Why is Magento Among the Best ECommerce Platforms?

Service providers already know that eCommerce platforms are more in demand than ever before. With so many businesses relying on their eCommerce platform to conduct operations these days, the need for a platform that provides high-quality performance and consistent uptime is a necessity. Ensuring your platform provides headless commerce experiences is a must. A top contender to meet all the above needs is Magento, one of the finest eCommerce platforms.

Magento offers an open-source platform that provides the essentials features, functionalities, and visuals for online shopping that any eCommerce marketer would need. From showcasing product lines and accessible payment gateways to around-the-clock customer service and simple management of back-end operations, there’s a reason why major online retail brands rely on Magento.

Magento allows easy integration and customization to fit any business needs; if you are looking to create unmatched Magento experiences, then customizing the platform might be a good option.

Before running into why customizing Magento is the best option any business can consider if they seeking success and staying afloat, we gathered some critical factors highlighting why we believe Magento to be among the best eCommerce platforms:

Why is Magento Among the Best ECommerce Platforms?


The eCommerce platform by Magento is considered one of the best platforms of our day. With so many options for customized integrations, any business can enjoy crafting Magento to meet their needs. There are numerous attributes of this program that make it the perfect solution for any 21st-century business.

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Point 1

Magento is an open-source platform that allows any developer the ability to contour it to fit a business’s specific needs. Unlike other open-source products, Magento has a large online community that constantly publishes tools and features. Glitches are quickly remedied so that uptime can be enjoyed by customers and businesses alike.

Simple Deployment Allows for 3X Business Growth

Point 2

Deciding to change or upgrade an eCommerce platform is a big one for any business. We all know that money is time. That’s why Magento offers easy downloading and installation. With the simple deployment of this platform and free upgrades, businesses can enjoy watching their operations triple.

24/7 Support with Superior Integration

Point 3

Any must-have attribute for a great eCommerce platform is around-the-clock support. There’s no telling when a business may have a problem. Having support that one can call on when problems arise helps ensure a quick solution to get things back to normal. Because Magento is PHP-driven, it offers flexible integration features that allow for a flawless integration to existing business platforms.

Essential ECommerce Features

Point 4

Investing in an eCommerce platform requires choosing one with the essential features a business needs to operate successfully. The Magento freeware offers an interactive user dashboard, cloud-based CRM and ERP, email, SMS, real-time inventory management, automated marketing, and shipping strategies.


Point 5

Since Magento is by far the most commonly updated open-source content management system platform, it comes with many SEO-friendly features. As marketers invest their time updating this platform to meet ever-evolving SEO needs, businesses can instantly benefit from their work. Magento currently offers SEO-optimized pages, powerful meta-tags, and optimized URLs.

One-Stop Solution

Point 6

Magento offers a full spectrum of highly customized tools and hundreds of pre-made templates. A business on any budget can use this eCommerce platform to build its website from the ground up in no time. With a whole list of available plugins and upgrades, Magento is truly a one-stop solution for any business looking to take advantage of online traffic.

Ways to Accelerate Revenue with Magento 2

What's New With Magento 2.0

As time progresses, so does the software that businesses use. When it comes to eCommerce platforms, Magento 2 offers some significant upgrades that can help a business pull ahead of competitors who are still on the old platform. Some of the newest features of Magento 2 include:

More Flexibility and Customization

Magento 2 comes with easy-to-implement extensions that can enhance how the platform currently works. There are more customization options to allow quicker time to market so that customers can see your new product offerings as quickly as possible.

More comprehensive Selection of Payment Options

Payment security is all the buzz in the eCommerce world. Magento 2 offers boosted payment security upgrades and a more comprehensive selection of payment options. Customers are more likely to complete a transaction when a business has a wide array of payment options available.

More Prioritized Customer Experience

Magento 2 focuses on prioritizing customer experience to enhance eCommerce conversions. Some new upgrades include responsive interfaces, personalized browsing, and a faster checkout process. With fewer distractions, businesses can enjoy more conversions.

The Benefits of Leverage Custom Magento Development

Magento eCommerce Store

The ability of Magento to be completely contoured to fit any business’s operations allows for smooth sailing. There’s no need to invest lots of money in a pre-done platform that isn’t unique to the processes of a particular business. By properly enhancing Magento functionalities, any business can enjoy all Magento has to offer.

