Off-page SEO: The Game Changer for eCommerce Websites

Today, brands are aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps to rank a website higher in the search results, improve brand awareness, increase leads and conversions. SEO has become a necessity for the growth of the online business. However, SEO is not an easy task, it requires specialized expertise, and thus you can hire an SEO virtual assistant to create a perfect SEO strategy for your company.

For an online business, traffic is very important. Your sales will grow only if you have higher traffic on your website. And to increase traffic, you must use SEO. It improves the rankings and reaches of the brand, which will help to increase traffic to your website.

There are two types of SEO – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is the group of techniques used on your own website, and off-page SEO means techniques or actions that you use outside of your own website. Off-page SEO allows you to promote your business efficiently.

In this post, we will tell you strategies that will help to change the game of your eCommerce website.

Importance of Off-page SEO


Off-page SEO is vital for ranking for competitive keywords, it has become an integral aspect of any digital marketing plan.

To get a higher place in web results, you must build the authority of your website, and to build website authority, you may need to employ off-page SEO practices.

 Google and other search engines utilize SEO to determine what other individuals and companies think about your website, products, and services. Your digital marketing approach should include off-page SEO as it will improve your credibility. It will also help to build your website’s authority, boost your popularity, etc.

If you have all the products and services but do not have visitors on your website, the products become useless. So, to increase traffic, you need to rank higher, and to rank higher, you will need off-page SEO.

Thus, off-page SEO is critical to building your eCommerce business and increasing your income by improving your authority and search rankings.

Top 9 Off-page SEO Strategies for your eCommerce Websites


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1. Backlinks


You need to build your backlinks because backlink presence is important to gain a higher rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Search engines give a lot of importance to backlinks.

Websites having backlinks from reputable sites are considered credible. But the backlinks must come from credible websites and from companies that belong to your industry. It will assist you in achieving a higher position in the web results.

Getting higher results in search results will help gain more traffic, so backlinks are very important for your website. You can even hire SEO eCommerce SEO services to get high-quality backlinks for your website.

2. Make the most out of social media


Today, almost everyone may be present on social media, and people spend a lot of time daily on social media. Due to this, social media is a great place to promote your brand. This is the reason why today, every brand, whether small or big, is using social media for marketing.

You must create an attractive and engaging social media page to drive more traffic. You can utilize social media to engage your consumers and establish brand loyalty by holding various competitions. Also, social media can be used to solve customer queries and problems. These things will increase customers’ loyalty towards your brand. 

Use social media platforms to collaborate with influencers for influencer marketing. Today every company makes use of influencer marketing. You can collaborate with influencers of your niche and promote your company through them. These personalities have a large number of followers on their social media accounts, so they can influence them to buy your offerings.

3. Create your web presence based on your USP


It would be best to create your web presence based on your Unique Selling Point (USP). In this cut-throat competition, standing apart from your competitors can provide you with many benefits. And USP can provide you that benefit.

Figure out what is the unique thing about your business and then focus on building your online presence around that thing. It will show your strength to the audience, and this thing can attract customers to buy your offerings. So, always try to focus on your USP while building your online presence.


4. Use Q&A websites


A person poses a question on a Q&A website, and another person or brand responds with an answer. You should aim to answer as many inquiries as possible because this action will allow more people to learn about your brand. You can use your answer to place targeted keywords. In this way, you can attract a large audience. And you can even link your website with those answers. So, it is the smartest way to use SEO.

5. Guest posts


Using guest posts is a great off-page SEO strategy for eCommerce ventures. Guest posts mean posts or content that you post on another website. Generally, guest posts get high traffic compared to any other type of content. Guest posts are used to link your website. 

You must concentrate on the quality of the guest articles while writing them, as well as ensuring that they are distinctive. Also, make sure that your guest pieces are solely published on the brand of your sector.

You can create guest posts about your products, services, or any other trending topic. Just make sure to create an interesting guest post so that you attract huge traffic. You may engage SEO services for eCommerce websites to make the most use of guest articles so that you can get the most benefits from them.

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6. Website reviews


You must encourage your users to leave a website on your website regarding their experience with your service or product. Reviews can be very beneficial for websites for various reasons.

Most people look at reviews before they buy the product, so if you have reviews, they can buy from your website without any hesitation. Second, reviews are natural keywords that might help your website attract more visitors. And most importantly, search engines favor websites that have reviews, and thus, you can also get a higher rank in the web results. 

You can motivate your customers to leave reviews by offering them some discounts, gifts, coupons, etc.


7. Get listed in directories


It would be best if you get listed in online directories. Online directories have a lot of information about all the businesses. Thus, it would be best to get listed on these online directories to improve your visibility and reach. We advise you to hire the best eCommerce SEO services for this purpose.

8. Video marketing


Videos are becoming very popular as people prefer to watch videos to any other form of content. This is why social media platforms are heavily emphasizing videos, whether it is Instagram or Facebook. YouTube already is a video watching platform, but it has introduced YouTube shorts for more traffic.

People watch videos for various purposes like entertainment, education, or any other purpose. You can use videos for your marketing campaigns.

After you create videos, you must focus on video SEO. It will make your videos more discoverable. Videos will also boost your off-site SEO as they will bring more audience to your store and improve your brand awareness. 

Make an effort to advertise your videos on the appropriate social media channels in order to reach your target audience. Your email list may also be used to promote your films in online groups.

9. Podcasts


Podcasts are rapidly becoming popular. People are showing great interest in podcasts. If we talk about the USA, then more than 50% of people in the US have at least once listened to the podcast. More than 30% of people listen to the podcast every week.

Podcasts are now becoming an essential part of the digital marketing strategy for all types of businesses. Google has also now started to index the podcasts and rank them in the search results.

When you create a podcast, make sure to convert audio to text, you can also use this as a blog post. You will get more content and even use the targeted keywords in the post to rank higher and attract customers.

As many businesses still do not utilize podcasts, you may set yourself apart from the competition by launching your own. It can also help you obtain a competitive advantage.

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In conclusion, we would say that Off-page SEO may be extremely beneficial to your eCommerce company’s growth. It’s also a cost-effective marketing strategy, and thus even small and new eCommerce businesses can use off-page SEO for their business. You can even hire SEO virtual assistant to manage SEO for your brand.

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