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With virtual services on the rise, it’s only a matter of time before the majority of businesses go fully virtual and embrace remote tools like virtual mailboxes, virtual receptionists, and virtual phone numbers. A virtual mailbox is more than just your typical mailbox, it’s a virtual mailbox that uses a real street address to receive your postal mail. You can use it as your personal mailing address or your professional business address. Help put your business on the map with a prestigious commercial address that will boost your professional image and strengthen your credibility with customers.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective virtual business address in a major city, PostScan Mail is what you’re looking for. Read on for a thorough review of PostScan Mail and its services.

Signing Up


Signing up is simple and can be done in only three steps. To get started, you need to choose a mailing address and plan. There are over 400 real street addresses nationwide and internationally for you to choose from. Then you’ll need to sign a USPS 1583 Form to authorize PostScan Mail to receive your mail. This form will need to be notarized and sent to the service provider.

PostScan Mail is partnered with an online notary company,; they can notarize the form by webcam and send it directly to PostScan Mail. You can also get the form notarized on your own if you’d like and send it to them by mail. Once you’re done, PostScan Mail will start receiving your mail and packages then you can view and manage them online.

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Plans & Pricing


PostScan Mail has tailored plans according to your needs. The starter plan starts at only $15/ month and is great for individuals. The standard plan starts as low as $20/ month and is suitable for startups or small businesses, and the premium plan starts at $30/ month. Additional fees may apply for extra scans, mail forwarding, or adding recipients. However, they practice full transparency and there are no hidden fees. Everything is listed on the pricing page, which you can find on their website.

Level of Security


PostScan Mail emphasizes the importance of security and ensures your personal information, mail and packages are well secured. Billing is handled automatically and no financial info is stored on the systems. Any personal info is protected with encryption and only accessed by vetted personnel if necessary, following strict guidelines. The website and any transactions made are protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. They have state-of-the-art mail facilities with security cameras and safe parcel lockers for mail and packages.

All mail items received are only scanned from the outside and uploaded to your virtual mailbox directly. The item is only opened and scanned after the user requests to view it. Users can view the exterior and interior of their mail via digital scans.

Customer Service & Support


With over 8 years of experience in the industry, PostScan Mail is popular for its helpful and friendly customer service. Customer service agents have a target of resolving any issues from the first call or email and even follow up with customers to reassure the problem is solved and that they’re satisfied. As for package care, the highly experienced mail operators handle all packages with care and caution, ensuring your packages are well taken care of.

The operators will sign for your package, be available for local pickups if needed, consolidate your packages, and do whatever it takes to ensure you have a positive experience. PostScan Mail’s support team is available throughout the whole week, even on weekends. You can contact them at 1(800) 624-5866 or email them at support[@]postscanmail[.]com.

Mail & Package Storage


Sometimes you just need to put a package on hold if you’re traveling or simply need storage space for a few packages for a short period. PostScan Mail offers you this advantage with its physical storage space. Mail storage is free for the first 30 days then it costs $.05 per envelope per day and package storage is free for the first 7 days then it costs $.10 per pound per day. So, enjoy shopping online and don’t worry about delivery dates or need to be home to receive a package.

Unlimited digital storage is also available for free for all opened and scanned mail. You can easily search for a bill, credit card statement, or anything else via your mailbox.

Account Cancellation


Canceling your account is easy and something you can do yourself through your PostScan Mail account in three quick steps, without needing to contact support. Log into your account, go to Settings, then choose Subscription, and click on the Close Account button. But please note that if you have an outstanding balance, your credit card would be charged the remaining amount before closing the account.

Once the cancellation is complete, you’ll receive an email confirmation informing you that your account has been closed.

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Key Features

  • With a virtual mailbox, you have ultimate online mail management over your postal mail. You can access it anytime, from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection to log into your mailbox. You can manage your mail remotely with complete peace of mind.
  • All mail and packages received are scanned and a clear image is uploaded directly to your mailbox for you to view. You can also send an open & scan request so the mail item is opened and the content is scanned.
  • PostScan Mail has a great mail forwarding service, simply forward the packages and mail you want to any address, locally or internationally. Offering up to 80% on discounted shipping rates, PostScan Mail has exclusive agreements with carrier companies that you can utilize for yourself. You can also opt to have your packages consolidated before shipping for even lower shipping fees.
  • You can receive mail and packages from multiple carriers like USPS, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Unlike a PO Box address, PostScan Mail’s real street addresses accept mail from all carriers.
  • Enjoy free physical mail storage and save your office or home from useless mail clutter. You can even store packages for a short or long period if you’re traveling or want them forwarded to another address.
  • The company has over 400 street addresses nationwide and internationally, in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Genève, and Ottawa. These addresses are great for personal or business use.
  • Using a virtual mailbox ensures your critical mail is safe at all times. PostScan Mail offers a free shredding & recycling service so invoices, contracts, bank statements, or any documents you don’t physically need, can be disposed of securely.
  • The virtual mailbox is optimized with automatic filters that can sort mail directly into specific folders. You can create separate folders, use the search option to pull out mail items, and filter junk mail.
  • Featuring a multi-user admin console, multiple users can use the same mailbox at the same time. This is an ideal option for businesses with a team using the same mailbox or a family with multiple individuals.
  • You can access and control your postal mail from the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection. PostScan Mail has a mobile app on Google Play Store and the App Store so you can download it on your phone or tablet.

Other Features

  • Instead of renting expensive office space in a commercial building, you can get an affordable virtual business address to boost your professional image and credibility with customers.
  • You can also use this address as a registered agent for your company or LLC to enhance your image between partners and investors.
  • You can sign up for a virtual mailbox without a contract, setup fee, or any commitments. PostScan Mail also offers a free 30-day trial to try out their service risk-free.
  • No matter how many times you change your home or business address, your mailing address would stay the same. You can use this address on your business’s website, marketing platforms, and with customers. Just apply for a change of address when you start the service and you never have to worry again.
  • PostScan Mail’s live support team is always available to solve any issues and update you on your mail. All mail and packages are quickly scanned and uploaded and you receive real-time notifications with any new mail. Speedy service is one of their top priorities.

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All in all, PostScan Mail is one of the most affordable virtual mailbox services in the industry. Their plans are tailored to the needs of individuals, startups, medium-sized businesses, and corporations. Certain advantages stand out like unlimited free cloud storage, free scans in every plan, hundreds of locations nationwide, and exclusive mail forwarding rates that make this option a win for businesses. If you’re looking for a way to build a professional image for your business or just a mailbox that serves all your family members, PostScan Mail is for you.

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All in all, PostScan Mail is one of the most affordable virtual mailbox services in the industry. Their plans are tailored to the needs of individuals, startups, medium-sized businesses, and corporations. If you’re looking for a way to build a professional image for your business or just a mailbox that serves all your family members, PostScan Mail is for you.

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