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Search Extension


Connecting buyers with products are all about making navigation easy. A strategically designed search feature is essential in connecting clients with the products they’re looking for.

Shipping Module


Open-source Magento comes with a lightweight shipping module. However, many businesses demand a more robust shipping experience. Customization is needed to magnify your Magento’s shipping module to provide a unique shipping experience and allow for added features, like shipping discounts, to boost your business’s revenue stream.

Payment Module


Doing business internationally requires a customized payment module that includes different currencies. While the primary Magento eCommerce platform offers a wide range of payment processors, it lacks essential features like other currencies and specific discounts. Customizing Magento can ultimately enhance the payment module functionalities to include these helpful features.

Checkout Module


Any good eCommerce business owner knows that their checkout experience can make or break the majority of their sales. When a business has a streamlined checkout process, more consumers are likely to make purchases. With Magento’s basic checkout module, customers will have to progress through various pages before being able to checkout. Customizing Magento can work to streamline the checkout process so that customers can enjoy features like one-click purchases.

Appealing Storefronts


Front-end development is crucial for any online store to work correctly. Not all merchants are savvy in programming languages such as CSS, HTML JavaScript, or JQuery. Making sure the front-end of your site and the back-end is set up correctly is the key to improving the performance and appearance of your Magento site and applications. Moreover, improving UX/UI is a must if looking to create a headless commerce experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization


Enhancing all Magento back-end functionalities can provide companies with multiple benefits. Some of them acquire on-point analysis of user flow and fine-tune the user interface elements to create seamless experiences that promote all data captured and sales by keeping users – customers engaged.

Theme & Web Design


Make sure to build responsive storefronts website designs, as well as themes that positively enable customers to engage with your Magento platform with SEO capabilities and fully optimized scalability.

Magento Intuitive Interfaces


Building superior responsive GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) that include prominent responsive elements like 2D/3D animations or embedded media to keep customers engaged is another reason to customize any Magento store fully.

Professional Content Management


For companies looking for impressive features or simple ones, such as dragging-and-dropping buttons, integrating SEO enhancing modules, or themes that can be customized, the standard Magento functionalities won’t be enough. Customizing your Magento store can help you create and implement optimal plugins to allow your business to add new features and make updates at any time.

Competitive Advantage


Multiple businesses are using Magento 2 platform due to its efficiency. Transforming any business to have the same look and feel as that of competitors will eventually lead consumers to be unable to differentiate any store from competitors on the same niche.

Customizing Magento helps businesses provide a unique look and feel that will feature brand identity and differentiate it from other online companies in the same niche. Moreover, it will help companies establish a unique and recognizable presence that will show that your company’s potential customers differ from the rest. It will also help to build any brand with distinctive design capabilities.

Improved Security


Magento offers a significantly good layer of security to protect any customer’s data, mainly their payment information. However, for enterprise-level companies that may need more layers of protection for any online store, custom-built an eCommerce store allows businesses to benefit from experienced developers and security specialists who are experts in protecting their customer’s data. Additionally, integrating third-party security support through a custom platform may be the best option.

ECommerce sites need to comply with the twelve requirements specified by the Payment Card Information Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

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Final Thoughts


Investing in the Magento eCommerce platform may be the perfect decision to enhance your online revenue. However, finding the time to integrate it cannot be easy. Additionally, suppose you need more complex and comprehensive functionalities like existing platform data that you would like to migrate to Magento. In that case, the basic Magento features are not enough.

A customized Magento platform can potentially help businesses increase conversions, reduce the bouncing rate, and speed up an organization’s growth for all the reasons above. Magento is the ideal blend of marvelous features like top-notch security, reporting options, third-party app integrations, fast loading speed, highly responsive customization, fast loading, and so forth. These are significantly essential qualities that any eCommerce site should have.

This article is written by Dave Wood. Dave is an industry expert within the supply chain and logistics technology landscape. He works at Chetu Inc., Plantation, Fla., a custom software development provider and thought-leader within the IT community. He offers commentary on changing tides within logistics and how inventory and warehouse management systems can propel all facets of retail and supply.

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