Android N – Enhancing the User Interactivity and Experience

Google has never failed to surprise us with its tempting and ‘better than before’ versions of their operating systems and has secured a distinguished position in the market. Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop and the last one being Marshmallow have all guaranteed us an optimum user experience and leaves us craving for more. Google’s idea of an early launch of the mysterious N, a complete 2 months before the expected release date was indeed a ‘pleasant’ surprise. The changes highlighted in the all-new Android N guarantees android enthusiasts a perfectly seamless and a much faster, smoother and secure experience.

Split-screen Multi-tasking

The millennial generation is known for their multi-tasking skills, hence Google chose to capitalize on this feature and offer a multi-window option that can allow any user to work on two different apps at a time. This is one of the most talked about features of the latest Android N as it is a much-awaited and requested feature by seasoned android users.

  • The split-screen mode will allow users to open two apps simultaneously and either used them side-by-side or one-above-the-other.
  • User experience is enhanced multifold when you have the option of ‘drag-and-drop’ content from one app to another. This seamless integration allows an impeccable transfer of data between social media platforms, across emails and in the form of documents and spreadsheets.
  • A multi-window display can be resized as per the user’s preference.
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Call-blocking and Screening

Presenting an in-build and native support for its users for call screening and blocking, Android N is sure to make the life of its users a lot easier. Till now, unwanted calls were blocked with the help of third-party apps like Truecaller but now your list of blacklisted numbers will be saved in your account and will be synchronized across various devices and other third-party apps.

  • Yes! You won’t even receive text messages from the blocked number.
  • More than one app can configure data from this list and update their own account
  • Incoming calls that you want to be rejected will be done on the spot with the call not even reaching the call log section for that matter.
  • No notification either of any missed call from a screened number.

Notifying the Smart Way

Notifications seem to keep coming in and bombard the user 24/7. Hence, to make this experience as convenient and user-friendly as possible, Google has come up with the most intelligent ideas to make users start liking it and then ultimately end up loving it. The notification plan is sleeker and more information rich than ever before.

  • The Direct Reply Feature allows users to respond proactively to messages and emails directly from the notification bar and save time. It as an extension of the ‘quick reply’ feature of Marshmallow.
  • Bundled Notifications: Does the notification panel seem too cluttered up with the exodus of notifications? Group your relevant messages into one notification and then expand upon it by a simple finger gesture. The user can even dismiss or archive the notification whenever they wish. The neater it is, the classier it looks.
  • Long-pressing the notification will allow you to decide how you will hear from that specific app next time. Nobody likes being bothered by unnecessary messages hence simply mute them or block them altogether.
  • Customize your notification panel the way you want it. Google provides its users with the liberty to amend the labels displayed which includes the conversation title and the way you would like the content of the message to be viewed. This can be done using the MessagingStyle.
  • The Quick toggles incorporated in the notification shade have made user experience smoother and more convenient. N includes a row of your ‘most-used’ icons right above the notifications. These being customizable, help you choose the ones you want to see up there as per your convenience.
Even settings have been totally revamped making users love it all the more.

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Daydream Option

Virtual reality has now made its way to the new Android N platform, although it might not be a completely new concept, incorporating and making it compatible by launching a completely new Android-powered platform called Daydream is praise-worthy on Google’s behalf. However, if you want this feature to be in action you need to have a Daydream-certified phone that supports the high-quality resolution and display. Using the handsets will entail a whole new different experience with the VR mode in Android. Companies like HTC, Huawei, LG, Asus and the like are sure to come with their own headsets compatible with this feature. All hail to the Android Google N.

Final Thoughts

Android N - conclusion

It goes unsaid that the launch of the Android N later this year is going to be a like a trump card for Google and a turning point in the history of the launches of operating systems. Google has proved that it gives utmost importance to customer feedback and continuously tries to improve and redefine user experience.  Empowering its user with unprecedented ease and convenience and customizability is what win overs user’s hearts.

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