Top Upcoming Virtual Reality Games of 2016

Before three years, a crowdfunding indie startup “Oculus VR” was a big curiosity. Today, this curiosity has gone up with the available consumer products to give you the “next big thing” as a Virtual Reality. There is already a great mobile headset with Virtual Reality is available for purchase, but in 2016 the VR mainstream will be the upcoming Virtual Reality games for the Big PCs and console-based headsets.

After you buy a VR headset, the next thing comes in your mind is, ‘which game will give me the best experience of it?’. It’s obvious. There are many VR games are available now, but to really enjoy the best experience of it, you should choose the top VR games. Check this amazing list of the Top Upcoming Virtual Reality Games of 2016 and feel the surroundings in them.

1) Resident Evil VII Biohazard

Resident-Evil-VII-Biohazard - Virtual Reality Games

Initial Release: January 2017 | Developer: Capcom | Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

From the power of the RE Engine, this dramatic series has shifted to the first-person perspective. The Resident Evil PS4 game – “Resident Evil VII Biohazard” in VR mode will give you the experience of unsettling horror feeling like never before. The RE Engine is specifically designed for the Resident Evil VII which produces photorealistic results and displays the objects of various textures. By playing this most awaited VR game, you will dramatically increase your ability to be absorbed fully into the world of horror.

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2) Golem for PlayStation VR

Golem-for-PlayStation-VR - Virtual Reality Games

Initial Release: Very Soon | Developer: Highwire Games | Platform: PlayStation 4

Golem is the first VR PlayStation game from the veteran developer team of Highwire Games. It is exciting, exhilarating and speaking honestly, it’s pretty nerve-wracking game. The game was introduced during the PlayStation Experience Event held at San Francisco in December 2015. In this game, you will get an experience of a bedridden girl. She seems to be able to ‘posses’ stone creatures called “Golems” and control their movements in an ancient abandoned city. The purpose and the end are still under wrapped by Highwire.

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3) Rez Infinite

Rez-Infinite - Virtual Reality Games

Initial Release: October 2016 | Developer: Enhance Games + Monstars | Platform: Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4

Enhance Games has confirmed that ‘Rez Infinite’ will launch on October 13, 2016, for the PlayStation 4. This remake will run in 1080p resolution and comes with a new level called “Area X”. It is an ultimate version of the Sega’s rail shooter psychedelic adventure – Rez. In this game, the player will experience the avatar of ‘Rez- a rail-shooter’ which travels through the predetermined path through a computer network. The game is divided into Five main areas. The first four areas are divided into 10 sub-areas each with a boss battle included in the end. In the final fifth area, the Rez has to fight with the variations of the bosses of first four areas in a boss rush. You should get an experience of the game’s trippy polygonal worlds.

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4) Eagle Flight

Eagle-Flight - Virtual Reality Games

Initial Release: 2016 | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Platform: PC, PlayStation 4

Eagle Flight was announced at E3 by the Ubisoft Montreal and is expected to release before the end of 2016 on PlayStation VR. After 50 years of the humans vanished from the Earth, the city of Paris is reclaimed by the nature to live a breathtaking background. You will be an Eagle who soars past iconic landmarks, dives into narrow streets, having heart-pounding aerial dogfights to protect your area from your opponents. You will experience the freedom of flying and explore the city of Paris from a never seen before perspective.

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5) Robinson: The Journey

Robinson-The-Journey - Virtual Reality Games

Initial Release: 2016 | Developer: Crytek Studios | Platform: PlayStation VR, PC

Crytek Studios will take you beyond the boundaries in ‘Robinson: The Journey’. This VR game offers you an unparalleled sense of presence in a gaming world. You will play a role of a young boy who had a crash-landing on a mysterious planet. You will get freedom of exploring 360-degree surroundings in details, and you will interact with the reach ecosystem. It is not every day when you run into a dinosaur-sized of 50 foot.

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Virtual Reality Games - Conclusion

Virtual Reality is abbreviated as VR and is defined as a man-made environment which lets you feel the surroundings of it. The above top upcoming virtual reality games of 2016 are the most awaited games of the year. There are many other free Virtual Reality games available on the app store. You can enjoy them too. All these VR games are amazing and you should try them at least for once.

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