7 Unique Things You Should Know About Google WiFi

At some point in their lives, every internet user has likely come across some sort of issue with their Wi-Fi routers. All too common is the struggle to watch YouTube videos or stream movies on Netflix. A poor Wi-Fi connection causes slow playback speeds and a lack of adequate bandwidth.

Luckily, Google is stepping up to solve these common problems with its own Wi-Fi router. Starting from its design and appearance, right up to its performance, the Google WiFi router is simply top-draw.

According to a team of technology specialists at Cyberogism.com, there are many unique features of this product that make it outshine its competitors. Seven of these components to Google WiFi are highlighted below.

Google WiFi

1) Easy to Install and Start Using

7 Unique Things You Should Know About Google WiFi - Point 1Even those who consider themselves tech-savvy can find it difficult to setup a Wi-Fi connection with the kind of routers now available on the market. But this isn’t the case with Google WiFi.

The moment you plug in the Google WiFi router, all you have to do is download the accompanying app and point the QR Code scanner to the connected point. You will be directed to assign a name to your connection and input your password. Then you’re good to go. It’s as easy as that.

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2) Coverage is Far Superior

7 Unique Things You Should Know About Google WiFi - Point 2People have meticulously tested out the connectivity and coverage of Google’s WiFi router. The results show that it is possible to take your connected device to any corner of your house or workplace and you will never lose the connectivity or speed.

3) Provision to Regulate Access by Children

7 Unique Things You Should Know About Google WiFi - Point 3Many parents are concerned about the free availability of internet within the home and the possible effect it can have on children if they’re allowed unfettered access. Google WiFi has found an answer to this concern.

There is a provision in the settings to group the devices you have connected to Wi-Fi and “pause” the devices your children are using. You can set this up for when your children are out of your supervision, or just after you bid them goodnight.

4) Fix Priorities Within Devices

7 Unique Things You Should Know About Google WiFi - Point 4This provision is also quite unique and interesting. It’s useful if, for example, you have an important football game coming up and you wish to stream it on a particular device. If there are other devices in the household hogging the bandwidth, you can just allot that time and device and mark it a priority, so you will have no difficulty watching the event.

5) Isolate Guests Within the Network

7 Unique Things You Should Know About Google WiFi - Point 5If you are having guests stay in your home and need to share your Wi-Fi connection, you can create a new network and add specific devices within the network.

This is particularly of use to those running bed and breakfast-type accommodations, where home utilities have to be shared with guests. All these adjustments are made feasible with the Google WiFi service using the accompanying app.

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6) Measurement of Device-wise Usage

7 Unique Things You Should Know About Google WiFi - Point 6With Google WiFi, it is possible for you to see how much bandwidth each connected device is drawing.

There are a variety of situations where this could prove useful. You can monitor how often your kids use the internet. Or you can charge guests or tenants a fee if they exceed the allotted amount of data.

7) The Appearance of Google WiFi Makes It Special

7 Unique Things You Should Know About Google WiFi - Point 7Google has made a significant departure from the way traditional routers are designed, with the antennae projecting out and looking garish. The Google WiFi router is complete with a white round shape and can easily merge into your home’s interior.

This sleek design may indeed set the tone for how other routers are developed in future to fit a contemporary standard.

Final Words

7 Unique Things You Should Know About Google WiFi - conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsWithin the world of electronics, there are many parameters used to review products and technologies.

But ultimately, it is the consumers who decide which such products can survive and flourish in a competitive market. This way, manufacturers are incentivized to come up with fresh, interesting ideas to reach new levels of acceptability.

Companies like Google, however, seem to read the pulse of the end-user naturally. Google is always creating and launching new devices that carry aesthetically unmatched features. They are also performing better than any other technology in the trade.

In the case of its new Wi-Fi router, Google has also gone a step beyond to offer the device at a very reasonable cost.

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