Converting Existing Traffic: 5 Effective Tools to Skyrocket Conversions

Oftentimes marketers focus all of their waking hours on devising strategies that are set to boost their company’s traffic. Different combinations of various conversion strategies are attempted and bought into in the hope that visitor figures will take a brief upturn. AdWords campaign after AdWords campaign can come and go, with marketers seeing little in the way of tangible results when it comes to traffic. Marketing budgets can be squandered with little meaningful research behind the strategy it’s being blown on.

Fundamentally, the battle for traffic can be a mysterious one that’s unwinnable for companies that can’t throw millions of dollars at influencers and huge worldwide advertising campaigns. But don’t feel downhearted about this fact. Instead, focus more of your time and energy away from new traffic, and instead take some time to focus to convert what you already have (i.e. the existing traffic).

Below is a list of five excellent marketing tools that are capable of optimizing your existing traffic towards bolstered conversions. These tools can help to document every interaction anybody makes with your website, and all have the potential to pave the way for customized experiences for every user.

The task of turning interested into a purchase, email sign up, eBook download or just about any other quantifiable conversion is a lot more difficult than it can first seem after establishing the initial interest of a potential customer. Let’s take a deeper look at what the following five tools are and exactly how they can convert your existing traffic in a way that will skyrocket your conversions:

1. Finteza


Finteza is one of the new kids on the block in the world of analytics platforms. With the relatively cost-effective subscription price starting at $4 per month, there’s certainly some room for marketers to get excited about getting plenty of bang for their buck.

Fundamentally, Finteza stands as one of the most powerful audience analysis platforms available today. With full-cycle data management, including collection, processing and instant data mapping in the form of real-time reports and charts, marketers can find themselves in possession of only the most relevant information as and when it’s required.

Meticulous analytical samples can be collated and delivered at the click of a button. Using Finteza’s analysis engine, marketers can analyze audiences by a set of 15 parameters relating to visit sources, events, UTM parameters, page addresses, geographical locations and much more. These rich data samples can be visualized in easy-to-follow and well-coordinated diagrams and funnels. For instance, marketers can view the statistics related to all mobile OS users simply by navigating the menu towards ‘devices’ and then selecting ‘mobile’ as the device in question.

As the above image shows, Finteza is capable of providing analytics for a wide array of visitors in a way that will help you categories them and retarget them accordingly. The platform is able to craft more complex multi-level samples. In the example above, the mobile sample can be filtered by any chosen variable – like a registration event from Google Ads, for instance. If you choose to take a look at this sample, the system will display information pertaining to mobile users who visited via a Google Ads campaign and clicked on the registration button.

Audiences can be further whittled down to the country of residence by using Finteza’s geographic filters in order for marketers to break down the effectiveness of their existing traffic optimization efforts from country to country. With a few more clicks it’s even possible to generate the relevant efficiency report for a range of selected countries.

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2. HotJar


Learning about user perceptions of your brand has been essential, but a tedious manual process that traditionally involved messaging users one by one. HotJar acts as a wonderful remedy to this, arriving in the form of a highly intuitive app. The beauty of HotJar is that it operates as a non-intrusive program that asks simple and customizable questions to users as they browse your pages.

Impressively, HotJar is already winning plenty of plaudits, and Social Media Explorer has claimed to have generated a healthy range of over 80 poll responses that included 25 short textual answers to questions in the space of a week. For companies that are aiming to convert the most of their existing traffic, such a large range of user opinions is certainly not to be sniffed at.

HotJar’s ability to set up brief questionnaires in this way has the ability to empower businesses with the chance to gain deep insights into how visitors view their brand and where improvements regarding user experience can be made on-site. As well as polling, HotJar can also provide richly intuitive heatmaps that trace how visitors see your pages. The platform can even record individual user sessions that show live recordings of users on your pages.

Considering that 90% of marketing involves trying to get into the heads of target audiences, HotJar may well be the closest we come to physically climbing into the heads of potential customers. What’s more, is that a basic version of HotJar’s services is available to users for free. Premium versions start at around $29 per month.

