with plugins, reduces steps of execution and store cache appropriately. Some of the most applied methods are discussed below.

Use Compiler to Increase Magento Performance & Speed:

increase-magento-performance-speed-01The compilation of Magento files will lead to better performance. This involves concatenation of various PHP files and sorting them in a single location. This will in turn increase the efficiency of the auto loader. Technically, the function of the auto loader is to locate the and select the best PHP file from four major locations which include: app/code/community, app/code/local, app/code/core and the lib. The more the files that the auto loader has to get through the slower it will be. When compiled the auto loader will only be required to look into includes file. This reduces the time it takes which translates to faster Magento.

Use Compression tools to Increase Magento Performance & Speed:

increase-magento-performance-speed-02This includes JavaScript and CSS compression tools. They will reduce the size of the files significantly. This is done by removal of white characters and additional comments and links. The main intention of this reduction is to retain the functional parts of a code ad reduce its storage space. The compressors usable are readily available for download, where one has to specify that they want tools for Magento JS and CSS compression.

Merging JS & CSS files to Increase Magento Performance & Speed:

increase-magento-performance-speed-03This significantly reduces the number of protocol requests from the browser. When merged, the site visitor will manage to get the results of JS and CSS files at the same times. This is done by following the following steps. Select the system menu, advanced settings, for developers and select syndicate JavaScript and CSS files to save at the first time boot.

Use speedster plugin to Increase Magento Performance & Speed:

increase-magento-performance-speed-04These plugins are available for download through Magento such as Foomaan speedster. It is a plug-in which is coded in such a way the tit compresses, combines and caches the Java script and CSS files. Use of this plug-in is highly recommended as it combines many functions for small storage space as well as eliminated the need for GZip support on the server. It also brings in automatic version which creates a new URL each time the plug-in is updated. CSS images are also improved significantly regardless of the skin or package being used. Addition of plugins can be achieved by following the following procedure:- open the system menu, Magento connect, manage extensions and insert the code and install the plugin extension automatically.

Enabling Cache to Increase Magento Performance & Speed:

increase-magento-performance-speed-05Optimizing a Magento installation may be done by letting the Magento cache some portions of the code bases used. It is not advisable to enable all caches, but most importantly layouts and block HTML output as a result, the time taken to load a site is significantly reduced. This can be done by selecting the Magento admin panel, systems, cache storage Magento and enable the cache.

Add Accelerator on server to Increase Magento Performance & Speed:

increase-magento-performance-speed-06Install APC/Xcache Accelerator on the server. This will increase the loading speed by introducing caching which will in turn cache the PHP code used which thereby make it more responsive. It will also stop the interpreter form recompiling the PHP code every time one makes a request. PHP interpreter has to reach each file every time from the storage disk. This is a tedious process, which proves time consuming. Use of an accelerator will split up the steps and optimizes the necessary stops. This is done by caching the codes used in intermediary stages which is repeatedly used instead of a recompilation of the code.

Use GZip to Increase Magento Performance & Speed:

increase-magento-performance-speed-07This is a compression tool which comes as a default extension in popular browsers. This is a good tool to use in speeding up the Magento. In addition, it is available for downloads. When using the default configuration of Magento, it proves really slow since the browser has the GZip compression tool, it is easy to enable it and maximize on the speed of the browser. This is done by replacing the file htaccess by GZip coding.

Delete Etags to Increase Magento Performance & Speed:

increase-magento-performance-speed-08This is a method used by HTTP to validate the web cache. It also allows the clients to make requests n certain conditions. This will in turn reduce the response that the browser gives it. The content specified has not been changed. When used to optimize Magento, it will eliminate cases of simultaneous updates which tend to overwrite each other.

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