NetSpot App Review – A Wi-Fi Signal Booster and Survey App for Windows

Are you facing constant issues related to your wireless connectivity? Are you searching for a perfect solution to overcome this problem permanently? Then the NetSpot app is an ideal solution for you. It comes with two important Wi-Fi modes for users. The first mode is Survey and another one is Discover. Here we have highlighted some of the best features of NetSpot (for Windows) in its detailed review.

Highlighting Features:

  • As a Wi-Fi Scanner: It is a most useful tool to track channel load, detect access points, monitor signal leakages and scan your Wi-Fi network. The app allows you to scan network connection issues and select the perfect channel for your network.
  • As a Wi-Fi Mapper: The app lets you map your network area and deliver accurate signal propagation. The app collects all the data about around your Wi-Fi network and demonstrates information in the form of a well-organized
  • As a Wi-Fi Booster: You can figure out the source of interruption and re-position all access points properly using this app to enhance the Wi-Fi signal. This results in a significant boost of speed and quality of the Wi-Fi network.
Screenshot – Netspot Discover
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Available NetSpot Editions:

NetSpot (for Windows) comes in three different editions and you can make proper analysis to figure out which edition suits your needs:

  • NetSpot Free: This edition is beneficial mainly for home users. It comes with few limitations that make it useful only for the demo projects. If you want to get a basic idea of how this app works then you can spend some time on this free version.
  • NetSpot Home: Though it is also limited only for home users, the availability of the discovery mode makes it more preferred choice. It comes with Smart AP detection and passive Wi-Fi surveys. It can cover 2 zones and 2 snapshots. The home edition features fifty data points per heatmap.
  • NetSpot Pro: It is a premium and fully-featured edition of NetSpot that is useful for both home and business users. It is packed with both active and passive Wi-Fi surveys. It covers up to 50 zones and 50 snapshots. You can get customizable reports along with several export options using this edition.
Screenshot 1 – Netspot Survey

Why you need NetSpot (for Windows)?

This is an outstanding tool to analyze the wireless signal in your area within quick time. The only thing you have to do is to upload floor plan or map of your area. Once you are done uploading the precise map, the app starts collecting Wi-Fi data in your area immediately. The Wi-Fi map produced by NetSpot app gives you a true picture of spots that don’t have any wireless coverage. This allows you to switch to the channels that offer optimum coverage. This amazing tool provides you a clear plan of your Wi-Fi network. In the Mac version of this app, you can also compare the signal to noise ratio of every channel with given details but it is still not available in the Windows version.

NetSpot Wi-Fi signal booster app comes with wide range of benefits to make it one of the most sought-after applications for Windows. It detects illegal workstations, eliminates false-positive invasion alerts and also looks after cross-channel intrusions.

Screenshot 2 – Netspot Survey

This application is a highly professional Wi-Fi signal booster, troubleshooter and Survey App available for both Windows and Mac versions. The free version of NetSpot Wi-Fi signal booster app comes with few restrictions. With the free version, you are allowed to work on the only single zone. You can overcome all the limitations, by opting for paid versions of the app that come with unlimited features.

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The Bottom Line:

NetSpot App Review - conclusion

NetSpot Wi-Fi signal booster app is a useful tool that definitely deserves at least a one tries. Taking into consideration the growth of wireless connectivity and network complexities in today’s world, this app has an important role to play for both home and business users. Individuals who want to scrutinize and boost their wireless network must have this app on their system. One can consider using this professional software for different areas such as home, office or school to improve Wi-Fi signal. You don’t need any network expert if you have this troubleshooting application on your system.

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