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3. OptinMonster

optinmonster - convert existing traffic

OptinMonster is one of the marketing world’s best-loved platforms. The underlying reason behind why it’s vital to include this tool in our list comes from its highly advanced exit-intent software that can be used to collect email signup insights.

In a nutshell, exit intent is one of the most widely adopted forms of retaining visitors on to your company’s pages. This works by monitoring how each visitor behaves on your pages. If their cursor leaves a page and heads towards the big X at the top of the screen to close a page, OptinMonster’s exit-intent software leaps into action and throws a popup call-to-action their way.

As the visitor is using their mouse, it’s highly unlikely that they’re actively reading your menus or content and thus the CTA is much less intrusive and is issued in a much more timely manner – meaning that it’s considerably more likely to be given the attention that’s needed. OptinMonster pricing starts at a very manageable $9 per month which is billed annually. Standing as one of the biggest names in our list, OptinMonster is trusted by over 1,000,000 users worldwide for its customer acquisition and traffic conversion tools.

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4. Optimizely


Optimizely is a dream tool for marketers and places users firmly in the driving seat over the data they collect from the traffic they experience. The platform features an intuitive results page for real-time experiment monitoring and a highly adaptable data stack for ease of reference. Analytics tools can be integrated with ease through Optimizely and out-of-the-box integrations with popular analytics products allow for integrations for pretty much all other forms of data.

Optimizely also allows marketers to export their experiment data with experiment attribution in order to allow for better analysis between data sets. An embedded web client and full-stack SDKs allow users to send events from browsers, mobile apps or back end systems for marketers to gain greater insights into their visitors.

It’s also possible for marketers to utilize Optimizely to incorporate other data sets into experiment results by using Optimizely Event API. With this in mind, there are few tools out there that offer a more comprehensive understanding of visitors to your company pages and how they interact with your website.

Optimizely offer three different scalable pricing plans: Essential, Business and Enterprise. Each plan’s price varies owing to a range of variables and users are advised to call the company’s sales team in order to obtain a quote.

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5. Proof Pulse

Proof-Pulse - convert existing traffic

The chances are that you’ll have seen Proof’s work somewhere around cyberspace by now. Their traffic optimization tool, Pulse, is a highly memorable and clever addition to many company websites. Pulse has the ability to provide live metrics that display running totals over how businesses are performing. Every time a visitor takes an action on your website, Pulse has the ability to provide a live notification for all to see – leveraging a fresh array of insights.

So far 20,000 websites are using the services provided by Pulse, and those that are have recorded an average conversion increase of 10%, the company claims. One of the best features boasted by Pulse is the credibility-adding function of Hot Streaks. This feature shows the total number of people who have recently taken action on your site – which is a great asset for high-traffic pages such as content opt-ins and free-trial registration pages. By displaying a live total of visitors who have taken actions on your pages, it creates a sense of urgency that prompts more actions to be taken by visitors.

Pulse can also display a live metric that creates a sense of scarcity thanks to the tool’s Live Visitor Count. This feature shows the number of people currently viewing a page across your whole site. This helps to underline the overall interest in things like offers or services and is a particular asset for events ticketing pages. Recent Activity is another feature that sets Pulse apart from competitors. Showing a live feed of real users who have recently taken a specific action on your website, Recent Activity allows marketers to optimize the actions of visitors to high-traffic pages.

Furthermore, Pulse has the ability to run live A/B tests on your pages to check what formations and content are capable of peddling better conversions to your website. Proof’s array of handy tools in Pulse are available from $66 per month. While its pricing is relatively dearer than the other tools listed on this page, its influence to convert your existing traffic streams can’t be underestimated.

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This article is written by Peter Jobes. Peter is a tech, crypto, and blockchain writer having worked with the Press Association and featured on Venture Beat, Hackernoon and CMO at Solvid.

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