10 Noteworthy Reasons to Use 8b Website Builder in 2020

Nowadays, finding a free website builder that provides value to users is quite complicated. Free website builders are usually not worth using. While the premium website builder that you might want to use demands a lot of money. But there is a free website builder that knows the pain of web designer. And that free website builder is 8b. 8b Website Builder contains all the latest web design trends that help the user to design want they want. In this article, we are going to reveal more about this fantastic web builder.

What is 8b Website Builder?

8b is a free to use website builder. It allows the user to create a website easily without charging any cash. Even if you don’t have any programming skills, don’t worry. 8b website builder doesn’t demand programming skills at all. It also offers a paid plan with additional features.

Drag and drop is the primary thing that you need to know if you want to use an 8b website builder. Thanks to the drag-and-drop features that enable the user to build a professional level website with ease.

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10 Reasons to Use 8b Website Builder in 2020

There are numerous reasons to use 8b builders. But below, we are going to discuss the top ten reasons to use an 8b website builder.

1. Latest Google AMP

Point 1No one likes visiting a slow loading website, and 8b website builder knows this fact due to which 8b offers the most recent Google AMP, which helps in improving the mobile page load time of your web page.

Google AMP supports the mobile version of the web page. It makes your website suitable for mobile as well as PC users. 8b website builder employs the latest Google AMP technology, which uses AMP cache for a faster page load.

Other than this, in the back-end, the 8b website builder keeps the website code quite straightforward, resulting in faster page load time.

2. PWA builder

Point 2PWA builder is another essential reason that you should try the 8b website builder. The PWA builder allows the user to create a mobile version of a website.

Using PWA, you can convert your website into a desktop or a mobile app with a few clicks. 8b builder support PWA. You don’t need to grind much if you want to create a mobile version of your site.

Employing an app developer and paying them hundreds of dollars is now not needed and that because of the PWA builder.

8b Website Builder - 2

3. Website Security

Point 3Building a professional website and not thinking about it security is the worst thing to do. Daily, thousands of websites get hacked due to the lack of security.

8b website builder knows the need of website safety. They feature a free SSL certificate that contributes to high-end security. The SSL certificate encrypts all the private data and information on your website so that no one can access your site data without permission.

Without hassle, you are automatically going to get an HTTPS for your website on an 8b website builder. Getting an SSL certificate for free is a great deal because most of the website builders and other providers charge $5 or more to install SSL on a single site for a month.

4. Ease of use

Point 4The drag and drop approach by 8b website builder help creating a website quickly. You only need to pick a section and drop it onto the website page. 8b is straightforward to use which makes it suitable for all types of users.

Whether you are a coding expert or a newcomer, you would love creating your website with 8b because it’s easy. Besides this, it holds many customization options that help in making an attractive site efficiently.

Changing texts, videos, colors, sections, etc. is one click away on 8b builder. From a business website to Portfolio, the 8b website builder has made creating websites more convenient.

8b Website Builder - 3

5. Option to Host for free

Point 5To get your website live, you need hosting, which might cost a bit higher. Hosting price can range from $5 and goes up to $50 for a single month.

On using an 8b website builder, you are going to get free of cost hosting. The best thing about hosting provided by 8b builder is that it doesn’t have any bandwidth and storage limit so that you can store unlimited data.

8b website builder highlights all the paid hosting features for free. Additionally, you can host an unlimited number of domains without any trouble.

Moreover, if you are not interested in using 8b builder hosting, then you can get the ZIP file of your created website and host it to some other desired hosting. But we believe that after using 8b web builder hosting, you are surely not going to utilize any other hosting service.

Other than the free hosting, 8b also delivers a free domain for every single website. It gives you to option to choose a free domain or buy a paid domain and add it to the site. 8b doesn’t contain all commercial policy so you can use 8b builder to produce a website for both business and non-commercial use.

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6. Site Export

Point 68b allows you to publish your website to a *.8b.io, but it also lets you have the files of your website. Just click on the “Download ZIP” in the site setting and you will get all of your files including HTML, CSS, images, and videos. It’s a great feature when you’d like to upload your website on your own server or just host it anywhere else. Moreover, it makes possible for you to edit your HTML pages manually.

8b Website Builder - 4

7. Submit to Google

Point 7Once you created a website on 8b, you will get to think about promoting it on the web. And the first thing you ever need is to get your website indexed by Google. Earlier, there has been an official page where you could type in your page URL in order for it to get indexed by Google quickly. Now, since this feature is disabled, you will need to wait for Google crawlers to discover your page which can take some time.

With the “Submit to Google” feature, you can make the process go faster and get your website in the search results as quickly as possible.

8. Many integrations

Point 8With 8b, you can get a lot of useful things integrated into your website. For example, you don’t have to look for fonts for your website in order to install and adjust them manually. 8b provides you with Google fonts that are already built into the editor with easy fonts settings. Moreover, you have access to many icons from LineWeb and Fontawesome. If you want to embed a video onto your pages, there is support for YouTube and Vimeo, and in case you need an audio player you can use SoundCloud integration.

For more communication with your visitors and between your visitors, there are social comments (Facebook) and in-built contact forms powered by Formoid. As for contact forms, you won’t need to take care of the back-end, because they are securely processed by Formoid’s servers.

9. Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

Point 9Don’t care about how “heavy” your website files are since 8b offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. This means you can upload as many files as you want and they can take as much space as you want. All this you get for free.

10. Unlimited Pages

Point 10Once started using 8b, you will be able to create 3 websites per account, but there is an unlimited number of pages you can add to these websites. If you need a similar page, you can just make a copy or clone it without re-creating it again. New pages have global sections like header or footer on them automatically.

It’s quite easy to manage web pages: when clicking on a gear-like button, you will see a window where you can change the title, description and URL for each and every web page on your website. Change the order of pages for your convenience and rename them as you want.

8b Website Builder - 1

Pricing plans of 8b Website Builder

You can use 8b Website Builder for free if you choose the free plan. But you can also choose the start plan you get for $1.58/month only. The difference between these pricing plans is simple: the free plan includes all the features 8b provides you with except for such features as custom domain connection, ad-free use, site export, unlimited pages, and priority email support.

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Are you exhausted of paying a lot of money to web developers for creating a website of your desire but still not getting a great result? If that is true, then the 8b website builder is something that you must try.

8b builder supports all types of users to create any website without much effort. It also contains numerous templates and themes that help in designing a website of your desire.

Sign in to the 8b site, choose a design, and start developing your desired site, it’s that simple. Other than this, you also get a chance to enjoy free hosting and domain on using an 8b builder, which is quite a rare thing. The quality of 8b free hosting is comparable with any other paid one.

Therefore, instead of embedding a lot of money on a website builder, domains, and hosting, try using an 8b website builder from where you can get all these things for free.

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