Top 5 Trending Virtual Reality Glasses on GearBest

Virtual reality glass is a product which will give you the pleasure of watching videos or TV when you are in a mobile status. That means you can connect your smartphone to this virtual reality glass and can enjoy watching your videos from anywhere you want, without sitting in front of TV.

Gearbest again has brought to us five amazing products from their huge collection available on their site. The latest addition is in the Virtual Reality Glasses which is very much in trends we all know. They are claiming their products are better from other reality glasses. So, let’s now concentrate on detailing, features, and goodness and also let’s know why they are claiming those products are better among others.

1) RITECH Virtual Reality 3D Glasses II:

RITECH Virtual Reality 3D Glasses II

The first one is known as RITECH Virtual Reality 3D Glasses II. This product is compatible with any smartphone running in iOS or Android operating systems and this glass is compatible to any 3.5 to 6 inches smartphones.

This glass consists full of goodness. The lens used in this product is of an aspherical lens with high definition quality and the picture will not be very easy to deform due to its enclosed design with sponge coverage which effectively avoid light from leaking.

Its headband which is very comfortable to wear due to it’s disperse bearing capacity. The whole glass touches your face very lightly due to its adjusting wearing point and the heating issue of this glass is handled very smartly. The heating factor is executed wonderfully due to its heat dissipating design which as a result will protect your phone from getting damaged.

Thirdly this glass can be used by myopia vision people which are undoubtedly a good advantage for those people.

The color option of this item is black no other color option is there for this item. The regular price of this product is $23.91, but the now you can avail this on $9.68*. So overall features and pricing of this product are quite good.

2) iBlue Universal 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses:

iBlue Universal 3D Virtual Reality VR Glasses

This product is the second one from the list. This virtual reality glass is compatible to any 3.5 inches to 4.7 inches screen mobile smartphones. This glass is very convenient to use, just enjoy it watching like sitting, lying or even standing.

This glass is made up of ABS and spherical resin lens material; this is fully eco-friendly material and not at all a cheap plastic material. You can enjoy watching the videos for a long time just without feeling tired or dizziness due to its resin lens. The 3D picture quality of this product is just awesome. You will get three color options for this product one is black, the second is white and the third is pink. The price of this item is just $10.08*.

3) VR BOX VR02 3D VR Box Glasses:

VR BOX VR02 3D VR Box Glasses

This product is compatible with any Android or iOS phone and the size of the smartphone should be between 4.7 inches to 6 inches in size.

The material used in this glass is of ABS with 42mm spherical resin lens quality. The comfort zone of this VR box and 3D glass is very soothing even wearing for a long time.

The 3D picture quality is also very good, and it gives you a feel of 1000 inches big screen even from a distance of 3m.

You can now just enjoy a private and a very convenient handling of this product due to its compact portable design anytime anywhere you want even sitting, lying and even in a standing posture.

And this awesome product will cost you $33.40 in regular time but this you can avail now at just $25.48*.

4) VR BOX TS-3D02 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses:

VR BOX TS-3D02 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

This virtual reality 3D glass is compatible with any Android or iOS operating system phone and it is also compatible with any phone which is having 4.7 to 6 inches screen size.

The remote control given with this 3D glass is V3 Bluetooth enabled. You can look into left-right 3D film with the help of this glass. Not only this, the lens of this glass is made up of ABS with spherical resin lens materials, which is completely eco-friendly. Due to its enclosed design, you will get complete privacy in what you look over your smartphone.

This glass is also having one more quality which is the adjustable quality; different people with different vision can also enjoy watching this 3D glass.

The awesome design and comfort label of this virtual 3D glass can be enjoyed by everyone anytime and anywhere they like. The price of this product is just $24.44*.

5) 3D Virtual Reality Headset Phone 3D Glasses:

3D Virtual Reality Headset Phone 3D Glasses

This exclusive 3D glass is compatible with any smartphone which is having 4.7 inches to 6 inches in size. The main highlighting features of this VR box are as follows:

  • You will get an adjustable eye distance and PD for different people with different vision, including
  • Self-adjusting glasses in different positions you will require.
  • You will get a magnetic screen covered box, which will provide your phone a protection against anything harsh.
The above product will cost you just $14.35*.


Virtual Reality Glasses - Conclusion

The all above products are excellent quality products with great value for money. If you want to watch some more collections of virtual reality 3D glass by Gearbest then please visits this link: You will get to watch lots more varieties of products there which will definitely catch your eyes due to their reasonable pricing and mind blowing offers all over the year.

* All the offer prices I have mentioned is applicable in time of writing this article. It may change time to time.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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